Today is the Day James Comey is a Treasonous Lying Thug, Browder Revelations Scared Him

This seems as if James Comey is triggered over the fact that Vladimir Putin, during a meeting with President Trump in Helsinki, told the world that the United States of America's intelligence agencies helped the American-born elitist Bill Browder funnel over $400,000,000.00 to Hillary Clinton, and it happened on James Comey's watch.

Not only did James Comey fail to stand with his country, he completely ignored the will of the people who voted for Donald Trump when he decided to betray his impartial position at the FBI and show a bias towards the candidate he preferred, Hillary Rodham Clinton, allowing the integrity of the entire Federal Bureau of Investigation to be flushed down the toilet based upon his hatred for Donald Trump.

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Wait, so now the FBI is nothing but traitors. But Comey released the info on Clinton that got Trump elected, and FBI agents are all pretty much Republicans. So… what is it? Jesus Christ, you guys can't even figure out your own fucking narrative.

Is this what happens to people who failed out of high school? Is shit like this the journalistic face of the opioid crisis?

Your nose is showing.

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Are you trying to claim that federal law enforcement is run by bleeding heart liberals? Seriously?

Even the slightly not-fascist cops I've met were Republicans. Republicans have the record of supporting them no matter who they shoot, and they like to give them money to prove they're "hard on crime." Don't be a stupid faggot.

But, often the case they deserve to be shot though. You have to admit that.

Irregardless. It's the support that Republicans give to law enforcement that essentially means that all flavors of cop are a Republican voting bloc supporting mostly Republican positions. It's the same reason welfare officers are probably all mostly Democrats: If the other party had their way they'd have their jobs taken away.


irregardless? THIS is what happens when people drop out of public school.
The corrupt deep state is not "right" or "left". They are power mongers that didn't want Trump in politics since he was capable of exposing them.
Your false dichotomy is showing.

How dare you speak the truth! Are you a pinko commie jew black?


she's still walking around free isn't she ?

Watching that kike on ABC. Man, Browder is stuttering and scared, h'e's throwing everything at Putin.

Deep State is kikes. It's not just ISISreal, it's not just the Illuminati, it's all fucking kikes.

Try again, kike. Comey was pushing for a full admonishment of guilt to clear her. That's why he basically pardoned her on the spot and changed the legal-speak to keep her away from criminal charges. He flipped that shit so hard they ended up investigating a server, not her. The FBI were investigating the legality of a server, NOT the owner of the server for the legality of their actions.

Fucking wroooooooooooooooooooong. Trying to spin that shit, kike, here? Here, kike? You're in the bowels of Magog, kike. Your trickery does not work here, you impotent little Ba'al rat.

Is that the euphemism they use nowadays? I call it nigger killing money.

your replies make no sense. i'm not even the guy you replied to.

speaking of spin, what does it mean when your president believes the head of a foreign state, who happened to be a former russian spy, over his own intelligence?


Who's spinning. Put her in jail. I don't fucking care. She's not the one sucking Putin's dick right now, and literally not a single "waah, Jews!" bullshit reply changes the fact that cops are Republicans almost to a one. Even the faggot cops I know are Republicans. The only people in the Justice Department more Republican than law enforcement are DAs.

he's so treasonous he helped swing the election towards trump by saying hillary was under investigation. what a scoundrel

neither does trump

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