NATO Summit - Scandal As New Footage Of ‘Drunk’ EU President Juncker Emerges (Video)

As we said in the article, the Trump couple refused the alcohol offered. Others clearly didn’t as scandal has now erupted in Brussels after footage, clearly shot by an invitee at the summit, shows how EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker looked ‘drunk’ and having to be helped to walk by, amongst others, French president Emmanuel Macron, Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte to allow him to keep his footing and not fall over.

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jeremiah 25:27-29
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He looks like a cool, fun, and popular guy. Trump should lighten up and take a swig every now and again!

You are a moron.

It’s his choice but being drunk at somthing like that shows you have a problem

Let's keep it low

They are related, rich pro migrant asshole is shitfaced at a rich pro migration asshole gathering while migrant in Germany kills his own kid and its German mother.


Err the whole subject of this thread is that Junker obviously cant handle his firewater.

Now hes claiming he appeared drunk because he had a bad back lol.


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So if someone was capable of doing both of those things they would have to be pretty cool, right?

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That is a valid point.

Where's the footage?
I want to judge for myself.
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Trump is a teetotaler.

Wait, he killed his own kid? Ahhhh a happy ending…

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