Stormy Daniels Arrested In Strip Club “Set Up”

Current mood: schadenfreude. Well, turns out Stormy Daniels is in jail right now. She was just arrested in what her lawyer is calling a “set up.” Further, he claims this “setup” was politically motivated and it “reeks of desperation.” That’s kind of ironic considering the fact that Trump’s attorney client privilege was violated related to the Stormy Daniels affair based on the Mueller investigation into supposed Russian collusion. Is Stormy Daniels Russian? No? Ok then, sounds like we’re dealing with a case of turnabout being fair play.

Speaking of set ups, Russian Natalia Veselnitskaya met with Fusion GPS before and after the meeting with Trump Jr. In other words, it appears that the whole Russophobic scare we’re dealing with started with a “politically motivated” set up that “reeks of desperation.”

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Thanks for nothing asshole!

What was the setup? Why was she arrested? What are the charges?

I shit on your thread!

I don't even know who she is, or why she's important.
OP is a fag.

Fuck You Printz!
And Fuck the TurdWater!
I got you fam:

A prostitute that was used once by Trump 20 years ago. Basically, after 3 years of non-stop scrutinity and spying on Trump, that's the worst they could find. Fucking a whore 20 years ago.
Let that sink in.
BTW, leftards will tell you that she is a "stripper" or a "perfofmancer". Bullshit. Any woman who fucks for money is a prostitute.

What the fuck? I don't understand your run-on sentences. Take a writing class and read some books for fucks sake.

cry more desperatefag

Trump Chumps love the guv locking people up in retribution. Freedom!

Nevermind the fuckers that have plead guilty:

Police Chief that locked her up:

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That's not Hillary.

Stormy Daniels was performing in an Ohio strip club. There were at least three undercover vice officers present.

She allowed a patron to touch her and touched them in return, which was a violation of Ohio state law that prohibits patrons from touching dancers and dancers touching patrons. The patrons who asked to touch her were those previously mentioned undercover vice officers.

Three counts of misdemeanor illegal sexual activity for putting patrons' faces between her bare breasts and fondling a female patron's boobs and buttocks with the female patron's consent.


no, not 20 years ago. trump had the sex with daniels 12 years ago, just one year after marrying melania. why did he have to pay to have one encounter with a pornstar so soon after his marriage? what a cunt.

Stormy Daniels Grabbed a Female officers ass and breasts with both hands, then placed her bare breasts in the officers face. She has been charged with 3 counts of assult

always good to see stormy and her lawyer lying right off that bat…

uninvited this could get you changed in ALL 50 states

Gee, I wonder who could be behind this post?

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This whole thread

The whore broke the law. But….but…I'm a woman…. I can break the law without consequences. Jailing her is only right.

So you mean "Rape" by the lefts own definition.

The JIDF is out in force today.

I don't see the Donald feeling desperate about anything. Yes, it probably was a setup, but I don't picture him sweating it out waiting for a confirmation that a past mistake has been dealt with. His attitude was probably "Stormy? What's the stupid bitch done n–oh! Right! The sting! How did it go?"

they're out everyday defending trump

Fuck this whore, but also fuck the police. No one should be arrested for touching someone with their consent. That's fuckin ridiculous.

Say, when did Ohio secede to Saudi Arabia?

I live in the general area, that strip club used to be a chi chis and they also got in trouble for hiring high school students on school work study a while back. Classy place.

This is the "Christian Culture" you TradCons want so badly, and a lot of Red States have these on the books. It's amazing how so much of #GamerGate has turned into a gaggle of Right Wing SJWs.

Then again Blue States have different, yet equally retarded laws on the books.

I can see Trump not being involved in the planning, but not focusing an inordinate amount of attention on it? I imagine there's a guy next to him all the time that he complains to at every available moment about the situation and asks constantly about what's being done about the situation.

"She then forced Ofc. Praither's head into her chest between her breasts and began smacking her faces with her breasts," police wrote.

At the time this was all going on, Detective Steve Rosser was watching it happen from the bar area, according to the report.

Rosser had been accused of entrapment in 2015 by a Municipal Court judge in Columbus, according to a report in The Columbus Dispatch.

Judge David Tyack in that case found that Rosser improperly persuaded employees of a Columbus bar to serve alcohol to a minor, according to the newspaper.

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"Trump is headed to the White House. Did we just elect our first Jewish president?"

"When he bought his Florida home and turned it into a popular and exclusive country club, he specifically opened the membership up to Jews. Mar-a-Lago was the first club that ever allowed Jews in Palm Beach. Donald changed the customs of the most-wealthy, WASP-y town in America to favor Jews."

