HIV vaccine on horizon as jab triggers immunity in humans and stops monkeys being infected

A vaccine against HIV is on the horizon after scientists showed a new drug triggered a protective immune response in humans and stopped two thirds of monkeys becoming infected.

In the 35 years since the HIV epidemic began, just four vaccines have been tested on humans, with the best only lowering infection rates by 31 per cent, leading to trials being discontinued.

But in what was described as "promising" and "an important milestone", an international team of scientists showed that the new vaccine boosted the immune systems of nearly 400 healthy adults.

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Curing HIV will be one of the biggest mistakes this generation will make.


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inb4 anti-vaxer claims it's better to have AIDS than autism

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What we need is a vaccine against gayness.

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A virus can only mutate so much. Ultimately HIV has to infect and change the DNA of primates. There can't possibly be an infinite number of ways to do this, and the virus probably has large sections of code that don't mutate much at all.

That said, curing AIDS is a mistake.

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I have delved deep into the subject.
There will Never be a Cure for HIV. I believe this is the limit of what one can say.

Aids is treatable

The vaccine may stop working if the virus mutates. It doesn't need infinite mutation, just enough mutation to become resistant to the vaccine.

Corrupt researchers could just make a new strain, making the vaccine null and void.

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But anything less than infinite mutations means a finite number of solutions so they can just solve the vaccine again. And it gets easier to solve each time. Humans are very good at patterns and repetition.

The worst part about HIV. Only Very Studied people will understand its Diversity. and Once they figure it out…

HIV is a harmless virus.

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