France - Outrage After Trevor Noah Claims ‘Africa Won The World Cup’ (Video)

This Sunday in France, a French comedian tweeted about the ‘heritage’ of the French team, where a lot of players originated from African origin, by saying that 80% of the team was not even from the French Republic.

And before the match, former Croatian player Igor Stimac said his country's team were up against "the republic of France and the African continent."

And then on Monday evening, Daily Show host Mr Trevor Noah decided to up the ante even further by claiming that “Africa won the World Cup,” all because of the number of black players in the squad.

He stated, in a clip that has since gone viral: “Africa won the World Cup. I get it, they have to say it's the French team. But look at those guys. You don't get that tan by hanging out in the south of France, my friends.”

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Comedians are the only ones holding to common sense

Afrance players sure are ugly :/

Yea they "Won" since the ref was on their side, Croatia got robbed.

blow me

Kek who gives a shit about a soccer cup anyway,croats might not have won but their country is at least somewhat safe unlike france where you got niggers rioting in the streets

i will take a soccer loss than demographic and cultural suicide thanks.

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The world cup belongs mainly to Africa. Parltly to the Argentinian referee Who Roy Keane correctly guessed had never played professional football and maybe 1% to France.

Told ya those niggers don't even integrate. They're just in it for the gibs.

Zig Forums would hate him any other day because he's critical of trump

Trevor Noah is and has always been a faggot.

This is fucking true, what's the point of a national based division if the euro fucks will hire african niggers to play for them? ridiculous.

Pitana was easily the best ref, his only mistake, although costly, was the Griezmann non-foul
And plenty of non-footballers have been great in the sport, that isn't an argument if you prepare yourself

Did you prefer the turkroach ref that shat all over Croatia against England?

His mistake was less forgivable because he was able to see the video replay and he could see what everyone else could see. Most footballers are aware that you cant jump very well without moving your armps. I think that was Roy Keanes point.

The standard of refereeing has always been really low in South America. Thats why they put so much effort in to fouling and diving. VAR hasnt helped reduce any of that controversy.

Did you want a VAR review for a field foul? that's ridiculous
For the Perisic penalty, it was a penalty, there wasn't any contact from the "french" team and it stuck directly into his hand while open in the air. Very strict in my opinion but it was. Keane is butthurt because he got tons of those critics in Italy.

The standard ref worldwide is very low, SA ones have the advantage that they let the team play, unlike brit (and partially euro except italian) refs who call yellow cards on standard tackles (especially sliding ones), but sometimes the SA ones are highly inconsistent in the violence meter.
IMO the worst refs are from North America, mexicans have always been horrible refs, americans are still fresh (and half of them mexicans) and leafs are just that.

The ref was a small factor, as he did not invent anything, he just badly interpreted a shameless dive and went very strict with the penalty. Also a monkey hand from Mbappe in a counter IIRC. Still he also ignored a Brozovic leg chopper and a Rebic "elbow to the face without ball" moment

The world knows Croatia played better and with almost all nationals, France can never say that, even when in 1998 they did play much better but with another african team

I think I want the same approach as Tennis where one side has a certain amount of VAR checks they can request and if the VAR check is not in their favor they lose one of their chances.

Fortunately for the game of football, hardly anyone agrees with you that Perisic had comitted a foul.
If that was a foul then professional footballers will have to start having their arms amputated or something. And it would become a really important skill to be able to kick the ball in to your opponents arm when they are in the box and get a penalty.

Now thats an idea.


Fortunately still for the sake of a lot of things, the cattle and the cum guzzlers are not in positions to decide important things (except, ironically, gov positions)
It was a penalty and you have to deal with it, almost all plays involving a hand end up in a foul, it's called "handball" you freak, that's why players put their hands up their ass when a cross comes inside the area or when they want to block a shot.
And fucking shooting at your opponents arm has always been a skill (if you ever played winger) dummy, Amancio Amaro did it famously, Gheorgi Hagi did it a lot including a final against Arsenal, Neymar does it from time to time. It's a dirty/scumbag skill but it has existed from a long time for those who aren't blind.

You are benevolent and you don't appear to me as a dumbass, but you are too naive and fresh in the sport. Luckily for both of us Croatia will be remembered as the good team that didn't won, like 54 Hungary or 74 Netherlands, with all due respect to those 2.

The correct term is 'ball to hand'.

From the internet:

In football only the goalkeeper is allowed to use his/her hands and so if an outfield player touches the ball with his/her hand then the referee may award a free kick or even a penalty. But handball is a very controversial area of football – a grey area – where things such as deliberate or accidental handball are important factors for referees when making decisions. Another ‘grey’ area is the phrase ‘ball to hand‘ which suggests that a player cannot get out of the way of the ball; it’s not deliberate handball but accidental which means that some referees will not award a free kick or penalty when this happens. Ball to hand.

Example: Liverpool thought they should have had at least one penalty in their Europa League Cup final defeat to Sevilla but the referee said no as he interpreted it as ‘ball to hand‘.