Florida - Teen Dies After Eating Popular Chocolate Chip Cookies

A Florida mother is both heartbroken and enraged that her teen daughter met her sudden death after eating what should have been an innocent, popular-brand American chocolate cookies.

The grieving mother said her daughter, 15-year-old Alexi Ryann Stafford of Weston, took just one bite of a Chips Ahoy Reese’s peanut butter cookie and it proved to be a quick “fatal choice.”’

That is because as the mother, Kellie Travers-Stafford, herself explained, her daughter suffers from a severe peanut allergy. The mom was quick to establish, however, that her daughter knows about her restrictions, and normally was very careful about what she eats. The mom blames the problematic packaging of the chocolate chip as the culprit that led to her daughter’s untimely death.

Travers Stafford said: "The top flap of the package was pulled back and the packaging was too similar to what we had previously deemed 'safe' to her.”

The mom showed the photos of the two packaging- one showing the Reese's variety that killed her daughter and one showing the regular chewy kind. Both have very similar red packaging. After taking a bite of the forbidden cookie, Alexi horrifically went into anaphylactic shock, and despite taking two EpiPen shots died in a matter of two hours.

Travers-Stafford took to social media to share her rage over what happened to her precious daughter. Her post has since gone viral with over 70,000 shares where she also wrote: "As a mother who diligently taught her the ropes of what was okay to ingest and what was not, I feel lost and angry because she knew her limits and was aware of familiar packaging, she knew what 'safe' was.”


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You and your daughter made a mistake.
No….no, we didn't make a mistake it was the packaging's fault—roastie.

She wasn't fit to be born anyways. Our society already spends unnecessary billions just to keep the genetically weak alive. What does 1 girl's insignificant death matter?

if your daughter was fatally allergic to peanuts, why would you buy/keep peanut shit in the house? peanut allergies are crazy and can even cause horrible problems just from skin contact.

so either they buy stuff that can kill their kid, or they accidentally bought it at a store and buy shit without reading labels. stupid. especially in this day and age.

same thing happened to a girl in a restaurant last week in Italy.

first they came for the genetically weak, and I did not speak up…

As somebody who suffers from severe allergies myself.
That girl was an idiot.
I am extremely careful to the point of paranoia about avoiding anything that will set off my allergies.

Not for nothing, but this family shouldn't have any processed foods in the house.
Nearly everything says on the package :
May contain traces of peanuts
Made in factories that produces peanuts
Made on equipment that manufactures peanuts

This is basically a Darwinian event

Remember when peanut allergies were relatively rare and not instantly fatal?

Monsanto peanuts survive their weed killer. Wonder if that might have something to do with it.

I'm not trying to be an asshole here, but there is clearly a peanut butter cup on that packaging. Was this family blind or illiterate or something?


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So she died with nuts in her mouth.

faggots with allergies should be removed from the genepool so we stop having to regulate society by the weakest members
same with new stairways. why are the stairs at such a moderate slope? they take twice the floorspace in public areas and theyre an absolute annoyance for anyone who isnt a 4' goblin or a fatass to traverse. jesus christ what able-bodied person enjoys having to patter up 2.5" stairs instead of regular 4" ones?
society should ingore the weak, not be constrained in all areas to the ability of the weakest
other examples include all public spaces being shit up by hobos, prime public transport seating being reserved for fatasses and the otherwise disabled, signs cluttering scenic areas with reminders not to walk off a cliff or what have you, etc etc
fuck the weak

This post is the production of a weak mind. The strong make sacrifices for those closest to them; they don't expect others to stop existing for their convenience.

if I didn't know any better i'd think she's a fucking retard.

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I did not speak because the gene pool was improved significantly

Yes, those lion prides are known for helping the sick and deformed lions

Please government create more regulations because I can not be trusted to take care of myself.

Yes, we are lions. Here's the thing about drawing analogous comparisons: they're rarely accurate.

Something tells me you haven't taken care of another being.

i never will take care of another being that is not my blood
the endless privations enacted upon me and the abled are done without consent and without benefit to me and the majority of [white] society
the disabled are cancers on normal society and should thereby be excluded from normal society for the undue harm they exert on normal society
t. not the lion guy but i agree with his point, that prostrating yourself to help the useless is degenerate

Reese Peanut Butter Cup label are on it so it is likely that she just took it without reading the label.

On the contrary; without prostrating yourself to your loved ones (within reason) and your immediate environment, you become a useless consumer; a parasite that offers nothing.

You will never take care of another being, regardless of they are your blood, because you are incapable of doing so.

You will sit in the comfort of your misery and complain about the world and its ongoings, to no end and without resolve.

i prostrate myself to my blood. the useless niggers of general society i have no such drive to care for and it is a degenerate misuse of the ecological basis of altruism to care for the disabled unrelated to you, and to mandate that all abled should be ceaselessly inconvenienced for their benefit is without merit and grossly unethical
i wonder if youre arguing for the complete social support of the disabled for some personal benefit…?

