UFO Caught On Video By Drone In Trollstigen Norway


A UFO was caught on video by a drone over Trollstigen, Norway or as some people are calling it, a "Fastwalker". The term "Fastwalker" is used by NORAD and branches of armed forces as slang for an unidentified aerial phenomenon that moves and changes direction at a speed so high it is beyond anything current aerospace technology is capable of.

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this is worse than those faggot ghost hunters saying that the pollen that floats by their camera is an "orb of spiritual energy"

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Snot on the camera lens? A geyser shooting out of the ground? Shit this could be anything. OP, is this your mom? Did she died?

Rumor goes that the Germans had a very secretive presence up in Northern Norway.

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Nobody has to disprove your bullshit because your bullshit has no standing. Prove it is what you claim because it looks like fucking nothing. I see stranger shit when people show me instagram photos.

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This is why nobody takes UFO research seriously. It's 99% bullshit like most sightings. Just sttention whores trying to spin a quick dollar.

Every UFO sighting ever was filmed by the worst camera a person could find…fucking 2018


As expected from the birthplace of trolls.

But seriously, don't go to Norway. The place is infested with trolls. They live in the rocks.They eat Christians.

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Reminds of the old "rod" phenomenon, where everybody thought something invaded us because some fast shit happened on camera outdoors
Turns out it's just fast as hell insects flying and not being filmed well by old cameras.

I know Wikipedia is not a valid place to claim something as truth but it has valid references









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Ever heard of an updraft, faggot?

Finally the ETs have shown themselves, its time ask them the hard questions like, when will humans get FTL drives, or why did you come and visit our back woods part of the universe don't you have more important things to do than poke at a bunch of naked apes?

It's fake, see , and

Um., no.
But yeah, this is one of two things.
It's motion blurred to fuck so. Someone just wants the clicks.
Btw there are two "UFO" streaks in that video, not one.
They're a few seconds apart, you will see the second one if you pay attention (0:56 iirc).