–Ivana Trump–

Ivana Zelnícková (Ivana Trump) was born in the Moravian town of Zlín , Czechoslovakia, the daughter of Miloš Zelnícek, who was Czech, and Marie Francová. Moravia and Zlin have a long history of Jews. If you drop the second e in Zelnicek you get the Jewish Zelnick

Ivana Trumps marriage to Trump was her second marriage Her first was to an Alfred Winklemeier, who was a real estate businessman


Trump has four adult children three from Ivana Trump and one from Marla Maples Three out of four are married to Jews and Tiffany Trump is dating a Jew


Ivanka Trump is married to Jared Kusher both of whose parents are Jewish. Jareds father Charles Kushner is a convicted criminal and possibly a Mossad asset

–Donald Jr.–

Donald Trump Jnr is married to Vanessa Haydon, 38, who is a designer and the mother of five children Vanessa’s mother is Danish and her late father Charles Haydon was Jewish. Charles Haydons original name was Charles Hochberg and he was a lawyer

–Eric Trump–

Eric Trump is married to Lara Yunaska who has two Jewish parents

–Tiffany Trump–

Tiffany Trump is dating Ross Carpenter both of whose parents are Jewish


Four Generations of the Trumps beginning from Freidrich Trump (real name Drumph) have had close business and personal associations with Jews

ALL four of Donald Trumps adult children have married /are dating Jews That is no mere coincidence its a cohencidence


When the Presidential Election Process begun no one gave Trump any chance of becoming President Yet there were the Jewish controlled networks giving Trump incessant coverage which seemed to be more than all the other candidates combined

Trump Family Has 50-Year History of Donating to Jewish, Israeli Causes

Israeli media have reported several important donations made in years past by both the late Fred Trump and his son, now President Elect Donald Trump.

Some 50 years ago, real estate developer Fredrick Trump donated the land for the Talmud Torah of the Beach Haven Jewish Center at 723 Ave. Z in Flatbush, NY, as can be seen from a promotional image released by that institution. The center is open and active to this day, offering programs for youth and the elderly, as well as an active synagogue.

Fred Trump at the groundbreaking of the Talmud Torah center (Screenshot/Kikar Hashabbat)

And Fred’s son, as reported by Yediot Ahronot, donated heavily on both occasions when Israelis who had been expelled from their homes by their own government needed assistance to resettle.

Donald Trump donated in the 1980s to help build new infrastructure for the Israelis removed from the northern Sinai by the Begin government, which returned the peninsula to Egypt as part of the peace agreement. Then, in 2005, Trump gave again, to help resettle the Jews of Gush Katif in the Gaza Strip, exiled by the Ariel Sharon government.

Effie Stenzler, former chairman of the Jewish National Fund, told Yediot that JNF approached Trump, among other wealthy supporters of Israel, for funds to build an infrastructure in new communities established for the exiled, and the real estate magnate gave generously.

President Donald J. Trump Proclaims May 2018 as Jewish American Heritage Month

sounds like the kind of setup the left would pull.

which means this is just a great example of what degenerate filth the left still are and will always be.

in other news, the charges were dropped. just another daily fail for trump!

Charges were dropped because the way the law was written it only applies to employees of a strip club. Good to know that I can now touch featured performers at strip clubs.

Again knowing the shit hole area, shit hole club, it isn't surprised there was vice there.

Jew one

And jew two

You stink of defending "da poor business owna" who paid his fees and taxes and loans so he could host a tired and aged (and not well) whore who has now gone BACK to stripping after she is aged out of porn at least until she is doing the granny stuff. So yes JDIF is out, trying to steer blame away from the tribal (shes actually jewish) member. I wonder how my Israeli citizenship application is going, would you be a good little bubbi and check it for me while you're in Tel Aviv?

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Let me guess, she grabbed her by the pussy.

(that have nothing to do with trump)

So if your sister is a stripper state law says you can touch her despite what any bouncerfags say?


Not really a tradcuck, just concerned because America seems to be fast becoming something out of a Daesh-controlled Mosul rather than the much-vaunted 'land of the free'.

Surprised its not euro cucks this time.

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That is the worst he did. Compare that with turning the economy around.

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This. I live how retards keep saying nothing has come of this investigation. It shows who is really paying attention.

They are the guys who set up Bernie Sanders and black lives matter events as well as Trump ones.
And they even hosted pro and anti muslim demonstrations in the same town on the same day.

See I was paying attention to the details.


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Because he's fat, old and gross and obviously has to pay for it if he wants any, just like he probably has to pay for pills to make his pecker work.

Like Obama did in 2009? Faggot, learn to read a fucking graph.