/jews+/ spammer killed after using THIS type of clickbait shit.


I'm not arguing for anything; I am simply stating a fact. You are obviously laden with bias and a hurting individual.

I'm not mandating that able-bodied people ceaselessly inconvenience themselves for the sake of the disabled, but the truth of the matter is that ultimately, no matter who you encounter, another man's misery will be MADE your concern.

Beware the man that bangs the drums of war.

I'm sick of miniature fucking midget toilets, stairs, kitchens, seats, door handles, all designed for the lowest common denominator.
Same applies to the fuckwitted brain drain shit in every film, series, 'best seller' book.
All designed for idiots.
Even the fucking instructions and food labelling is designed for cretins with 60 iq nowadays.
Bags of peanuts with "may contain traces of nuts" on it.
All technology, games, programmes, operating systems designed for fucking subhuman level imbeciles.
It is utterly insane.
They should either be ground up into fertiliser or kept isolated from humans.
Minimal height, 6 foot, minimal iq 120.
Theme parks can restrict, why not society.
Let the monkeys live on a reserve where they work in labour and factories.

yes you are lying mong


Actually, it was pretty on par with yours

If this is your assessment, your life will continue not be to your favor. What do I know?


Rest in RIP, retard.

There's no argument to be made; you're trying to 'win' against a strawman that you've constructed out of your attempts to comprehend something foreign to you.

The word 'projection' will not save you from the truth.

ive presented a perspicuous argument and made points to support it
youve done no such thing and your points have been each and severally strawmen and projection against my person
if you dont present an actual counter-argument in your next post if you make one then there is obviously no real discussion for me to have with you

You've presented to me an argument and points that are irrelevant to reality;

my argument is that tensions will mount as a result of grandiose negligence and you, as well as everyone else, will be made to atone for it.

It doesn't matter what you think or say, the only way forward is to be productive. Anything else is death.

pair this nonsensical argument with the doomsaying and the "it doesnt matter what you think or say [in a discussion]" and its clear that you are not arguing in faith. for example, how have my points not been bound in reality when they are all literally real-life examples to evidence my point?
are you some failed psychoanalyst who gets paid to post on imageboards because youre literally unable to hold a rational discussion with your subjects?

ah, dont bother answering that if it will put you out; i think im done with this "discussion"

On the contrary, it is you who refuse to argue in faith. For example,

your points have no root in reality. I asserted that refusing to care for your friends and family and immediate surroundings is parasitic.

You assumed this to be intended for intents and purposes of promoting an agenda for "the disabled."

You have failed your parents and yourself.

lets see my earlier posts
yeah youre not holding your end of a real discussion here so im not going to continue this farce of an argument

There was never an argument at all. I'm just surprised it took you this long to figure out.

t. "Beware the man that bangs the drums of war." poster
cya fag im out

Your future isn't very bright; at the end of the day, when all is said and done, and you're on your death bed, make sure that the people that surround you don't loathe you as they do now.



I don't know how far we need to go at de-sensitizing our society to others suffering but I agree something should be done. I'm going to start by saying that. I'm going to add to your point on the 2.5" steps and accommodations for fat people "as disabled." Fat people are not disabled, if we start anywhere at all with ramping back on this retarded shit it needs to start there, absolutely 100%.

Obesity is at epidemic proportions and there's never ever in the history of mankind more information on how to shed weight. Literally all the fucking methods essentially boil down to caloric management in one way or another, whether it's a ketogenic diet strategy, fasting, atkins style… It doesn't matter, literally just fucking pick one, stick to it and get off your fat ass and develop a routine to move around more and more. Literally billions of dollars have been spent and cult like followings have formed around god damned weight loss methods because they work. Just fucking do something about it, Jesus fucking Christ. It pisses me off all the more so because I was morbidly obese once and I fucking sorted it out one day when I told myself it had gone far enough and I didn't want to be a god damned burdensome shit on the healthcare system that comes out of other people's pockets in this country. Holy fucking shit it took years but I know now when I look at these people and their demands and my "disgust and contempt for their disability" (or whatever the fuck reasoning they hold that inevitably fuels excuse after excuse) that they're wrong.

I'm not disgusted by their gluttony or their sloth, those are unpleasant and unsightly weaknesses to be sure. But no, what leaves me with so much disgust and hatred is the unimaginable level of fucking arrogant selfishness it takes to fucking tell me and everyone else that we have to accommodate their decision to embrace this reckless self-destructive lifestyle. They are not disabled, at best they're fools that only broker sympathy and encouragement for genuine attempts to redeem themselves and correct their ways, but I think for the most part this will not happen and so most are, at the worst end of the spectrum of humanity, malicious actors towards society. Fuck the fat.

very true; i also hate them with a burning passion. i look at all the fatasses at indoc that i have to shape into decent warriors and its incredible that these are probably some of the more physically fit people in the population. of course, they are so incredibly selfish that the large majority of fatasses that come into the military will never shape up despite the mandate of their job being "the physical and mental ability to defend your nation from agressors". they are just happy to have another method to sustain their gluttony

Thank god she died before she could reproduce and spread her genetic disorders further.

