Florida - Man Dies After Eating Fresh Oysters in Restaurant


A man who ordered raw oysters at a Florida restaurant had no clue it would prove to be a fatal decision. Health officials said the man died after contracting an infection from the Vibrio vulnificus bacteria.

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In other news, a man who drank bleach had no clue he was gonna die.

How about you VOLUNTEER the name of the fucking restaurant? Kind of a crucial information for this kinda news, huh?

Oysters are bottom feeders and have a lot of microorganisms on them–to eat them without cooking is just plain stupid. Reminds me of this guy: dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5467925/Sydney-rugby-player-paraplegic-eating-slug.html

Oh no no no no goy. You can't smear our brand name even if we fucking kill someone. That's off the limits.

In the same restaurant, a group of fresh oysters died eaten alive by a man the same day. Truly a place to avoid.

Sarasota Fag here. And why arnt people disclosing the location.
Fuck all of you who are trying to cover this.
I believe this happened at the Anna Maria oyster bar
Fuck that place.
Shitty food, terrible standards.
glad i didnt order the oysters! :D

ALWAYS cook your shellfish.

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Bible right once again

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Fucking americans

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yet I don't recall many dieing on the spot

If anything, unhealthy waters probably result in less bacteria on the sea's denizens. Incorrect ph and whatnot will fuck up micro-organisms pretty bad. Macro organisms have mechanisms to deal with these things, for the most part.

Besides, no bacteria of any sort will harm you if your immune system is healthy. If your defenses are down one day though, rotten food, fresh shell-fish, etc. have a fairly significant chance of fucking you up.

Then if it's a lethal bacteria, probably permanently fucking you up.

It's from a Final Fantasy themed restaurant in Japan.

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Just how fucking American do you have to be to eat raw oysters and expect that nothing happens?

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