Woman admits to killing her father after finding his child pornography collection, including photos

A British woman was sentenced to nine years in prison on Wednesday after she confessed to killing her father and burying his body in the backyard of their home in 2006 after she discovered his collection of child pornography, including indecent images of herself.

Barbara Coombes, 63, of Reddish, Stockport, went to a police station in Stockport on Jan. 7, 2008, where she admitted she killed her father, Kenneth Coombes, 87, in 2006.


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She should be allowed to go free.

Britain is now officially an open-air child brothel.

You worthless cunt, Keshet.

Give her a medal and $100,000.

Leave the man alone

Pics or it didn't happen

Look at how fecund that plot is, are humans a miracle fertilizer?

She did absolutely nothing wrong

She was no fan of scrap booking.

She said she was afraid she was not the only victim of her father “and a black cloud appeared over me.” She told investigators she had been used as a “sex slave” by her father for decades and was raped hundreds of times by him. She claimed her father took her to a photography club where he “forced her to display her genitals while other men took photographs of her.”

The club sounds awesome. What a cuntbitch to repay her fathers love like that.

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Am I supposed to believe this murdering bitch.

I am sure they would have let her go free or with a slap on the wrist if she hadn't tried to obfuscate the killing.

What the fuck are you talking about

I'll take "absolute lie" for $500

That's a strange motive when you think about it. What happened to the CP? It should have been reported to the police, otherwise she would be charged for possessing it. Did she destroy it all? Some of them, such as the pictures of her, would have to have been physical pictures. And if that doesn't exist anymore she doesn't have any evidence to supoort supposed her emotional murder motive.

Since when do news agencies rely on the truth? Especially when there's a lucrative agenda to push. Furthermore…common sense and news consumer aren't even in the same ballpark.

Something is wrong here.

Death penalty for the bitch. Patricide for inheritance gibs is the lowest of the low, and making libelous claims about him after all that? The society that allows this bullshit is irredeemable.

If she doesn't show the pics (to a judge) , THIS !

No noe would believe some random incel loser on an anonymous imageboard…

t. pedo apologists

came here to post the same. theres literally no proof that he had a cp collection so why would you ever take the murderer's word alone about exculpating circumstances of a murder they've committed

There aren't any $500 questions in Jeopardy!

yep, calling the police immediately would have reinforced the black cloud hypothesis

if there were only generic cp they could be planted (but planting require more skill than dragdropping in the file manager), but her own cp… and if the photography club story checks out…

so true, this time

live from the trial for the fine folks at 8ch:

Women when caught in a serious situation will make up a lie rather than ever take personal responsibility.

She murdered her dad for the welfare and when caught blamed him for t. It's classic holes psychology.

sounds more like jealousy
she found out she wasn't her father's only special princess and offed him.

but user it would be easier if she had just leeched off him, it complicate things to kill the welfare recipient

OTOH we are talking about a woman. Those creatures exhibit strange patterns of thought :^)

British women are the most awful creatures, old kvetching kike women are more tolerable.

What is even the point of killing someone that old? At that point it's like spiting on a fish.

Why do Americans start frothing at the mouth the second you mention pedophile? Stop acting like animals and stop to think critically every once and a while.

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Yes, they will definitely find the evidence 12 years after he died. It totally exists and is the flimsy excuse of a psychopath.

Is her name Laura?

get assmad, bong

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Ooooooo, slow down buddy

she's lying.

paedophile is a meaningless catch-all term. Who doesn't LIKE children.

pederast is the correct term, and it's getting advantage of undeveloped fellows, which falls lower than raping an hotwheels which seems to me low enough.

Close your overton window, darling.

if she did the right thing and buried the photos with the body, at least a bit could be retrieved, doesn't matter what pic was on it, it's better than nothing at all.

She buried the evidence, how convenient.

>after she discovered his 'collection of child pornography', including 'indecent images of herself'.
>after she discovered images of herself
How much money you wanna bet pic related is what the 'pornography' was?

