U.S. president calls Russian leader's denial of election meddling 'very powerful'

Russian President Vladimir Putin told a room full of U.S. and Russian reporters that he wanted Donald Trump to win the presidency in 2016 – and Trump said he believed Putin's denials of interfering in the race – in just two of the many revelations in a joint press conference that only fueled the spectacle of the Russia story.

'I have president Putin, he just said it's not Russia. I will say this. I don't see any reason why it would be,' Trump said, speaking to reporters about Russian election meddling as he stood side-by-side with the man U.S. intelligence says ordered it.

'So I have great confidence in my intelligence people, but I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today,' Trump said after meeting with Putin in Helsinki in a controversial summit.

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"Like his penis. It was just so stately, Vlad spoke and I almost stopped sucking…I needed to listen."

He needed to get home to his love so he would say anything

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Your boyfriend?

oh well if he was EXTREMELY strong in his denial, then trump is probably right. the former russian spy who routinely assassinates and bombs his own people who oppose him is an OK guy.

Trump's like the cuck who walks on his old lady four inches deep on his best buddy's dick telling everyone they promised to not do that the next time they go on vacation together and leave him at home. It's fucking pathetic.

anyone who dislikes trump is shareblue! nobody could bankroll the right :^)

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Well look election meddling happened but of course Putin saying Russia didn't do it means it didn't happen
because it was Israel who rigged the election

Yeah Kushner totally doesn't have Israel shill squads, its the Russians goy

Unless Putin's Jewish I don't know how that works. Israel's just piggybacking on the Russians, because they also recognize that if they suck a tiny bit of Trump's tiny penis he'll let them do literally any fucking thing they want, because he's a weak-willed insecure idiot.

Except they're not
The 2nd most powerful man in Trumps administration, the only one who is unable to be fired, Jared Kushner is flat out admitted to be strong family friends with israel
But of course you don't like people to know that fact Trump lover

Though that said you know right that Putin is actually a genetic Jew

Slavs and Russians are all degenerates one way or another. That's how you know Trump's a kike, he's always marrying eastern eurotrash. Even his porn stars are all Poles and shit.

Well I mean not all Slavs but yeah

There is no way trump can be objective about the topic, so his words and putin's are opinion discarded.

For the very same reason the accusations coming from his opposition, which ALWAYS puts truth behind the fulfillment of their agenda, are not to be considered credible until hard proof.

Finally, the system is already over the national borders so, what are we discussing? we've always been at war with eastasia.

Didn't bush look into his heart and say he was a good man?

What do you have against the Jews?

The same that leftists have against bankers, that conservatives have about marxists, that the anti-war against the necons, pro trumps to anti trumps and anti trumps to pro Trumps


What a nice non-answer.
I am asking what you specifically have against the Jews.
Also tell me how you are aligned politically so that I have an idea of where you are coming from and so that I can be more assured that you are not just some shitposter.

I answered you question exactly, for the orchestrate the problems that plauge most groups

There's no evidence that Russia tried to help Trump get elected. There is evidence that Russia tried to help Hillary get elected though, a shit ton of it.

Nice d/c jew. Polish pornstars and donald trump lay off the herbal jew, jew

I guess you haven't heard about the investigation that's been going on… or like, about the country called "Russia"

yeah its not like he received "donations" from Russia, Saudi Arabia, Soros, Australia, recieved debate questions early, paid off superdelagates in the primary, "sold" Russia 40% of our Uranium to Russia, let 12 people in Benghazi happen for a political play, used a private server to conducted clashifted work.
Am I missing anything?
Yeah but Trump somehow is worse than all that.

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All slavs. Everyone bitching about "mah Syrians" is fucking forgetting that eastern europe is all euroniggers already.

You sound like a fucking Pole. go back into your degenerate closet.

so many shills for the military industrial complex in this thread. really scared you wont get WW3?

you realize half that shit is fake conspiracy nut nonsense, right?


see trumpfags keep saying that lefties can't let go of his election victory but it's the other way around. trump constantly references it and brings it up, even completely out of context, because it's literally the most significant (and only) thing he's accomplished in the past couple years.

Repeat lie so many times until it becomes truth

You mean "arrest so many people, then prove it in court"

If Trump was on the same street as you, you'd see all the cops circling round his house and looking through his trash and declare that he was cooking meth. Nigger is going to jail.

