Anne Frank's family tried to escape to U.S. but hit immigration roadblocks

Research suggests the family of Anne Frank, the world famous Jewish diarist who died in the Holocaust, attempted to immigrate to the United States and later also to Cuba, but their efforts were thwarted by America's restrictive immigration policy and the outbreak of World War II.

The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum said Friday that documents indicate Anne's father Otto tried twice to collect the papers needed to obtain visas for the United States. He later also appears to have applied for a visa to Cuba.

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so when is israel dismantling its racist border wall or letting non jewish immigrants in?

Oh no we might have more (((immigrants))) if it wasn't for strict boarder control.

Also why isn't Cuba being shit on for not allowing (((Otto))) to go? Just the US? Of course not because we want to push an agenda

>Research suggests
Nice weasel words, (((legitimate researchers)))

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Better yet, when is the EU going to let Ukrainians in? Since they think Russia is so evil

So we've had access to this information for decades, but only decide to release it now? I wonder who is behind this


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Good, means we were doing the right thing back then just like we are now.

TLDR version, Jews tried to leave, no one would take them.

lol (((they're))) dredging up Anne Frank? Looks like (((someone's))) desperate.

Anne Frank wasn’t from a shithole country swarming with terrorists whose culture was completely incompatible with our own.

>thread about (((Ann Frank)))
>no (((Ann Frank))) porn dumps
I'm disappointed on you, people.

Way to jump the shark on the holohoax

lol, good. It's really too bad about all those other kike survivors, though. The world would be a better place without Jews.

This is Trump's fault somehow



Lmao what the fuck?

I thought this was 8ch not Huffington Post.

Were there always popup ads?

Is everyone here a Holocaust denier?

Which countries are you referring to?



It all turned out alright in the end.

So why did the USA, the Roosevelt government (full of jews) did not take all the Jews in Germany? Just 200000 or 300000 all together.

I mean they went to war with Germany over the Jewish question. If the USA are such Jew lovers and the Germans such antisemites, such a exchange of favours would make sense. The USA could have taken the Jews in Poland too, making two, three countries happy. Jews are a benefit to any country taking them, that is what Americans tell me.

We all know this from Holocaust class
Oy Vey

It's actually common knowledge and has been leveraged against us so manyt times in the election and we've laughed them off everytime

They needed Jews to stay behind and make up the holocaust

"Documents also indicate" that Otto Frank settled out of court for plagiarism when he published "the diary."

Documents also indicate Otto Frank was in the hospital during his time in the "extermination camps."

Wait, what? Hospital? I thought they were trying to kill them all. Aren't Germans supposed to be like really efficient and shit?

The bad news? After she died of typhus her diary was published causing misery for millions of school children forced to read it.

The good news? She didn't come to America, study law at Yale, and become another judge like Ruth Bader Ginsberg and let in billions of immigrants.

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"No, brother. They expect to find some of us in the wreckage."
"Did….did we get the Shekel?"
"Yes. The Shekel grows."

Research suggests
documents indicate
also appears to have

That's a lot of weasel words!

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I want a bumper sticker that says "I don't give a fuck about Anne Frank."


sometimes when im feeling depressed because of the unbelievable ammount of illegal beaners in southern california, i like to think about anne frank, i find comfort knowing how she suffered and feared for her life. if only the kikes allowing these invaders into my country knew the same suffering


the left continues to breed a culture of mendacity.

No one is denying the holocaust is Soviet propaganda.