Australia - Gay Farmers Work Naked To Raise Awareness For Mental Health

Kerry and Paul have been farming just like the five generations of family before them and work together on a farm in the northern rivers of New South Wales. "You carry a lot of guilt thereafter and even before, the 35 years before that when you know that something's not quite right in your head, but you can't quite work it out. Or you're not quite game to go and work through it with anybody. So we've had our fair share of ups and downs and the agricultural industry is a tough gig."

Kerry added that coming out in the Dairy industry was especially difficult. "Oh, it was horrible," he said. "At one stage we thought, OK, we'll just go to Brisbane and start a new life in the city, an anonymous life. But it was a fleeting thought. It wasn't an option because I had three sons." When they considered moving the kids were aged nine, six, and four. "And they by default had to come on the journey with us," Kerry explained. Life continued for Kerry who's former wife supported him.

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I clicked this in hopes that the story contained a hate crime. I am sadly disappoint.

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That picture has, for the first time in my life, made me happy to have a dairy allergy. Well done, Goldwater.

Well at least now we have visual proof that mental health issues exist.

How is being naked going to help mental ill people? I don’t think they want to be associated with gayness.

It won't.
None of this virtue signalling bullshit ever does anything to help anyone, it's just an excuse for attention whores to be obnoxious cunts and get away with it because "I'm totally walking around naked with cock shaped balloons coming out of my ass and generally being a loud eyesore for, uh, ummmm,, uhhhhhh, persecuted refugees with cancer!!!".


"We're sick of seeing gay people become depressed about being marginalized. They're wrongly perceived as weird sexual deviants with no sense of common decency or family values. Lets indecently expose ourselves to help this situation."

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They really shouldn’t do this because there is a strong stigma attached to the mental illness in Australia and what they are doing will make things much harder for the mentally ill people.

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I am now aware that those farmers are mentally ill. Hope they don't fuck their cattle the way they fuck their kidnapped child victims.

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This article in a nutshell

Oh geez the food companies are going to hate them because the people will not buy the poisoned foods and lose more shekels. Gays need to stop being so narcissistic!