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And, the knee-jerk reactions from numerous white knight anons in this thread, show why women continue to use sexual abuse as their #1 excuse for getting out of sticky situations.
There's no evidence, but that's ok because:
Exactly the same "GOOD", "HE DESERVED TO DIE" mentality presents in cases where women claim the man they just murdered was trying to commit rape.
It's the perfect excuse because if the trial goes to jury, which it almost always will, support is guaranteed from the women and the majority of the men.
What you might not know is the deeper reason for giving stories like this huge publicity. There's a push to decriminalize spousal homicide of husbands by their wives, for the most trivial of reasons. This is named "battered wife syndrome" and is a defense against murder.
One Canadian feminist academic wrote a whole book which teaches women how to get away with murdering their partners, using claims of chronic abuse as the primary defense.
Couple this with the wave of support at the highest levels of UK govt, for the abolition of custodial sentences for women, and you can see where things are headed.
And you wonder why some men adopt an anti-marriage policy, which shills have labeled "MGTOW" as a way to monetize it?
The reality is, your wife CAN murder you and then concoct a story of chronic abuse and ill treatment, she will never have to provide any evidence, and no jury will find her guilty of murder unless she wrote her plans out in black and white somewhere (and maybe not even then.)
Partial defense (like self-defense where the defender takes things too far) protects against a murder conviction and typically causes it to be reduced to manslaughter.
She can be out in 4 years but will probably quietly appeal and get released on a suspended sentence with time served.
Every feminist group will have her back, this will be a big campaign issue for them "woman jailed for defending herself from rapist."
Women will concoct a rape lie as easily as breathing. Ready Kanin 1994 on false rape allegations to see some real life examples of just how little trouble a woman needs to be in before she rolls out the big gun (rape allegations.)
tl;dr feminists and white knights want women to have this right, so long as they claim the victim molested them.

antifeminism = feminism

Im going to kill OP, but its ok because he raped me when I was a baby, I swear

You would still have to face jail time for committing a hate-crime…since OP is a fag.

well then i identify as a preop transgender lesbian, which means i outrank lowly gaymen

Because Americans are retarded when it comes to the matter.
In the USA, convicting pedophiles is the last bastion of the bureaucratic tyrant. No right is too precious to respect, and no punishment is too severe to sentence.
In many circumstances, pedophiles have been sentenced to restrictions that essentially continue for the rest of their lives, something that is rarely ever done for any other crimes.

The story of the Julia Tuttle Causeway is particularly bizarre…
Basically the city & county decided to make it illegal for released child sex offenders to live pretty much anywhere in the city or county. But they had to stay within city limits, and they had to report their address monthly to probation officers (even if they were no longer on probation!) or else they would be thrown in jail again. Being in jail means free food and housing, but it is also an assault/murder risk for the person as well, since the prison can't segregate them from everyone else and the rate of assaults in prison against pedos is particularly high.

Overall I think about one-fourth of all the convicts left without informing the police, but I am surprised that number wasn't much higher.
Why cooperate with the police when all they will do is prevent you from living a normal life?
If that legal situation ever happens to me then I'd basically say,,,,, fuck everything–there are no more rules, at all.

Considering how the average rate of people being innocent of this type of crime is around 10% which compared to the average of 2-5% for the general prison population the fact remains that a lot of sex offenders might be actually innocent of their crime.

The % of the crimes being accurate in the final report thus making what they are guilty of seem worse than what it actually was is also pretty scary.

If there is a God may he have mercy on you if you are falsely accused of a sex crime related to a kid.

With facts Ile this its no wonder why men don't want to work with young kids. Because besides the only slightly better than min wage pay you have to deal with people also disgusting them.

The fact that a lot of low income homes are single mom homes doesn't help things as well. Young boys who are in single mom houses might have to wait til they are 10 or more before they meet a guy who is a teacher or just another adult to prove to them that education is important.

With this in mind just think…the huge hate Boner the us has for sex crimes is one of the factors in how young boys keep getting screwed by our school systems.

Holy shit you're a dumb cunt, not that a one-line salt in response to a multi-paragraph essay even deserves a response.
Also, user fucking called it and clearly knows what the fuck is happening:
Feminism is a real force, "anti-feminism" isn't. It's a fake position spouted by desperate middle-aged women, in an attempt to trick eligible men into believing they won't use them as cash cows.
A bit like "Trad girl" and "right-wing woman" memes.