Alabama woman charged in dog's hot-car death following frantic rescue attempt

A woman in Alabama was charged with animal cruelty after her dog died after it was left in a hot car for seven hours on July 4.

"Ultimately, I killed my dog," Stephanie Shae Thomas, 34, said at a press conference on Friday. "I can't change that. I want to, but I can't."

It was in the parking lot of a Trussville Walmart on Wednesday where concerned passersby spotted Sky, a 7-year-old rescue pitbull-boxer mix, alone in a car with the windows up on a very hot day.

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Okay it was a fucking dog so who cares, but she should be responsible for the cleanup and perhaps a solid slap in the chops. End of story.

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It was not my intention to be bait, just calling it like I see it.

Evidently most people do, that's why there are laws against that kind of thing.

Yeah the "Animal activists" maybe. Real humans only give a shit about the lives of other humans… not to say we are completely uncaring hence the slap in the chops.

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How funny, my comeback was a lot less lame than yours, I must say.

And nothing of value was lost.

That's what I call a "Hot Dog" hyuk hyuk

sounds like it tried to kill her so she went about killing it in a stupid way because shes a dumb roastie that cant ideate any smart plan of action like shooting it. seriously how could you leave a dog in the car while you shop at walmart for seven hours? there was obviously something else going on if thats true

Also I've smashed two car windows out with my bare hands one a driver brakes failed and she drove into a pole and her car was on fire the second in an argument with the gf, how could several people not be able top break a window?


i dont know if that name betrays a nigger or not but one must be of a certain niggerdly character to own a pitbull or really any dog if you live in a city

what is niggerly about dogs in cities?

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if you think its somehow moral to subject a lesser being to a life of imprisonment youre probably a nigger in charcter

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larger dogs live in houses with yards, smaller dogs perfect for apartments and parks. feeling a need to live in peace with animals is a white trait.

any dog can live in a house with a yard or in an apartment retard. what i said is that this isnt a good life for them

feeling the need to use animals to fulfill some selfish desire while perpretrating continual harm to the animal is a subhuman trait

yes it is, kike. what are you picturing as a good life? flee bitten farm dogs? not a golden retriever living inside a house with its family? you sound like a manhatan born n raised kike.


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i dont hate dogs you mong; i live with three german shepherds on a few acres of my land. i see people living in a city with a dog and i cant think of them as anything but immoral and malicious to subject such an intelligent animal, that was purpose bred to an outdoor life, to live in a cage for ten years. you even understand the complete and utter boredom they must experience living like this, by listing their distraction with a fly as a positive point. this just indicates how starved they are for anything beyond the monotony of simply living

these are completely divorced things. a cow is bred to be eaten and lives usually for not even a year before harvesting—i cant imagine they are terribly bored for this duration


yes and the modern phenomenon of millions of people living in a few square miles completely changed the lives of these domesticated animals
yes, boredom is the worst thing ever. why do you think solitary confinement is the worst regular punishment given to prisoners of western nations and used so frequently even on detainees that are otherwise subjected to tortures?
have you ever seen a dog chase a fly around while walking in the woods? no, you havent, because they are occupied with things that actually interest them
a dog was bred to be an animal working outdoors and was not intended to be locked in a small home for the duration of its life without any meaning for its life.
do you imagine a nascent cow being bored? lol. they are incredibly social animals and mostly allowed to roam on a large plot of land
if there are parts of your post i havent addressed its either because theyre too retarded to credit or that im too retarded to credit them. i think its the former, of course

It doesn't matter what a woman does white knights will defend her. White knights are not men. They are worse than niggers and faggots.

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she doesn't even remember driving there. clearly, some evil man date raped her into killing her own dog.

There was a press conference? Really? People's priorities are ridiculous these days. It was a dumb and negligent thing to do but it's not like she murdered a baby - oh wait I forgot that is legal.