Ancient tablet of Odyssey epic discovered in Greece

An ancient tablet engraved with 13 verses of the Odyssey has been unearthed in southern Greece in what is possibly the earliest-recorded trace of the epic poem, the culture ministry said Tuesday.

The clay slab is believed to date back to the third century, during the Roman era.

"If this date is confirmed, the tablet could be the oldest written record of Homer's work ever discovered" in Greece, a ministry statement said.

The extract, taken from book 14, describes the return of Ulysses to his home island of Ithaca.

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Hell yeah bitches new content


GazzelleGash – would you mind terribly if this thread could turn into a general scientific and archeological discovery thread?

bumping for real news for a change.

waiting to see which direction this motherfucker goes

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This idea is approved by all mods and Jim also approves.
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Ahhh. The wait and see approach.
Meanwhile, I'm just here sitting in my tin can, far above the world.
Well, I am sitting on the can anyway.

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I didn't like any of the YouTube videos about the Volgograd Discs, because they were all made by idiots claiming they were actually UFOs

And the only video that didn't claim they were UFOs was the most boring god damed video I've ever seen in my life….

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when I read 'the wait and see approach', I almost shit myself

Tell us more. Any interesting articles about the discs you have read that you might be willing to share?

I'm glad you asked

I was able to find this one video that explains it thoroughly….

And as if that's not fascinating enough, there are the 150,000 year old pipes discovered in China near pyramid

JizzyJazz, thank you for inviting us to all join in and make your thread a better, kinder, improved bastion of information and eye opening knowledge

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The improved soundtrack for this video is fast becoming my favorite song.

I prefer the mellifluous voice depicted in the soundtrack accompanying this video myself.

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Have you noticed they hid this thread from the catalog and will not let it appear on the front page?
Another identical article with a different title, written by "Anonymous" popular guy around here! can now be found on page 4:
I bet the mod is tickled pink with his craftiness, actually thinking we give a shit and will hesitate to defecate on any thread we choose!

I feel kind of like the YouTube video equivalent of an archaeological Explorer, having unearthed pure golden Dynamite…..

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I think it's fair to say that for people who always say we can't 'ruin their threads', we are pretty much DESTROYING THEM, and they're getting pissed as shit

Back as top story in the catalog of /jewspus/, but maybe a Jash bread is not allowed on Zig Forums anymore!

My oldest daughter is getting quite irritated with me repeatedly playing the song too. My youngest shut her door and put on her headphones.

I reported the duplicate thread….

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Kids these days…..

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Whelp! The other thread is bumpable and is now at the top of page 1 on Zig Forums. Guess I'll head over there to post more archaeology and science news.

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Reporting yourself now, are we?

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I figure if there's any way to get a thread pruned, it would be to say that I created it

It's worth a try

Isn't it already Caturday where you live?

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