Name one

The Russians are not the bad guys. We are. Putin is a former intelligence officer, crafty af and he is also not our enemy. Everyone wants Syria to be restabilized so the Syrian people can go home. Israel will surrender the Golan Heights and peace will be had. Whether they like it or not. The shareblue and neocon warhawks ITT are retarded.

yes its okay for russia to meddle in elections as long as we win ;)

Maria Butina, Concord Management, Konstantin Kilimnik, Sergey Morgachev, Paul Manafort, Concord Catering, Rick Gates, Alex van der Zwaan, Michael Flynn, Aleksandr Osadchuk, Aleksey Potemkin, Anatoliy Kovalev, George Papadopoulos, the Internet Research Agency, Yevgeny Prigozhin, Richard Pinedo, Viktor Netyksho, Boris Antonov, Dmitriy Badin, Ivan Yermakov, Aleksey Lukashev, Sergey Moirgachev, Nikolay Kozacheck, Pavel Yershov, Artem Malyshev, Mikhail Bystrov, Mikhail Burchik, Aleksandra Krylova, Anna Bogacheva, Sergey Polozov, Maria Bovda, Robert Bovda, Dzheykhun Ogly, Vadim Podkopaev, Gleb Vasilchenko, Irina Kaverzina, and Vladimir Venkov have all been arrested, indicted, or already plead guilty, plus a handful of others.

The companies are all Russian shell corporations under Russian oligarchs, former Ukrainian government agents like Manafort from when it was a Russian puppet government, or directly run by Russian state agencies.

But sure, except for all of those I guess there's been no movement in the investigation… If these Russians were mugging people in your town you'd been shooting every asshole drinking vodka you saw in self-defense. The Russians aren't our enemies? Who do you think arms the Iranians, or sells the most guns to shitholes in Africa? And Putin's as bearded as they come, he's a slavic Rock Hudson.

Arrested for what? Indicted for what? Plead guilty to what?
Why are you leaving out these important details?
I assume that you are leaving them out because your claim would fall apart if you didn't.

you know he only asked for one. that means he'll dismiss your reply because it didn't fit his narrative.

oh look, I was right, he is dismissing it! trumptards are as low iq as their "leader"

Mostly it's money laundering for the people in the US, because that's how the feds start on you since Al Capone, because that's the easiest thing to prove esp. since Bush passed the Patriot Act's provisions for better tracking terror money. If they can prove that you took money from someone you're not supposed to, if you took it for a false purpose, or if you misrepresented your income, it's child's play for a federal prosecutor to find it out. People joke about the IRS, but the IRS really only gets scary once they start working with FBI forensic accountants.

There's a reason cartel heads aren't directly lobbying in Congress or trying to get the NRA to soften its rhetoric on small arms sales to Mexico, and it's not "those Americans are patriots and they'd never take a check to fuck me over." It's that real "murder you" criminals understand that the FBI is a pretty terrifyingly efficient organization.

But there's more than money laundering here. Most of the Russians are looking at espionage related charges. It's mostly irrelevant except in that each of those guys won't ever be able to leave Russia comfortably again. Then there's the guys who are already pleading out, those are "lesser charges" because they're pleading out, but no one says they're guilty of something minor unless they're on the hook for something worse…. so probably money laundering or espionage, or conspiracy to commit as the low rung on the ladder.

Do you want me to write you a detailed article on this? It's all publicly available. I'm sorry you've not been paying attention, but there's literally hundreds of people who are likely going to have arrest warrants and indictments cast on them before this is through, since we're talking about state agencies and corporate complicity. At this point I wouldn't put it past half of Brighton Beach simply disappearing to St. Petersburg one afternoon ahead of the sirens.

And look, none of this actually comes out and says Trump was anything more than associated with a bunch of criminals. But they are criminals. They are people who have broken laws, because the FBI doesn't arrest people when they don't think they're going to the net with the ball and making points. If it were still "just" an investigation? Sure, we'd be considering whether it was all a "witch hunt." But it's just not, whether or not Trump himself is involved. At the very least I think it seriously indicates that the Russians plotted to get Manafort close to Trump and succeeded, to taint his presidency. But who in Trump's camp picked Manafort? Where did he get THAT name and decide to run with it? Everyone's known Manafort was owned by the Russians for YEARS in some circles. He's just not someone who pops up as an American campaign manager out of nowhere.

That is some nice speculation, but you have nothing concrete.
I don't want you write a detailed article, I want you to provide links that prove your claims.
I don't find it all that convincing otherwise.
Do you have any proof that Manafort is owned by the Russians, or is that more speculation?
If you have proof then please link it.

