Germany: We can no longer fully rely on U.S. White House

Germany’s foreign minister said on Monday Europe could not rely on Donald Trump and needed to close ranks after the U.S. president called the European Union a “foe” with regard to trade.

“We can no longer completely rely on the White House,” Heiko Maas told the Funke newspaper group. “To maintain our partnership with the USA we must readjust it. The first clear consequence can only be that we need to align ourselves even more closely in Europe.”

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The US was never a friend to begin with. Not like they're using this sudden realization for the benifit of the EU or any of the member states. Oh noh, it's all to gain more power and control for themselves. Fuck the people and their nations.

the us is the best country in the world and extends its hand of friendship to anybody in the world. the only countries that arent friends with the us are just butthurt that they arent as great as them, ie: germany

Can you elaborate? Im not questioning the reason Trump is talking shit, namely our tax money being used to defend them while they do business with the very threat. Germany wasnt really been trying to gain more power than it inherently has, though all countries value influence. Its a pretty liberal place overall so what do you mean?

Amen, and especially fuck Trump and his inbred family of money launderers and the Russian agents they work for.


Well, actually, they do, but there's too much getting in the way of it as opposed to it being unfettered in shitholes like Germany.

We've been close by with Germany for a long time, but they're like a spoiled child now when reality hits.

to be a gutless weakling pushover like GW Bush or that filthy nigger Obama.

They dont seem particularly interested in the social policies of the US. Many of their car manufacturers moved here when we made far more diplomatic but still trade adjustments. They dont behave like an enemy unless its because they buy Russian gas, but Trump doesnt see Russians as all that bad so why should you? How does probably underpaying for security stretch to fit your Jewish liberal boogieman complex?

Show us on the doll where the lederhosen touched you. Germany isn't my favorite European country, but fucking christ it's not a "shithole." Russia? Russia is a shithole, except for parts of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Germany's more like… the US, full of Germans instead of rednecks.

Seriously though, Trump lies about literally every single thing. It's the most small penised beta behavior imaginable. Aren't you guys supposed to be strong alpha aryans or something here? Why the fuck are you sucking his tiny dick? Fuckwit got a million dollar allowance from his idiot dad, hammed it up for the cameras while fucking losing money hand over fist despite performing every underhanded nearly to very illegal trick possible to make it and you're all like "GENIUS!!!"

Fuck Hillary too, but are you guys actually this stupid? Trump was a registered Democrat for decades when he thought it would help him get invited to parties he'd otherwise be carefully cast out of. He's not your friend. He's Trump's friend. He's not America's friend. He's Trump's friend. He's not your alpha ass-kicker, he's up on the podium licking the balls of the other rich guy dropping trousers in front of him. He's a faggot.

Tell us how you really feel, once more, with feeling.

And by "reality", I hope you mean the direct results of their open borders bullshit. Yes, let's invite people from the most hostile region in the world to live in our country and expect them to immediately acclimate to our customs and culture. I've gone over this plan, and I have to say, I can't see a single way it could go wrong! What's that? My daughter was raped and my son was stabbed on the way home from school? Well, hey, at least I'm not a racist!

You still have to what they say since they still occupy you

You spelt Israel wrong you Trump lover

You act as if Kusner isn't playing him like a puppet

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Yes, rely on yourself, jew.

The german people want the AfD, not you.

Germany has been useful for the US only as a stepping stone against the Soviets. Only reason Germany was allowed to exist after WWII and the only reason the US intervened in the war as heavily as it did.

Germany becomes russia when

germany needs Constantinople, for living space, many ethnic germans are in turkey.

Haha, wow, you thought the AfD wasn't funded by a bunch of jews? Wow, jokes on you I guess lol.

The Germans are stupid for relying on someone other than themselves. All humans learn this lesson by the time they reach 18 years old.

Oh yah. Fuck America and fuck Trump. We like importing refugees to rape our women.

Controlled opposition. The whole immigrant drama is. All to distract from the plutocrats responsible for the misery. Go and murder some arabs, as long as you stay away from their palaces. Got to have a big scape goat for that. Millions big.

How does it feel knowing he will be reelected with full Congress backing? ^____^

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You are fooling no one.

Germany is a cuck country. They make cuckold laws like banning paternity tests so when your wife/gf tells you the kid is yours but it looks like Adulla Mohammad your government will make you waste your life away to raise it. Congratz German fags– you're now an involuntary cuck by your own government.

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What the fuck is wrong with Germany?

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