Australia - Lauren Southern’s Visa Revoked Ahead Of Speaking Tour

Australia has shown they are no different than liberal universities, social media giants like Facebook and YouTube, and Democrat leaders that refuse to give a platform to conservative voices. A conservative activist by the name of Lauren Southern was scheduled to tour Australia with another Canadian conservative but had her visa declined by the Australian government. 23-year-old Laura Southern was set to appear on a speaking tour in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Auckland, and Brisbane before authorities canceled her visa.

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most australians are seriously cucks, if you talk about the stuff in africa or the muslims they will make every excuse under the sun defending them, I'm talking your typical macho aussie too. I wonder how it affect Stefan Molyneux's tour and by the way is'nt southern in a relationship with a black man. Australia doesn't have a culture of freedom like America does, more like care from cradle to grave in a way, watch the interview with that mra woman that was on tv, this is how people in Australia talk to you when they disagree.

Lauren should enlist the help of her better looking sister.

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This is pathetic considering the dross that are allowed to enter, let alone work in the country. Australia is the most over legislated Western nation and is run like a banana republic.

I guess the Australian Democrats are just like every other nations' Democrats at this point. Ignorant rich white people hell bent on looking cool and in vogue by trying to hate themselves. Lauren is a pretty damned tame orator, she's never advocated anything particularly extreme and frankly only seems to say things BEFORE the rest of the world seems to say the same thing. Probably because she's one of very few actual investigative journalists left on the planet - white people getting raped and murdered at alarmingly high rates in South Africa!? Yep sounds like the perfect time for a ~24 year old, who's probably 130 pounds tops, woman to go and actually risk her life to investigate.

I guess the Dem's really are against mass immigration of refugees after all. That self-hate has gotta shine like a beacon if you want to be woke - keep Boers out of Australia rah rah rah. They've be impossible to integrate, completely culturally incompatible unlike Muamood al-Muhamud Ackbar over there, he's a skilled chemical engineer with shrapnel scars and one hand so he's clearly a "real" refugee and should be easy to integrate.

If anyone hasn't seen the documentary Farmlands yet on youtube it's available for free. It's a decent expose on what's happening in South Africa and is a roller coaster that'll take you from righteous rage, to pity, to hope, to "Holy shit I didn't think she had fucking thighs like that" at times as she's wearing shorts throughout most of it. All in all a good film and a decent way to spend an hour and a half if you want to learn about a current event that gets hardly any coverage at all.

As a fellow leaf I can only feel shame that a 20-something year old woman has more balls than 90% of her countrymen. I genuinely hope she keeps pissing people off by covering the truth, because it's all she's done in my eyes. If the truth is all it takes to ruin your platform then your platform was just bullshit to begin with. I hope Australia's Right throws a righteous shit fit over this.

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I thought canucks didn't need a visa to go there because commonwealth and shit.

Canada hasn't been Commonwealth for a while now, actually.

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i'm Australian

To me she's an obvious shill and if the Australian government articulated that was the reason she wasn't welcome here it would be more of a moral quandary but as it stands I think it's incredibly silly to deny her entry and it does create a situation where a Western country is basically saying to another one that they aren't welcome to speak here because they're Canadian, but if they're Australian and they say the same things they wouldn't like it but would grin and bear it.

That is point blank retarded.

Australia is the new UK

It is a well known fact that she is a troll so don’t give her any attentions.

Lauren Southern is fake. She's fucks niggers.


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Nice psy ops shilling

If you can't brand them a jew or a cuck, just claim they fuck blacks

Lauren has no extreme views about anything. She's just on the right spectrum of politics - which makes her an extremist to any one on the left.

She supports borders, LEGAL immigration and is anti religion of peace.
Clearly a nazi troll shill that must be shut down.

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Fuck, I can do your job better. Give me the shill money instead, I'll trash her reputation with actual arguments.

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If you can't beat them with facts, just call them a kike, cuck or coal burner!

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Australia requires everyone to get a visa, the only exception is if you have a NZ passport.

Canada is a member if the Commonwealth of Nations you retard.

bitch is just a race traitor coal burner, if she can't see the harm done by niggers that just means she's a poser trying to gain the betabuxx from right leaning losers.

they don't have freedom down there in cuck island 2.

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You seemed to enjoy typing that out. Just saying….

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I'm not that user, but unless you got an actual argument, all you're doing is spouting cognitive dissonance, which means you have no retort and wins the argument.

Go back to whatever shithole board you post on.

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this! she's a jewish whore and a coal burner/tranny, fucker but at least she's disseminated some good info on white genocide+feminism, she's not even right wing at all, but even her shitlib friends like Shoe0nHead and the rest of the "le rational skeptics" think she too far-right and associating with "nazies". truth is she's a leser juden that knows what's going to happen to her and the rest of her kind when the west falls. it's not out of altruism. she's pushing back because of fear. (and it's a really easy way to make money). if white men give up, she knows the soy cucks will put up no resistance to tyrone and mohamed. either way she's going to be somebody's sex slave/acid attack victim. then you have the other possibility that all this lefty insanity drives a good portion of the population over the edge into becoming real nazies. and the only slices of western civilization left are places that she would not be welcomed. trad thots don't fight to protect western values/civilization. they fight to
keep the un-earned freedom and wealth they enjoy.

TL:DR she's done some good despite being a self-serving, shekle grabbing, israel promoting whore.

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This is bullshit. Muslums can kill rape bomb etc… but when a person objects..racist!!!!!!,What the fuck is erong with that pic????????

fuck you…. Jews are gr8. Israel is a gr8 country. You obviously are a savage!!!!!