Sacha Baron Cohen Posed as ‘Disabled Veteran’ Trump Voter in Palin Prank

Breitbart News has learned exclusive new details regarding British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen’s prank interview with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for his upcoming CBS/Showtime series Who Is America.
A source close to Palin with knowledge of the interview told Breitbart News, “Cohen pretended to be a disabled veteran from Kentucky who was a big fan of Governor Palin. He was wearing a necklace made of bullets and had a laptop covered in InfoWars stickers.”

The bullet necklace and stickers for Alex Jones’ InfoWars website were part of the persona Cohen was playing, the source explained.

“His disguise was basically a caricature of a conservative middle class Trump voter. He was asking her absurd, racist, homophobic, and sexist questions that were all meant to mock Trump voters as a bunch of ignorant and offensive kooks.”

Some of the questions focused on Palin’s support of the Second Amendment.

“He was asking her things like, ‘Why can’t the mentally ill be armed with assault weapons?’” the source said. “He kept presenting her with ridiculous graphs that she told him were obviously inaccurate and fake.”

Throughout it all, Palin “patiently and politely explained why he was wrong,” the source said, but added that their entire interaction from start to finish was “over two hours long” and Palin has no doubt that it will be “heavily edited to embarrass her.”

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Have they seen any of his previous work?

trump regularly mocks a dying veteran, more projection from sypport our troops right

another celeb added POZZED list

why can't comedians just focus on comedy instead of politics?

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those few black ladies who just roll back their head laughing
the question is
where these monkeys able to detect the irony or do they possess no soul whatsoever


She fell for his Jewish tricks.

>(((comedian))) pretends to be someone stupid
Can someone please explain this to me. How the fuck does no one see this?

serves trump right

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shitlibs love stolen valor.

Amazed nobody posted this yet.

The jokes on him . Turns out everyone hates Jews.


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Cohen is a jewish last name
it comes from hebrew version of Cain.
as in the: where art thou bro cain, says god
nigga i dunno, says cain right after he killed his bro.
What kind of person would name himself after the first killer in the bible? Satanists probably.

wow, a grotesque kike. how shocking.

who gives a fuck, how is this news?

He's been pozzed for ages, honestly Borat was a Admittedly great fluke

Politics is comedy.

Fun fact, he told the crowd it was a joke song and not to be taken seriously before playing that, so their singalong was completely out of context.

Borat was a funny movie, but once you look into the scummy shit he did to make it it seems less funny. I feel bad for the poor couple who had their china ruined thanks to him.

wait why is nobody coming to my shows or movies anymore

he made one funny movie and the character on that tv show, everyone else has been crap, this will be crap. It's not funny anymore and all these old celebs who used to be sort of edgy and anti pc have turned into cucks

mccains fair game. how much sorosbucks did you get for the post?

Not news.

What a top notch comedian and social commentator.This is the greatest thing since

The Left really is like a bunch of children.



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Cohen is going to do Redneck show isnt he?
oh my god, and right after Bruno and the Dictator
this is going to be great

The sjws never left. They just changed.

Wew scawy