Canada - Heatwave Kills 33 In Quebec (Video)

Mr. David Kaiser, who works as a physician at the Montreal public health department, declared that most of the victims were elderly people living alone with no access to air conditioning.

Yesterday Environment Canada still issued warnings for southern Quebec, as well as for parts of Ontario, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.

Highs in the Quebec region reached 110F.

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rollan for 33

I hate the heat, I am moving to a frozen place

Boohoo it was 118F here today and I spent most of the day outside. Drinking iced tea all day sure is hard.

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Do you even know how hot it gets here in the summer? 30 celsius with 80% humidity right now, it felt like 40 celsius last week. Fuck off.

During heatwave season, we easily get 35 C. One summer we had 40C for weeks on end.


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this tbh. went running this morning and its fucking 20 out with 70% humidity. felt like dying after the first 5k
also my ankle is a little bit fucked from when i twisted it at the start of a run two days ago and im afraid i just exacerbated the injury

Yay, natural selection!
The weak die while the strong survive

California's on fire again

That temperature in the article, 110F? That's in the shade, with very high humidity. I'm guessing you live somewhere with dry heat? High humidity, even on a relatively temperate day, makes it hard to breathe and doesn't allow the sweat to wick off your body. People don't die to this shit just because they're pussies.

In the Ottawa-Montreal corridor, it's not uncommon to see temperatures hit 40C for a few days a year. This always comes with ~100% humidity, causing people to die (usually old people too stubborn to get into AC but sometimes others too). This heat wave is particularly bad, but this shit happens almost every year.

Of course we also get around -40C (-40F) for ~2-3 weeks a year. People have died to this too but it's unusual because we're better equipped to deal with it.

This is Illuminati signalling…learn to see. Whenever you see death and the number 33 together…that's code. If you look through an article that flags, you'll likely find more. Signals intelligence.

Oh look…just today:

Expand your thinking…what are the coincidences of two mass death reportings of such an unusual, but cryptically significant number? Exactly…astronomical. Yet it happens more often than you think. The MSM is signalling. Eyes open. Ciao.

>(((david kaiser)))

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canada gets hot and cold af thats a stupid meme
40+ in the sumer -40 in the winter

It was 44C humidex in Toronto on July1 and I was sealing my driveway

The blackness caused some off the asphalt to heat up too much and it melted

I didn't melt(plenty o beer)

There are people who believe this is the result of human activity. In reality, God is doing this to punish Canadians for sinning. You guys need to tell Trudeau to repent in order to fix this situation!

I like you, we could be friends.

I only care if they were white Anglophones.

Not that leafanon, but I imagine he's just touchy because of the heat. We've been genetically bred to live in colder climes. Right now it's hot as fuck by our standards. It's kind of hard to explain if you're not someone who lives in an extreme climate. Imagine taking a Hawaiian and dropping him in -10°C/14°F. For us, as long as the wind isn't too bad, we'd call that a beautiful winter's day. For the Hawaiian, it's fucking frostbite in 20 minutes. So when we get heat that's more comfortable for the Hawaiian dude, we start to melt.

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No reason to be touchy about a meme. Also that whole aclimatizing thing isn't genetically based, it's just how the body adapts. You'd be living just fine in Texas heat after enduring it for maybe 3-4 years in a row, but that breaking in period is what'll kill you. Old people die due to heat all over the world, nothing new they're just old fucks that need to go. Having said all that, I long for winter to return. I'd take shoveling a driveway daily over this fucking heat. Good thing it's cooled off, but it's still too fucking hot.

Toronto is a mix of Frisco and Oakland

we got nog gangs here(and even nog gays)

Canadian identity is multicultural by essence, good job kike you deserve a medal for defending it against those nasty nationalist and fascist french quebecers.

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you fucking nerds need to toughen up, this is exactly why the liberals won

Threadly reminder (brought to you by the trump foundation) that global warming doesn't exist and the 33 dead are nothing but fake news.

Being this delusional

Weak shit

Daily reminder that while global warming is real, the environmentalist movement is controlled by people making the environment worse
Notice how nobody targets China, India or even Russia for pollution

seriously. its like 10 months of -20c and ice storms and then it spikes to +40 for 2 months and people forget that drinking water is a thing and maybe you should go sit down for a while and drink more if you're feeling sick

Tell that to my walrus-like body.

What you say may be correct for Texas, but I'm roasting my spuds off up here for the 5th year in a row and I'm not acclimating. Maybe if it was this temp all year round it would work, but not with the change in seasons (ie. Winter, Spring-Week, Summer, Fall Month, and Fimbulwinter, which is really just a lot more winter, only we're not used to it after summer, so it feels much colder).

I know you're just fucking with me and everything, but I don't need reminding what our FUCKING TRAITOROUS LEADERS say every single damned day. I already know.

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smh tbh onii-fam