Arizona - Elderly Mother Shoots Son Trying To Take Her To Assisted Living Facility

When MCSO deputies arrived at the scene, they found a man who had been shot and was pronounced dead. The home is located about 30 miles northeast of Phoenix where deputies found a 72-year-old gunshot victim, a witness to the shooting, and the suspect. 92-year-old Anna Mae Blessing had been contemplating her son's intentions to move her into an assisted living facility for several days. An official statement from MCSO said:

"Blessing retrieved two pistols and concealed them in the pockets of her robe then confronted her son in his bedroom. During the confrontation, Blessing stated that she removed the handgun and fired multiple rounds striking and killing her son. She then pointed the gun at her son’s girlfriend and the two struggled over the weapon when it was dislodged from her hand. Blessing retrieved the second handgun and attempted to point it at the girlfriend, who knocked it from Blessing’s possession. The girlfriend contacted MCSO who responded and ultimately took Blessing into custody."

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So why the fuck did they think she needed to be in a home?

Probably the usual reasons. Children get sick of being burdened by their parents. Parents in denial about how much of a burden they are. She ended her genetic line out of spite.

Her life is now forfeit.
She killed her son.
Her entire 92 years was for nothing.

He was 72. Probably couldnt take care of her anymore.

72. Girlfriend. Hmmmmmm.
Maybe he was a degenerate she despised.

Damn, had a backup gun in case she lost the first, this bitch was ready to play. Her kid must have been absolute shit if she was willing to drop his ass.

Well she seems to be capable of defending herself. She could probably live on her own just fine. If not, what ever. She's 92. Not like she had a lot of years lefts. Also, her genetic line was shit anyway. If her son was going to put her in a home, obviously family isn't that important. He does have a "girlfriend" at 72, after all.

Are you honestly white knighting this old bitch?

Ungrateful little shit wanted the home to himself. I guess he did not know once she was in the assisted living home everything she owns is now theirs and gets sold to pay for her existence in the assisted living facility.

Congratulations America irrevocably lost another bit of humanity, which brings them to the new record low of minus 7.5 billion.

fuck boomers.

another case of people just not being able to live and let live

Good for her! Ungrateful son of a bitch can't take care of his aging mother. Disgraceful!

if it was a beaner they would of used their child photos for the article.


The guy was 72 if he didn't have any kids by then its not her fault for ending the genetic line.

So now she's a bitch?

This is a totally traditional way of celebrating burger day

Wrong, nothing is more based than boomer on boomer violence.

Kids are ungrateful and are not worth the sacrifice parents put themselves through to raise them.

fucking kek when you have a child you make the decision to give up your life in order to raise it, otherwise either get an abortion or don't get someone pregnant (or get pregnant) in the first place

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Found the boomer

criminally underrated post, also checked

off by two decades


>doing one of the basic things that literally every form of life tries to do and reproduce or adopt or teach or write or fucking something to preserve your legacy, isn't worth the effort because muh hurt feefees
If you feel that way and that's your reasoning, I think it's probably for the best.

This or give em up for adoption.