Stanley Kubrick, Lee Harvey And Why I'm An Apollo 11 Skeptic

Today is the 49th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, humanity's first and only manned expedition to the moon. That is, if we ever made it there at all, of course. At the risk of getting punched by Buzz Aldrin, I've got to use this historic occasion to vent a bit about my skepticism. Now please realize, I'm not saying I necessarily don't have faith that we landed on the moon. I'm an Apollo agnostic, as it were. I'm a Skeptic, not a Denier.

One thing you have to realize about the era in which we made this extraordinary, unprecedented and entirely unreplicated venture is the historical milieu that serves as it's backdrop. It was the Cold War era and the rivalry between the US and the Soviet Union went far beyond military might and economic systems. Some have argued that from Trotsky on the majority of

Communists had already realized attempting a violent overthrow of the world was impractical.

The arms race was more of a stalemate that had to be kept up on both ends. How much good does "x times more overkill" really matter in a realistic sense. So you've got enough megatonnage to blow up the entire world more times, the minute you follow through what's the result? A world blown up several times over I'd suppose.

Meanwhile, both the Soviets and the CIA had done their best to spirit away the brightest scientific minds of the Nazi war machine firing off an overarching science race. Equally important, however, is the Cultural Cold War. Academics like Frances Stonor Saunders have revealed the mystifying origins of American Expressionist art. The CIA, through fronts like the Committee for Cultural Freedom (CCF) and the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations basically propped up artists like Jackson Pollock, as well as certain literary and art journals, museums and cultural critics who made sure these artists were lauded. That's right, Jackson Pollock's genius ability to drip paint may only be famous because of a group of spooks and elitist billionaires thought it was the best way to win the "Cultural Cold War."

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NASA put a mirror on the moon that they can reflect lasers off of. Are you retarded?

"humanity's first and only manned expedition to the moon."

Some one has not even bothered to check the Wiki. Even ignoring Apollo 8, 10 and 13 that "only" went to Lunar orbit and back there was Apollo 12 and 14 through 17 that all had manned landings.

If you are going to claim "skepticism" and don´t even know that then i suggest having some skepticism to your own skepticism.

pisswater at work, should we put them on deepfreeze?

Also the chinese supposedly already went there too

And the Soviets claimed to have crashed some probes into the surface.

And you probably think the earth is flat, too. Fuck off and die.

Why are people so retarded? Only the first one is doubted, not the other ones.

In all fairness that doesn't necessarily mean that there were any manned mission to the moon. You can land a probe to set up a reflector.

how does the mirror even work, shouldn't it be covered in space dust by now? all dirty and shit? how could it still reflect stuff

Boomers had the absolute dumbest conspiracy theories. They couldn't even get that right.

You know, if you're going to pretend to go to the moon, why the fuck would you design a computer, write code for it and produce non-trivial amounts of core rope program for missions that are never going to fly?

But since I can't convince you guys with computer science shit, let me state something more tangible for you retards:
Why would you ever produce man's most powerful rocket engine that provably works and showcase this technology in front of thousands of spectators and risk the damn thing blowing up and pretend-killing the pretend-crew instead of launching from a secret location and retroactively call for success on a fake-manned mission?

Increasingly, I am convinced of apollo-denialists' lack of braincells.

No atmosphere so no winds to kick up and carry dust. There will be some from meteorites kicking dust up, but even that will only be miniscule.

It's literally in the title, you dumb cunt. Apollo 11.

Not "we've never been to the moon".

They've proven scientifically from observing the footage that the way the light was cast on the astronauts would have been impossible to do with stage lights, they would've needed a high powered multi colored laser in an array. This would be trivial to do today but at the time this would've cost more than the entire space program did.

Then there's also how Russia also observed the same signals and they never went "yeah this is bullshit" the guys who had a vested financial and patriotic interest in debunking the moon landing went "okay yeah you guys did it"

Then there's how the main reason it took so long to land on the moon and why it hasn't really been done since then is because landing on it is trivial it's just getting back off it that's the hard part and the part that would most likely malfunction. The main reason people don't really go back is it's extremely expensive to do it and there's really no reason to.

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this is not an objection. The space race was not faked. Neither was the arms race. Plenty of reasons to squander budget there. The footage from the moon looks fake, esp. the take off of the lander, the pathetic flag (if lack of atmosphere is a problem just use something to prop it up like standards do), the *excess* of audio/video coverage of the first landing, like they had to prove something. And the subsequent loss of AV material.
I concede things went to the moon, possibly men went, yet the stuff still looks fake.

On the other hand we have russkies not calling the bluff. They did try to land men there too IIRC. Chinese success is a question mark.

You say the lights could not be done, but when did you see that footage? recently? The footage I recall had those famous converging shadows that debunkers attributed to the terrain, yet the terrain is flat, the astronauts roam it.

I am sure that by now some impeccable footage exists, if deepfakes can achieve it every government can. The making of the film capricorn one is also interesting, not only for the subject, but for the originally planned subject, look the story up.

I don't care much about it all, as exposing conspiracies is like cooking eggs. Conspiracies always existed, it is on debunkers to illustrate which paradigm change would have prevented them now.

You're the retard, not him.
The surface of the moon itself is reflective enough.
Now go and have cognitive dissonance meltdown like a good knee-jerk meme vector.

How do NASA shills and unthinking meme repeaters answer this damning evidence?
Like this:
Wrong. The same handful of photos is exactly what is received today, WITH the alleged reflectors. This is openly stated in the mythbusters episode which used the alleged retroreflectors as "evidence" to "debunk" no-moon-landing.
And even if the photon reception has improved, that could easily be explained by modern lasers being much more powerful than what was available in 1962.


