UK - FLOTUS ‘Belle Of The Ball’ At Black Tie Dinner (Video)

The evening began with a military ceremony in the Great Court where bands of the Scotch, Irish and Welsh guards played for the US President.

At the tones of Liberty Fanfare, Amazing Grace and the National Emblem The First Couple was sat down for dinner with some 100 business leaders from the worlds of financial services, travel, creative sector, food and drink sector, engineering, tech, infrastructure, pharma and defence. The UK is still hoping for a good trade deal with the US now that their Brexit negotiations have proven a ‘tad’ tricky.

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It's so refreshing, and instills a sense of pride, to have a first lady that does not look like a shaved ape. What a God damned embarrassment, having this shemale fucking niggerthing hobnobbing around for eight years on my dime and in my name. I could fucking puke.

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From orc to elf, that is how great the contrast is.
Not sure why this level of nonsense is on here though, I didn't think the readership was meant to be that of a teen glossy fashion and celebrity magazine.
Thanks again /jews+/.


Thanks, white boy

(and I DO mean 'boy')

thanks for being born with such a tiny penis, that your women prefer sex with us jews

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She's NOT beautiful, and barely even qualifies as being 'pretty'. More importantly, she's a moron

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maybe you should lose some weight

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keep telling yourself that, little boy

whatever makes you feel better

after that "bring our girls back" bullshit there's no doubt michelle is a moron.

oh wait, were you talking about someone else? why would you do that?

Maybe you should ask any woman about Jew's penises……

Little boy

triggered much, bitch?

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you guys are so unfamiliar with sex that you think THAT ugly bitch is 'hot' ?

Hahaha REALLY??!!!!

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the chart doesn't even show them, except in the "other" category which are the second smallest.

regardless, the differences are so minuscule, you would have to be an utter non-male to care. and let's face it, only males can be humans.

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Michelle Obama is a hideous monkey

But that doesn't make THIS cheap, stupid, ugly, worthless prostitute 'attractive'

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……….says the white homosexual

Like I said, if you want to know the truth, ask any woman……

you guys are:

-in denial

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Melania looks like a transvestite

which explains why you videogame homosexuals find him to be attractive

All mail order Russian wives (prostitutes) are ugly as shit and look like men

Of course, you're so stupid you're going to say "she's Slovenian"


They're all the same.

That's like saying a girl from Southern Georgia is different than a girl from norther Florida

Melania Trump is a prostitute, and an idiot

It seems like an 'alleged billionaire' could get any woman on Earth

even if he was made out of dog feces

But your boy trump can only get prostitutes

How odd

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How strange that a man who pretends to have over a billion dollars can't get anything but stupid, ugly, used up prostitutes

This is the perfect time to remind you how you became a sexless adult male in the first place

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You weren't always an adult

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He's a millionaire (who pretends to be a billionaire) but he can't get an attractive woman

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All of his kids look inbred, too

Including that chinless geek freak ugly daughter of his

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Melania is no smarter than any other idiotic mail order bride
(also referred to as a prostitute)

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And as masculine and weird as they are, most of them are MUCH more attractive than the Joan Rivers lookalike that Trump married.

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Compared to the average $15 mail order Slovenian prostitute/bride, Melania is the bottom of the barrel

upset soygirl?

Why would ANYBODY be upset?

upset that you guys are effeminate?

upset that you can't get any pussy?

upset that you're in denial?……

nope, the only person who's 'upset' is your mother, who has played along with you ever since your father left

Goon, goon, go away; you've got Lowtax to pay.

*slowly drags my nuts across your face*


1/10; or well, $10/$10 in your case.

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He's a popular guy with a lovely genius wife

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It's interesting just HOW UGLY AND STUPID she is

It's fascinating just HOW STUPID AND UGLY he is

lol @ a perfect couple

when I said 'perfect couple' I bet you thought about my testicles resting on your face

be honest

I thought you said you was done and going away Neppy.

Oh, trust me…. I am

Not tonight, but it's coming

Its nice that the first lady actually looks woman shaped unlike the previous first sheboon.

Sorry, pretty much all my shit-talking is gonna focus on the goon angle.

