Socialist Darling Ocasio-Cortz Trashes Israel, Calls Them “Occupiers” of Palestine

Democrat Socialist darling Ocasio-Cortez sent shock waves through the Democrat Party when she defeated the fourth most powerful Democrat in the House of Representatives, Rep. Joe Crowley, in the New York primary in June.

The Democrat Socialists of America support no borders, no profit, no prisons and no cash bail.

This weekend Ocasio Cortez held an interview with Firing Line with Margaret Hoover on PBS.

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OP is a faggot

wtf I love Ocasio Cortez now.

remember when she was anti war then she was not

Zig Forums still hasn't gotten over that

Hopefully she puts trumpstein and his kikes in the gulag where they belong

I hope she wins only to divide the Left even more

She already did dipshit

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Even a filthy commie can be right occasionally.

Well socialists aren't commies (and even commies usually aren't commies, anymore than Putin was "elected") but yeah. Israel straight up stole a country because they were insecure pricks and figured everyone would let them out of guilt and so they'd have a group of motivated Nazi Hunters to feed state intelligence to.

Enjoy wave after wave of tax leaching parasites, murders, and child molesters
There goes innovation, Jobs in general, and being able to afford literally anything, let alone purchase anything
Are we just going to shoot criminals? Or no more laws?

It's a platitude, stop reading into it.

As opposed to corporate parasites, no healthcare, and child molesters?

And really, Trump and the new housing bubble are going to fucking kill your jobs before some boogieman is able to. You can afford things now? You're lying. You can't, or else you make more than $750,000 a year. Oh, but that would be lying.

I'm pretty sure what the last bit is actually about is phasing out for profit prisons. You know, the ones that want to collect a check on people caught with a joint for years at time from the government. What you'd call "tax leeching parasites."

Zig Forums stupid double think and obsession with jews bites them in the ass yet again.

I never understood why part of Germany wasnt just given to them. The entire world is being reconfigured so you go to a tribal Arab area? Well I guess it worked out as the US keeps giving them money.

The English are fucking idiots who are to blame for a million types of bullshit in the world, essentially.

The Russians hacked her, oy vey

Kill all the law breakers then

Eh not really, I'd rather a Bernie as opposion than a Hillary
Part of us becoming mainstream is making politics more polarised and won't work when both parties are the same on everything but taxes
Remember the 2nd biggest Party in Germany in 1933 was the communists

There were a few areas considered for resettling Jews, including Madagascar, a chunk of Canada, and the state of Ohio. They demanded 'muh ansestral homelaaaaand!' though, and were supported by American bankers (whose faith and ethnicity was entirely coincidental!) who sold it to the US president as a way to help with the long term American goal of breaking up the British Empire (Palestine was British territory at the time). The US pushed it through (it got to the point where America threatened to nuke the UK if they didn't play along), and it went from one shitshow to another until we got to where we are today.

Kimberly plan too which I would of hated almost as much as Israel

You know your country is fucked when the your leftwing socialists are more critical of Israel than than your own right wing leadership.

This is a really good idea. Just start executing violent criminals on the spot and we'd have the nigger, spic and mudslime populations down to practically nothing in short order.

Not to mention empty the white trash rednecks out of their trailer parks. Fucking poor people belong on a plate, not in the state,

you know your country is extra fucked when your right wing nationalists take orders from communist russia and the left wing socialists have no connections to russia

Well Hillary was bribed by Russia
Putin is mad he can't out bid bibi though

she won the primary. general election is in November. I know they may not have taught you that in Tel Aviv or Terham or Moscow.

I don't go there, does this actually have anything to do with them or are you just being an obnoxious butthurt retard squealing about a boogeyman?

Uhhhh russsshhhhhyyyyyyyaaaaaaa muh rrrrrrruuuuussssshyaaaaaaa mmmmmmuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhssssssssshhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaa
You get your shekels I get my rubles :^)
Eat shit, liar.

Palestinians are going to become the "cotton niggers" and "muh 6 million" of israel's history, aren't they? Niggers and injuns won't shut up about the "oppressive" history of America's KKK past. Kikes and europoors won't shut up about the "oppressive" history of Germany's Nazi past. And soon in about 50 years, if israel still hasn't been nuked by then, Palestinians won't shut about the oppressive history of israel's ethnic cleansing occupation of Palestinians.

The delicious irony. I can't fucking wait until those future kikes get hounded forever by how racist and bigoted their ancestors were. What goes around, comes around, bitch.

That seat is always a landslide victory for Democrats. The margin she won the primary by is a larger percentage than the people who vote Republican. Like I said she already won.

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You didn't say any of that and you insulted someone in the process. If you didn't use the word dipshit people might believe your bullshit. Just admit you fucked up.

Take note friends. This is what next level trolling looks like. It may take some time, in this case 9 hours, but a well placed bait will always yeild a catch.

Pic related because you're getting agitated

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Best thing about lefties is that they are not afraid to call out the jew,unlike many right wingers.

Man, if you need $750,000 to live a comfortable life, you're a fucking idiot.

This,its going to be amazing how everybody is going to get in the kikes faces with "muh palestinian genocide"

t. deluded trannypol wageslave
The Chad is a toxic depiction of yoxic masculinity btw sexist

What is this kind of posting called, where you take an already retarded tribal outlook, and then switch around which tribe does what?

Just came here to say that only 11 percent of registered democrats showed up to vote in her district. 700k+ residents, only about 24K voted overall. Muh blue wave.

It's really this easy.

Pic related

All that matters is that we're going after the kikes, and they need to know they can't just run to the nearest lefty's house to hide. Israel is Israel because of Jews, and all kikes are the same.

are you Australia
Then it's not a fucking housing bubble
t. Australian

Are you fucking koalas? What sort of faggot talk are you engaged in?