New York - Hero Navy SEAL Michael P. Murphy Memorial Stone Vandalized

The memorial stone on the shore of Lake Ronkonkoma honoring national US hero Navy SEAL Michael P. Murphy was found vandalized and smashed in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Mr Murphy, who saw his actions in combat immortalized in two major movies (‘Murph the protector’ in 2003 and the Hollywood blockbuster with Mark Wahlberg ‘Lone Survivor’ in 2013) posthumously received the Navy’s Medal of Honor.

The family of the Medal of Honor winner, who has now offered a cash reward for any information leading to the identification of the vandals who desecrated the monument, issued a statement: “The family is heartbroken by the damage to this beautiful monument to our son and the men of Operation Red Wings.”

“There were so many from the community who volunteered their labor, time and money to build Serenity Plaza.”

“It’s unfortunate that some devalue the service and sacrifice of our Veterans and Fallen Heroes by expressing their outrage or drunken fun through damage to a monument which honors us all as Americans through our Fallen Servicemen and Women. What a disgrace.”

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