Conspiracy Theory: Flat-Earthers Say Australia Doesn't Exist

Conspiracy theories abound on the internet but I've got a very special one that defies logic: Australia doesn't exist. That's right. A theory that sprung up in a Flat Earth Society forum thread claims the land down under is merely an elaborate ruse consisting of smoke and mirrors. The theory says:

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It says WHAT?

You faggots can't even cut and paste correctly.


I always thought that accent was too annoying to be real. Calling your male friends and male strangers 'Mates', how gay is that?

crocodile dundee was pure propaganda funded by soros.

I'm curious about their explanation for abbos.

yeh but like how do you kno tho

Not even flat earthers take the (((flat earth society))) seriously.
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LIsten HERE M A T E, we exist and we ain't as bufty as your california or as fundy like your bible belt.

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I wish Australia didn't exist

They are imaginary creatures projected by Petrol fumes and mirrors

With people like Jim Jefferies, one can only dream that is the case.

If only

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australia is actually atlantis

nice PR campaign.

That was already obvious to everyone

I'm from Australia and this is true, we don't exist. The first fleet sailed off of the edge of the world through a fissure in the ice wall and we just built a second flat earth out of pieces of boat and seaweed connected to the main disc by anchor chains and woven pubic hair.

You can tell this is all through because pictures taken from cameras with a fisheye lens.

Also, the seasons make the day longer and shorter because the sun gets stuck in the pubic hair/anchor chains sometimes.

So in Europe it must be illegal to not believe in this.

How is this related to the Flat Earth?
Does Australia somehow threaten the Flat Earth model?

long story short it does but its closer to s america than stated

Flat Earth Society is a ruse that doesn't exist. Pure projection.

Same here, mate.

Your post says WHAT?

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That's not a flat-earth believer.
That's a woman!