North Korea is reportedly working on a new submarine capable of firing nuclear-armed missiles

North Korea appears to be working on a new submarine capable of firing nuclear-armed ballistic missiles, according to information gathered by South Korea's military.

Kim Hack-yong, a South Korean lawmaker who until a few weeks ago was head of the legislature's defense committee, told The Wall Street Journal that North Korea appeared to working on the sub at the port of Sinpo on the country's east coast.

An aide to Kim said South Korean intelligence had noticed workers and materials moving at the port, where work on the sub appeared to be taking place at an indoor facility. Kim, whose term as the defense-committee chief recently ended, is a member of the conservative party that has been wary of talks with North Korea.

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Good for them. Never give up your nukes or you will end up just like everyone else that did.

kim jong un is a rothschild nwo puppet

lol a lawyer turned goverment stooge named HACK with no evidence but his word

source the cia and the cia director's ass

Damn if Trump had beat Hillary in 2016 he would’ve stopped appeasing them.



But where are the proofs?

>it's another episode of (((CIA))) fearmongering campaign.


Incredibly doubtful. Submarine are very difficult to produce at all. Let alone one large enough to carry a ballistic missile. Furthermore diesel subs are so goddamn loud and obvious they are nigh useless unless midget size (NKs majority of subs).

A supposed NK missile carrying sub is nigh pointless beyond a quick way to set off a war while also conveniently losing the evidence. Really makes you think.

North Korea was all like "Sure, we'll put out. Buy us dinner!" and Trump was all "Imma gonna get some tail! EVERYONE, I'M GETTING LUCKY!" and the NK was all like "I'm going to go inside and get changed" after the meal and Trump's the dipshit on the stairs out front at 3am wondering how long it takes to get dressed, nursing his tiny boner.

We swear Saddam totally had biological weapons. We didn't just invade some country based on lies to feed our destructive greed.

Two nukes and US will start producing anime!

Iranians did a 'stealth combat plane', if you check the videos you will notice that is just too small, maybe is just a kamikaze bomber, maybe this sub is the same, a midget sub with a 'mine' or something like that for tsunaming coastal cities. Ruskies already have those weapons, cheap and really stealth.

It wasn't just "too small" it was a toy, a fake. A lie, like everything Trump says.

do not slander best korea

FUCK FUCK FUCK we have to start replacing their regimes.

the real truth.
they are all in the same game.

Wake me up when the tin doesn't have a total of 10 active leaks anytime its in the water.

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