I couldn't possibly give any less of a fuck what your 'angle' is

Last time I checked, your 'angle' has always been looking up, with your head back, your mouth open, and on your knees

Says the retard that spends hours of his life desperately trying to control and "poison the well" for discussion he personally doesn't like.
Whatever you say there swarm-boy.

Lol@ you actually trying to analyze what I do, and developing your theory…..

Is that what it is?

it's 'conversation that I don't like'?

really?…. LOL

It'll be interesting to see how negotiations proceed for a trade deal between the UK/US. Especially when the EU is putting pressure on Britain to basically call the whole thing off if Scotland doesn't get absurd special considerations that'd basically sink the whole thing. Bully politics.

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what would be even more interesting would be watching Oprah Winfrey doused in kerosene and set ablaze while she was forced to perform fellatio on Muhammad Ali's corpse…..

But yeah…. Yours would be a close 2nd

hint: it has absolutely nothing to do with conversations I like or dislike….

There is one pissed off salty nigger in this thread.

actually, it's not surprising that you'd want to try and tell yourself I'm 'pissed off', but much to your chagrin, I'm in an exceptionally good mood.

My wife and I just came home from eating a really REALLY delicious dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants (it's a funky bohemian joint on the edge of the college campus, and their food is off the chain) and my son just gave me back some money I loaned him (and had completely forgotten about) and now we're laying here playing with the kitten and just goofing off… I'm stuffed, the air conditioning kicks ass, the bed is comfortable as shit, and all is well.

In fact, I probably couldn't be any happen right now

Ooops I was distracted by Wendy and the kitten and I made a typo


I probably couldn't be any HAPPIER* right now

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As a normal white guy with no autism (im a tech at a body shop and probably make you look like the faggots you are) i gotta say these jdif shills get btfo in every thread and their anger fuels their shitposting. They literally have nothing so they prey on the 25% of autists that come here and cant help but reply. Most of us just lurk and laugh at the assmad leftypols and jdif that come here to get shit on. That doesnt mean they arent welcome, but they come here to shit up the place and get rekt over and over. Idk who's paying them, but you would never take this kind of punishment for free. Thanks for entertaining me :)

Samefag here, seriously they just post japanese cartoon girls and say everyones dick is smaller. Ive seen more intelligent 10 year olds for how smart jews are. Its like they put the reject jews on internet patrol and all the smart ones go on to own mansions and sportscars and fuck beautiful white women or jewish women after plasty. Tbhfam after a nose job jewish women are pretty fine. But youre probably 4'22" or something manlet stature and cant get them because theres plenty of 6'4"+ men in the world and not enough pretty women lul.

What a faggo

Dude im not even jonnyneptern and i can see you posting from your lone apartment devoid of love fueled by jealousy as he lives in a $$$trailer$$$ with a woman hotter than any you'll find. I just feel bad for you guys.

Nice sliding. Is something you don't like on the front page all of a sudden?

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I enjoy your projection of how my life must be because I pointed out your 30+ posts angry melania is attractive.
Then you bragged about your supposed lovely married life.
If any of that was true you wouldn't be spending it on a mongolian board of images.

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You've got me confused with an anime reaction pic faggot, and apparently you're unaware that Jewish men's penises ARE genetically larger than yours in other white guys, and that's a fact whether you care to acknowledge it or not.

video related

lol @ him thinking you were me, and hiding your posts

Hahahahaha !!!!

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Hahahaha classic !!!

(And they have the audacity to question why I enjoy this)

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What'cha sliding, moshe?

(although you said this to the wrong person, allow me to respond)

my 30+ posts had nothing to do with anger whatsoever, and certainly not about 'anger over Melania being attractive', because that's a matter of opinion…. Neither of my wife nor I find Melania even vaguely attractive… In fact, we both think she looks like a transvestite.

nope, wrong again. I wasn't 'bragging'…. I was simply correcting somebody who had just finished saying "There is one pissed off salty nigger in this thread"….

Just like you, he considers himself to be an armchair psychoanalyst, who incorrectly assumed that I was 'angry', when there's absolutely nothing for me to be angry about at all…..

Q: hypothetically speaking, why would anybody be 'angry' if Melania Trump was attractive?….

…..that doesn't even make any sense

I'm not saying that she 'is' attractive, because to my wife and I, Melania is not attractive….

but WHY would anybody be 'angry' about it?………….

