Thomas Markle Claims Meghan Is “Terrified”’ Of Her Role as Duchess of Sussex

Thomas Markle is suggesting that his daughter, Meghan Markle, is unhappy with her present life and role with the Royal Family. The father even said that his daughter “is smiling through the pain and pressure” of being the Duchess of Sussex.

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The old lady must've given her a list of things she can and can't do. Hahaha the roastie thought it was going to be easy.

You will be.

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She'll have been given a fair idea of what would be expected of her before the marriage. If she's too fragile to cope with now being, effectively, public property (unfortunately not in the fun way) then she can always divorce him now. No judge in Britain would give her a penny in the settlement, but she would be out of a situation she seems to hate, and is shit at. If she maintains that this relationship is "TWU WUV!" then she could always commit suicide, as that's pretty much her only other way out since the Royals stopped executing wives who couldn't meet their expectations.

This is the same bum that didn't go to his daughter's wedding and let another man give her away?

He's black. I'm surprised he even knows her name.

Yea, I know he is black…

Like what? Show up to a charity event?

She's getting tired of the parties kek

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Honestly, I don't feel bad for her. All she has to do is keep her mouth shut and not dress like a whore, and she'll get to live a lifestyle most people couldn't even dream of. If you can't handle that, fuck off.

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Implying she hasn't been passed around like a sex doll

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obviously dumbfuck look at that nose

Found the (((merchant guild representative)))

Oooooo0oh noo0h I feel so ooooo bad for royalty they have it so HARD

You shouldn't feel bad for old royalty. Do feel bad for the poor commoner girls that are tricked into the life of debauchery.

Of course assuming your not a merchant guild member or employed by them ;)

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Soon as you bring up the Rothschild's the thread sinks. What a (((coincidence)))

Anti slide

Meghan Merlkle has been reeducated by royal psychiatrists