Scientist Stripped Of Award After Showing Racy Photos Of Students In Speech

What they gave, they can easily take back.

A scientists’ group has rescinded an award to a turtle researcher who included photos of scantily clad female students doing field research in his presentation-speech at a prestigious New York conference.

Longtime Brazilian turtle researcher Dick Vogt showed the said questionable racy photos of female students in bikinis on Thursday during the Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists in Rochester.

Some of the slides used were described as being so risque that conference organizers added blue boxes to cover parts of the women’s bodies.

The conference gained buzz and Vogt notoriety when attendees took to social media and expressed their disagreement and disapproval with said presentation, calling the slides “sexist and exploitative.”

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I guess burkas would have been more appropriate clothing for field work according to these fags.

Wow that's so sexist.

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Modern-day puritans vs. Science

Where can I find these pictures?

That's what he gets for bringing women along.

Unless he set the dress code himself those girls are the ones who chose to dress the way they did in those slides.

Women should be allowed to dress however they want. Unless we feel offended.

What a retarded situation. So he gets shit on because his whores of students want to run around dressed like that, reinforced by feminists screaming that women can wear whatever they want but apparently showing this is his fault? Fuck this fucking fuck fuck.

Is it just me or is half this species broken beyond repair?

It's not just you. Leftists are beyond saving.

Brazilian and spic women are known to be exhibitionist as hell but even that photo is modest given their standards, are global scientists fags or something? i guess that's why they push so heavily for the gay agenda.

Underrated post

Thank God they devised their brilliant BLUE BOX system

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Too bad they didn't devise GREEN BOXES to hide the truly obscene areas

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This Fat Fuck reminds me of someone

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Turtle Boy Jim Watkins

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Literally disgusting.

Cover those udders

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And I find Jim's girdle offensive

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I'm disturbed that he shaves his legs

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And shaving his arms is also upsetting to me

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And who DOESNT find his pigface 'obscene'?

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Now…. Regarding how to cover Jim's 'genitalia'……


is that genitalia?

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Were there actual racy pictures, or are they saying what's in OP is what's disgusting? Because if that's the case, we're completely fucked.

Now…. He's ready for presentation

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I've seen a lot of college girls body parts, and they weren't disgusting…

I wanna see those pics, user

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Be careful what you ask for

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You just might get it

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If you use your imagination, there's still plenty to jack off to

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But you will forever be a neverfuck.

The pictures aren't that bad once you remove the disgusting parts

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In most cases, I would say they were being ridiculous and exercising needless overkill

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in MOST cases

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I'll be back in awhile. More to do right now than swoon over herpestologists in swimsuits.

That must be what they mean by Ickthyologist.

I see what they did here

I seem to remember that lefty socialists and communists always get rid of the intelligentsia and scientists at the beginning of their movements. This is just the modern day way of getting rid of them. They won't be stripping away the awards of Hollywood actresses who bare all, will they! There aren't any 'sexist' women in Hollywood or on JewTube or on Tumblr, are there? Burqahs for all women now!

because they are the root cause of feminism, watson.


They hired me to put blue boxes over everything sexual… I finally just gave up

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John Howard DJing like a mad cunt?

Vogt did some really good research on turtles, particularly their nesting process

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But trust me… You don't want to see it

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I don't see what the big fuss is about students doing legitimate research, whether they're attractive females or ugly old men…

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they are right, you know?

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And placing blue boxes over the photos seems to potentially diminish the educational value of his work

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Come on Vogt
don't be a Dick

I say this man deserves an award, whether it's from some distinguished Academy or Pornhub

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Nobody seems to be mentioning the negative affect these college students research might have on the turtles themselves

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…. Or if these turtles will ever be able to return back to their natural environment and reintegrate successfully…..

I mean, this isn't an episode of Turtles Gone Wild…

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two turtles one cup

Some of you students are alright.
Tomorrow wear a blue square on your disgusting parts lest some traumatically hit in head person gets offended

After humiliating him by giving him an award and then taking it back, I'm sure he'll figure out a way to get his revenge

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If they had hired a man to block out the undesirable elements

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Whoaa. When did Jew York get taken over by the islamic state?!

- so, what do you do in your life… er… Dick?
- I am an herpetologist
- oh you study those STD?
- noooo her-pet-ologist with the T
- you study pets for females?
- *sigh* I study turtles
- oh… very… exciting. Listen, my car's insurance is about to expire and i gotta go look at all the options, be seeing you!

Life was already hell for him

I figured the fastest way to find the photographs was to go to his Facebook page, but I was wrong

He created this Facebook in 2012, but he has no friends and only one photograph….

And you're looking at it

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Job 1:21


Need qualified research assistants. No females. Don't want drama and my awards taken away.

Don't forget this is a SFW board and the mod is a female, so spoilers, unless you want to get this thread either pruned, or all the NSFW posts deleted.
inb4 tortoise

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If the rest of his pictures are as innocuous as the ones I've seen so far, I think I'd rather deal with an Elliot Rodgers thread right now

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that explains so much

I looked up the girl in Dick's pic, Camilla Ferrara, and look what I found!!!

But wait…. There's more to the story

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It turns out that's not the right girl….

That was 'Camilia', not Camilla….

Here's Camila Ferrara……

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leave it to you to save the day….

Look at all the God damn turtles in this fucking boat!…. Then look at Camila's face, and it's easy to understand why dick seems to focus on breasts and crotches, both literally and metaphorically

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Michael Moore?

strange, it's like Brazil were a warm place or something

Looks like the right one to me!
I would probably enjoy making scientific discoveries with her. For science, of course.

This thread earned quads for sure

OTOH if he focused on the turtles, I would've had bad news for him

So far, these two female students seem to indicate that Old Dick's a fucking HUMANITARIAN !!…..

he's got to be the man to ever think any of these chicks was hot before.

These girls finally got an opportunity to feel pretty

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*clears throat*



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Yes but… go study turtles for a while, let's see how YOUR face turns out.

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I know how to butter up a female mod….

Girls love kids

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Fuck! It won't let me upload pics now

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As the mod has proven:

people don't kill a thread…
IP addresses do…..

The world has gone insane! If you see anything indecent about that picture, get a time machine and go back to the goddamn victorian age.

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Had to change mine too.

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Male teenagers cannot be trusted around women in swimsuits. Especially if they are turtles.

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Meanwhile Elliot Rodgers is an heroing as we post.

Dude. You have way too much free time on your hands.

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God knows I've had more than my share of 'incarcerated' time

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Dick 'quick pic' Vogt wasn't available for this shot, so the Starving Ethiopian Food Network Celebrity Child stood in for him.

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fucking johnny turtle spasm