Scarlett Johansson Drops Out Of Playing Transgender Man After Widespread Backlash

The casting decision angered a select few social justice warriors who complained that a "cis" actress shouldn't be allowed to assume the identity of a trans person even in as an actor. Unfortunately, the SJW movement is vocal enough that the negativity reached Johansson who decided to opt out of the role due to the backlash. Toxicity abounded from social justice warriors like Jen Richards, a transgender writer, who called Johansson's decision to opt out of the film "in the spirit of generosity". First of all, when a leftist extremist prevents another person from working, there is a problem with the movement because no one has the right to do that.

"I am going to take Scarlett Johansson at her word that she listened to feedback, realized that despite her intentions this was going to cause harm, and made the right decision to step down," Richards wrote in a tweet. "Well done." This is just one example of the toxicity of the left. The idea that they can interfere with the lives of those who they don't agree with and its justified is so hypocritical. Where is the outrage at the gay men who played straight men, or the gay women who played straight women? Is being transgendere a license to enforce your own ideas onto others?

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oh please…… now this is just stupid.

Finally the perfect role for his face and he gives it up.

Now you're not going to have a movie and then whine about your lack of representation. No wonder they kill themselves so often.

I dont care if we go to other planets, whats the point?

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The sheer irony in needing an actually attractive woman to portray the half-human garbage so that film doesn't tank. Wonderful.

Oh vey, are the kike rats leaving the sinking ship of their sjw movement? Who could have seen that coming…

Honestly I wouldn't want to see something I may wanna bang one day play a transgender dude Even if she is a liberal.


How is she causing harm to be in an entertainment piece that is completely optional to watch? If it hurts you then simply don't give it money lol

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Charles Johandsom was born to play this role.
I like the bit at the end "what about all the homos playing normal men". That would end 90% of hollywood.
I think there should be an international law that actors can only play themselves, like Tom Cruise does.
If someone wants to play the hulk, he has to be dosed with gamma radiation, if someone wants to play Abraham Lincoln, they have to be a time travelling president.
Anything else will make me outraged, which is my permanent normal state anyway.
With luck, this film will be cancelled, and all other tranny projects will be dropped for the future too. Nice outcome.
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Well, she always looked like a guy in drag…… she would have been perfect for the role. Oh well, too bad.

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I didn't even know they were DOING a movie about that. No one keeps up with fucking hollywood these days, no one cares.

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So the lgbtqppiacpkidfuckers+ don't accept trans-trans people? How fucking bigoted and problematic.

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Remember how star wars fans are all my soggy knees because some people said mean things to Rose Tico?
What are sjws? When will them harassing people because something they don't like happened be a problem?

In other news: science fiction movie cancelled because they couldn't find actual extraterrestrials to play extraterrestrials.

Soooo, is there another scarlet johansson? I mean, one who can act?



Apparently Social Justice Warriors are now so completely lacking of any self-awareness that the fabric of reality is beginning to spiral around them sucking all objectivity out of the surrounding environment until all I can think is "wat"

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