Mexico - New President Instantly Slashes Own Salary 60%

The newly elected Mexican president Mr Andrés Manuel López Obrador (pictured with US Secretary of State Mr Mike Pompeo) informed his countrymen of his decision to cut his own salary by 60 percent.

As from now, the president will only earn some 108,000 pesos a month after taking office as the new Mexican president in December, or about $5.7k per month at the current exchange rate (tellingly, it is also less than half of the 270,000 pesos that his predecessor, the current (and highly unpopular) president Enrique Peña Nieto, receives in his bank account on a monthly basis).

AMLO, as the new Mexican President’s acronym is known, furthermore decided that as from his entry into office no one employed in the public sector should earn more than the president during his six-year term, In other words, 108,000 pesos per month is the 'López Obrador standard' for public services in Mexico.

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Mr López Obrador claimed he could even cut it down more but that it would become difficult to attract good staff from the private sector or the academic world as his employees as they often earn a lot more.

“What we want is for the budget to reach everybody,” he claimed.

As promised, AMLO is trying to root out corruption in Mexico, a country that ranks highly on the list of most corrupt Transparency International countries.

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Big fucking deal, coke money is still good.

Trump slashed his by 100% and donated it to war veterans.

Just saiyan.

Look at politicians in congress–they get paid peanuts but can collect millions in bribes. So yeah they can donate their official salary to whatever will earn them nice guy points.

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It's okay. He'll make it up from the bribes he accepts from the cartels.

that's because his salary comes from putin with a better deal than american government can offer


Actually by 99.9999, he had to keep $1

You spelt Bibi wrong

Friendly history lesson for the newfags who don't speak political Jewish…in politics it's not about salary, it's about benefits.


Because by law you can't hold a position without a salary. So that one dollar is just them accepting the basic principle of capitalism.

In a communist Mexico, there will be no more wages, only production motivated by the will of el presidente need


When the government is paying to stay in your buildings and golf courses, why bother with a salary?

He made $77,000 this weekend alone.

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Almost as good as not taking a salary

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It just forces dependence on corporate bribes like Obama. What a stupid, evil asshole.

Underrated post

t. Peña Nieto internet cartel force

funny how the media, the press and academia spread this meme while openly admitting to be commies themselves

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Damn, an entire $34 USD per month.