Nothing to do with bad genes, kids are born with diseases due to chemicals sprayed on crops that their mothers consume while pregnant. There is literally raw sewage and toxic waste in some poor neighborhoods and kids are getting cancer from it. Some reported cases in Alabama and Indiana for instance. It will continue to increase as stronger pesticides are created.

the subset of the population that develops allergies to such common foods is probably more susceptible to physiologic malady by necessity because most of the population is subject to the same pathogens. i believe there is a genetic predisposition to development of allergies present in the populations that develop these allergies. by weeding them out gradually you will develop a population better able to withstand exposure to the current pesticedes but also to withstand exposure to future pesticides, as well as the million other carcinogens specific to modern societies

opps i mean pathogens, forgot what i was talking about for a second but its still true

Many diseases come from toxic environments that can lead to allergies over time. Thyroid disorders are often caused by over exposure to mercury or lead and lead to allergies of dairy and wheat products and an intolerance to soy. Peanut allergies seem more genetic in nature so yeah you're correct about that aspect.

The price you pay for living in a modern industrial/post -industrial society is longer life, the exposure to massive amounts of carcinogens and allergens. So if you want your tree hugging nature fucking utopia; and your are unable to eat a peanut please sterilize yourself now.
There are so MANY people alive today in the west that should have never been born or died in childhood that are no procreating and spreading their defective and shit genes into the pool of humanity that only fire will cure it. Peanut People are just a canary in that coal mine.

Most of which are white. Why bother with medicine eh?

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You're not wrong.

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Deserved to die.

Who bought the cookies
Who gave her the cookie
fuck off and stop blaming others for your own mistake

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So her mom was at fault. Probably one of those skinny bitches always dieting and eating only fat free food.

Happens all the time at my house.

gonna wank now lel

Glad she died. We need to put peanuts in EVERYTHING, that way we will kill off all of the fucking peanut people in just a few years. These fuckers are unfit to live. They burden the rest of society and drive the cost of everything for the rest of us.

Get fucked. Darwin wins again.

she looks hot, dead or not, would fuck her

This. Peanuts are ingrained in European genetics since it was a staple for our diet. It should be the initial test once we bring back eugenics to cleanse the unhealthy whites.

this but unironically


I blame the problematic eyeballs of the person who bought the wrong bag of cookies and the person who just went and fucking ate one of them even though they had a lethal food allergy.

this is the mindset that caused Rome to fall.

I am pretty sure that it was ancien feminism and progressism that caused rome to fall.

Either she was retarded or suicidal.

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Fucking retard.

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oh look, a buzzword instead of a good point.

I couldn't help but laugh at this.

Don't trust others–even your loved ones–with your life. They won't practice the proper level of care and you will pay for it. Whoever bought the cookies (I assume the mother) was careless and the girl was equally careless when she ate the cookies without even looking at the package. Her death was a result of her own inability to manage a fatal allergy and while that's unfortunate, it's a death she earned.

interesting lol. now its a self-perpetuating cycle in their bloodline resulting in all the progeny being allergic to peanuts because the mothers, themselves allergic to peanuts, cannot introduce peanuts in their diet during pregnancy

I have to agree with this one. I have had to argue a lot with my family about what I can and can't eat. They are not very careful nor do they understand.

Reminder to breastfeed, and to encourage outdoor play (and by extension exposure to allergens) to jumpstart and develop your child's immune system when they're very young. Shit like this is on the rise because everyone is a shit parent.


my kids aren't dropping dead from a fucking peanut though, so i don't really see your point

In the third world they haven't even heard of peanut allergies. You find out if are by eating peanut and if you are–you dead. They'll dig a hole and put you in it.

No you dumb fuck the 3rd world doesn't have peanut allergies. Only WEAK ASS FUCKING BUBBLE PEOPLE of the west have it. Without peanuts the 3rd world would loose 60% of their protein. You stupid motherfucker.


Jesus Christ, get a load of this asshole. If he was getting in my face furrowing his brows and bitching at me on the street to go waste my time on helping some retard choking on a pinecone: I'd kick him in the balls, punch him in the face, and piss on him while he was writhing on the ground. I can't stand homos like him.

This is literally natural selection. I say, good.

and then the gene pool was cleaned up, and our problems diminished significantly.





You're a gigantic cunt. Kill yourself.

She was white though. Her life is worth more than any nigger or spic.

Get the fuck out

You werent fucking careful at all, THEY HAVE THE FUCKING INGREDIENTS ALONG WITH A FUCKING WARNING IF THEY HAVE BEEN PROCESSED WITH OR CONTAIN NUTS! Stupid fucks and now a kid is dead because you didnt read the packaging.

Shut the fuck up

i know your chances for the camgirls you whiteknight to fuck you are practically zero but thats still theoretically higher than the chances you have with the peanut person in th eop