We have literal arrests. If that's not concrete enough for you…

Manafort worked for Viktor Yanukovych, who is currently cowering in Russia after being ousted for corruption and, wait for it, collusion with Russia. Not "little guy in big picture" working for, he was Yanukovych's go to guy in for US "contacts". That's pretty much what he did, lobby for terrorists and dictators - Ferdinand Marcos and Sese Seko? Sure! Manafort's career trajectory might have started off as a normal lobbyist, but by the 90s he was working for Noriega, Pakistan's secret police, etc. That's not conjecture, it's fact. And no, it doesn't directly implicate Trump, it explicitly calls out Manafort. Manafort's the center of the storm right now, and if Trump's lucky (or smarter than he looks) all of the fallout will land on Manafort and the people closest to him. But that means admitting that Manafort's going down, calling out the Russians for their illegal activities, and stopping this sticking your head in the sand pretending that nothing's gone on.








the problem with trump is he is so narcissistic, he's afraid of admitting that there might be ANYTHING that illegally aided him in his election. As recent as two days ago he completely distracted putin from an embarrassing question by bringing up how great his electoral college victory was (again). It's his proudest (only) achievement and he's too arrogant to want to give up boasting about it.

No it isn't. Read the fucking DNC emails. Read the news reports, the publicly published records…

Exactly. If I were Trump's lawyer I'd be smacking his dumbass on the back of the head. You're the President of the United Fucking States, stop acting like a guilty dope dealer who got caught fucking the dog. If you just shut the fuck up 90% of everything will naturally route around you. But you've got to SHUT THE FUCK UP. Maybe some Shaggy motherfucker can dance around with denials and get away with it, but Trump's just not that guy.

Is that how it works now?
Is this the Spanish inquisition? All you need to be guilty is to be accused?
Would you mind pointing out the links that show him being convicted of working for Noriega, Pakistan 's secret police, etc?
I do know that something is going on, it is called a witch-hunt.

Hey, add to the list entire stadium of Russian hackers since no one supports Trump anyway. If it makes you sleep at night.

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i think you meant to say read the stuff on the totally legit, not at all conspiracy themed blogs and shit.

I've heard about it
Most people caught by it are either former staffers at the time of the leak or people Kushner has a vendetta with
Almost like a set up to distract from real collusion

How the fuck is this a bad thing, are we supposed to support democracy in the middle east

Maybe if you for one moment realise the Trump admim WANTS people to fall for muh Russia so that Israel can get away with the shit they do

He means wikileaks fuckwit

Effectively, yes. We're not talking about Barney in Mayberry. Federal prosecutors and the FBI just don't bring charges and arrest people without them going to prison. They conduct investigations that go nowhere, but arrests? Prosecutor is a position of advancement. People become DA's because they want to become mayors, governors, and Presidents. That means not picking fights they don't expect to win, and generally that's exactly what the fuck they do.

If they don't win? It's because something sqiggly's gone on - witnesses disappear, the rules change mid trial, judge goes against precedent, etc.

This is not your traffic court ticket. People arrested by the FBI with this many federal charges on them go to prison, unless they're being rolled on to put someone ELSE in prison while they get LESS prison.

You want this to be a nation where the law means something? This is what that means. Manafort is a shithead who collaborates with other sleazy shitheads and it's always been up on the air, for over a decade, when he'd go to prison for being that guy.

Everyone talking about "Oh, the FBI is full of LIBERALS OMG!!" has lost their fucking minds. The FBI is full of authoritarian law enforcement sorts who get wood from putting people in handcuffs and then sending them off to get sodomized in prison. If they're not acting like they're your friends, newsflash: They are only the friends of other people in law enforcement. Every single other thing is fucking secondary. They're fucking alpha assholes who fought their way out of "just" being able to beat people to death for traffic violations for the chance to really FUCK people who otherwise might be untouchable.Everyone trying to protect Manafort is in their fucking way. Thinking the little pussy married to Trump's kid has the balls to manage the FBI is fucking stupid too. His dad went to prison, he almost went to prison, he's probably fapping material already for "when do we get to shove this guy in a cell with a bunch of bangers and watch him get airtight?" That's all the FBI cares about.

I'll add to this. The Federal Courts have a 93% conviction rate. Manafort has a only a 7% chance of being found not guilty.

Wow! Where do you get all this info on the FBI?
I can't help but think that you are talking out of your ass when you act like you know them this well.
You seem more like a writer writing some material.
I can't take somebody serious when they talk about the FBI like they are his own personal fanfiction character.

wikileaks, oh then that's totally legit. anonymous sources supplying files to a criminal's site that isn't really a blog…

and you all know what your dear leader thinks of "anonmyous sources" (clue, it rhymes with "bake stews")

real subtle, Zig Forums

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Yeah, you know thats some sort of false flag bullshit someone's doing to make you guys think sucking dick is okay. We all know you guys only suck dick when it's Russian, that doesn't make you guys fags. It's just politics, right?

Putin has tapes of Trump with a teenager or younger

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