I don't even understand your premise… It makes absolutely no sense to me at all… Weird

Really really weird

A: I'm usually sliding my dick down your throat


You probably wanted to keep that a secret…. My bad

Its like looking into the mouth of madness

lol @ your underestimation, and coming up with a mere 25%

The only assumption anyone's making is that this shit thread is your baby and you want it at the top of the list. Quit talking to yourself, faggot.

also: I would be remiss if I failed to mention that just because I'm married and my son just repaid me some money that I have loaned him (and subsequently forgot about and subsequently forgot about) and just because we went to our favourite little bohemian Hole in the Wall excellent food little funky restaurant tonight, that DOESN'T mean that I wouldn't have an interest in coming here and doing what I do, because everybody knows we are all addicted to this for our own reasons…..

My reasons just happened to be a little bit more fun than yours…..

12 minutes ago you accuse me of trying to 'shit up any thread containing a conversation that I personally didn't like'…..

Now you're accusing me of 'thinking this thread is my baby, talking to myself, and somehow trying to get it to the top of a list'

………neither one of those is even vaguely close, and I think it's fair to say You're simply grasping for straws…..

wrong, but don't stop believin'

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Keep The Dream Alive

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Angry Andrew, Wew Lad!
What a bunch of diarrhea!
Here's something to cogitate on…
It won't let me embed it because I already did in another thread
Your negativity and fascination with male genitalia and homosexuality is getting boring.
Next time you want to derail a thread why don't you try educating rather than masturbating to autist angst.
I've been gone a couple weeks, dealing with my favorite aunt who got sick and died, then all the family drama. Didn't miss this place at all. Doesn't look like anything has changed for the better around here! inb4 does it ever?

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Everybody reading my words is addicted to this place to one varying degree or another, and each others for our own personal reasons…..

For me to question your addiction would be almost as stupid as you questioning mine….

But let it suffice to say that I can absolutely show you my addiction is more fun and more rewarding than yours


Not at your aunt dying

But LOL @ the rest of it

(and don't be so quick to think my schtick is real)

RE: embed

Maybe they just like this video better, but they don't seem to have a problem with me embedding it everywhere I go

…. And watching both videos, it becomes easy to see why they like this one better

I already know it isn't
You just enjoy picking at little boys' scabs.
You've been rickrolled!

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damn him trying to manipulate me into going out of character

…..That's like going to a concert, and in the middle of the show asking the band to stop the performance and come down to earth with the rest of the audience….


Lol!! Hahahaha

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Carry on then. I won't interrupt your 'fun'.

I guess they won't let you spoiler an embed.

Coincidentally enough, I was actually bored as shit with all of these threads. I watched a little bit of TV, but that was equally as boring…..

I was thinking about finding a new thread and just going in there and being as abstract as possible, and completely derailing it but not in the normal way.

I have four or five weird things that I wanted to talk about, none of them related, and I thought it would be fun to interweave those five subjects together in a fashion wear it was impossible to tell where one began and the other one ended

I've seen people do it but honestly I have no idea, because that's not even something I've ever bothered fucking with before….

You know what I do………

I just like making graphics to exacerbate the caustic and toxic content of my irritating bullshit that I spit out at people….

And it's all just an excuse to sit here and fuck around with graphics…..

I would be doing digital Graphics anyway, but these threads give me content suggestions….

Try it on. It just might fit.

One of the topics I wanted to interweave in and out of one of these threads is how rain droplets actually form around bacteria that has floated up into the sky, turn to ice, begin to fall, thaw out on the way down, and return the bacteria back to Earth

I know right? I noticed that too as soon as speech-to-text managed to bungle it for me

How 'FITTING'…..

Then I wanted to metamorphosize the bacteria rain droplets into a stream of consciousness about the 170,000 year old iron pipes they found in a desolate unpopulated area of China near a pyramid, the connected salt water lakes to freshwater, and seemed to be made of a manufacturing process that should not have been possible back then…..

… and right in the middle of that, I wanted to seamlessly blend my content into a discussion about the 'ufo' shaped stone discs they accidentally uncovered in Russia, which are made from granite and a very unusual kind of metal, and nobody knows what the fuck they are…..

…..and of course, midstream into that transition, I wanted to segue into an angry tirade about Stonehenge, and how it was originally set up in Wales, and transported for some reason….