Woman disappears after she recorded herself throwing ink on poster of Chinese president

A Chinese woman has reportedly vanished shortly after livestreaming herself throwing ink on a poster of President Xi Jinping last week.

Dong Yaoqiong, 29, of ZhuZhou, Hunan, recorded herself throwing ink on the image on July 4, BuzzFeed News reported. Her video quickly went viral on Twitter and was shared in WeChat, a Chinese message app.

Dong denounced the president’s “authoritarian dictatorship” before throwing the ink on the poster.

“I oppose Xi Jinping and his authoritarian dictatorship,” Dong was heard saying.


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Why would xi jinping care? They have effective supression algorithms, and she is just one of billions. If they had to kill everyone who spoke out against the government, then they would be broke.

In a Dictatorship every act of opposition, however small, is a threat to the dictators power. If a single person is allowed to get away with it then others will join them, and eventually not even the best algorithms will help.

I didn't know the chinese IDF was here but that's good to know

Nothing escapes the chinks.

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Her father followed her too. Fucking cunts and their stupidity.

eat shit and die commie lover

I'm really curious how long Chinese communism will hold out until they succumb to the destructive greed of capitalism. The peasants are already bombarded with so much Jewish entertainment..not long now until they will rebel against the working condition in their country and then the shit will really hit the fan. Because while the rest of the world is busy satisfying their endless greed with the access to the Chinese markets, they forgot that the China is the Worlds biggest slave factory. If they refuse to work for cheap the whole concept of modern capitalism will break down…if Xi Jinping's iron grip slips once it's all over. Good times ahead.

Is united states of America a free country?

Free for whom?

The American citizens.

Result: we ilon clad fist against govelnment hatels nao

No country is truly free. Living as a citizen of a country straight up means you're sacrificing some freedoms for the benefit of the social structure. So yeah, you can't freely run around raping and pillaging and shit as an American - or you will be declared a criminal (or protected by Hollywood elites). But generally speaking America lets people do quite a fucking bit freely and without consequence or government oversight. Hell you can by guns for the express purpose of overthrowing government if you so choose (and I'm sure there's some trigger happy US Army personnel that would love it if people tried). That's pretty god damned free.

devils advocate
someone hates xi
and wants to undermine him
they see this chick
and kill her/ sell her into slavery
to make people think it was him

29? I thought she's 13 looking at picture
asian women are way better than white roasties

yes but if Xi weren't suppressing opposition nobody would believe in this false flag

Wrong. Things will just become more expensive and will be made in Taiwan, Philippines etc. Capitalism means freedom of purchase not buy from china.

Did she upload that video under her name because I'm not sure how Chinese gov't can even tell citizens apart.

Chinese have higher IQ than whites.

Chinese women have no emotions.

Chinese people can actually recognize people of the same race pretty well. It's only snowniggers that can't.

Are you using the overall Chinese population or the selected cities China used for China Smart image. Because if you use the over all population like every other nation does to show IQ, they would be around nigger level.

How about this one. There are 1.4 billion people in china, so the odds of having one who happens to throw ink on a picture of xi and also happens to die in the street because someone couldn't be bothered to press the breaks is not that unlikely.

This is just a random person with no power, not a western backed "opposition leader"/"revolutionary". Why on earth would the Chinese government kill this person when they have actual threats to there power? Like I get it, china is authoritarian with a less than perfect record on human rights, but making shit up to validate your worldview just undermines real criticism of the Chinese government.

Chinese have a higher chance of being born with genius level intelligence than whites because of the higher prevalence of neantherdal blood compared to whites. And the Chinese are much better at eugenics to China will have an average IQ of 120 by 2100. It's sad to admit but Chinese are simply superior compared to the white race.

They already won't pay to repaint or repair their own houses even when they have the money and its supercheap.

Sure, and his internment camp are a lie too, and so is for all the people that protest against the state and mysteriously vanish, or the fact that any show that portray that faggot bastard as winny the phoo is inaccessible for some 'technical' reason, or the 'good citizen score', if it's too low the person cannot access most public services