YouTube animal rights activist ends up in court after he stole farmer's pig to save it

A YouTube animal rights activist was taken to court for stealing a farmer's pig to save it from the slaughter.

Wesley Omar swiped the pig from Belmont Farm in Leicestershire before sitting it in the footwell of the passenger seat of his car and played an Elvis Presley song to soothe it.

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What's next, child's rights activists?



gay faggot lmao

as we say around here, faggot using somebody else's ass
or, more briefly, "commie"

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Nice .GIF.
Animal rights activists are often quite pig-headed.

If he really wanted to save a pig he should of went to an animal shelter. They got some pot-belly pigs that need homes there. Fucking dumb animal activist.


But then they wouldn't deprive others of their rightful property, a core tenant for all socialists

Thats a Heeb and A-rab name.

I would've done the egg zack same thing, except I'd probably piss in the farmers milk first…

And at least he and the pig had good taste in pig soothing music. Obviously the pig is a female, because girls love Elvis

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Looks like a feminist to me.

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I don't understand, why do animal rights activists hate bacon so much?

It's a mystery.

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what's going on in this thread?

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Lel! I guess I don't know what the bump limit is on this board anymore.
Look at the front page. Still bampin' turtles even!

Didn’t realize a muslim would care so much about pigs.

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Wendy is having a sudden severe migraine

got to run sorry

He should have shot the farmer on the way out

If you don't like Jeff Lynne's unique blend of Symphony, Opera, and Three Chord Chuck Berry Rock n Roll, you're a fucking faggot