Shills gonna keep.talking matter of factly using big words.

We never left the dome user.

The martians are here undergroumd

Exactly, so if ANYONE had massive reasons to debunk a faked moon landing, and provide proof, it would have been the Soviets. Had this been successful, they would have won an immense propaganda boost.

Yet they never did. Why? Maybe because they were independently monitoring the moon landing, and confirmed that it really did happen…?

Nah, couldn't be!

even if this is wrong, it proves that the earth is not the way we are told that it is.
the very fact that nasa can not and will not disprove this is absolute proof that we are being lied to- even if the world isn't flat
all of you snowball theory assholes can go to hell, you're all globalist shills just taking the flat earth and pasting it back on another bigger sphere again like the cucks you are
TL;DR - humanity is waking up and questioning our reality. They are trying to make sense of the world around them, and not just trust what a mainstream source says, and for that, I commend them. So whether you believe if the Earth is round or not, or whether the Earth is alive or not, it does not really matter. By ridiculing people who believe that the Earth is flat, we control and pressure people to conform. When our society ridicules ideas that challenge the status quo, we feel uncomfortable, and we become less of a free thinking society. It's always important to consider or challenge what we all currently percieve as possible or impossible.

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>the earth is flat and hollow

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hilarious thread full of shills, but with some good posters. the shills arguments get destroyed and they fail miserably so it's extra fun.

think about why the ocean looks blue when the sun shines through it. think about how the sky is also blue, and how very ancient antarctic ice is also a strange blue color. makes sense? and troll science bro's with big fancy pieces of paper from the establishment claim "its rayleigh scattering, and the sky isn't actually blue it just looks blue but it isn't because it's just reyliegh scattering just trust us"

every single image of earth from space release by nasa has always been a composite image. they will never release a true non-edited picture of earth from space.

if there are as many infinite stars and galaxies as they say there are, the entire sky wouldn't have any visible individual stars because in terms of pixels on a tv screen the stars in the sky would take up every pixel of space that there is in the sky. the entire sky would always glow white and there wouldn't be a place in the sky to look at that was empty. at any distance you would eventually run in to another star so no matter how far away from the perspective of earth there wouldn't be any black sky at night.

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go back and watch any video of a rocket takeoff. why do ALL the rockets always go upwards for a moment and then start to veer off course and curve off the side? they can't keep going straight up because they will hit the water and if they go much deeper they will crash right into the firmament. they always curve to avoid it. ALWAYS. the rockets always land somewhere else out of sight or people are told it's just a retrieval of parts, but you know what the truth is.

they only thing that every country on earth ever agreed on and never broke their promise, as they all promised together, was to leave antarctica alone. the north pole is the center of the landmass and the south pole (antarctica) is actually a giant ring around the outer edges of the earth. it's illegal to fly there without permission (almost nobody ever gets that permission) and so it is conveniently incredibly difficult to prove or disprove this once and for all. what a coincidence.

anyone who has ever gone to a tall skyscraper that allows an all around window view with protective railing (so people dont just fall off) and looked 360 degrees all around the horizon will notice that it is always flat and never curved even at that hight, when it should be. almost all the weather balloons and homemade gopros they ever use that make it to the higher atmosphere use an added fisheye lense to add a fake curve to the horizion.

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since you are very little, one of the first things you are expected to learn is that you live on the earth and the earth is a globe, and you are repeatedly shown this big spinning toy and you have a few childish thoughts like "how does everyone on the bottom not fall off?" and everyone tells you its because "gravity" holds everyone on the sphere, but remember centrifugal force is very powerful and can keep water in a bucket even though its spinning around a certain point, but it makes the bucket of water feel much more heavy, like it wants to fly off it's handle with tremendous force. now imagine that all the things on the surface of the earth including its gigantic oceans are all that "bucket of water". what do you think would or rather should have already happened to us all and our cats and dogs and houses and cars if the earth was really spinning around as fast as they want us to believe that it is?

the earth presumably being as massive as we think it is (even though it's flat) is so heavy and so big that spinning at that speed would tear it apart. forces created by the spin would be greater than the force of gravity, but that's another deeper rabbit hole.

going by the rules of globalist approved science, if you actually do the proper calculations you discover that the force of gravity is not enough to overcome the spinning force of the planet (the globe spinning on its own, not the "spin around the sun") and that we should have been catastrophically flung off of the earth in a cataclysm along with the earth spinning itself apart to pieces by now.

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go back and watch any video of a rocket takeoff. why do ALL the rockets always go upwards for a moment and then start to veer off course and curve off the side? they can't keep going straight up because they will hit the water and if they go much deeper they will crash right into the sky water. they always curve to avoid it. ALWAYS. the rockets always land somewhere else out of sight or people are told it's just a retrieval of parts, but you know what the truth is.
it's literally something they made up and popularized in movies, books, video games, and t.v. to brainwash you and create cognitive dissonance should you ever hear anything but their kosher version of the truth.

all rockets do this. except for this one. you can even hear the splash.

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Ancient pyramids and stone structures are found all over the world with similar architechture and impossible standards of perfection and all of these structures all over the entire world come from the same group of people. The globalist satanic cult was responsible for all the ancient ruins and pyramids we find all over the world because when they ruled at their peak they had succeeded in conquering the whole earth. They were in the process of making the tower of babel when God sent the great flood (noted as a factual event in all ancient texts and religions) to wipe the world clean from sinful corrupt people and start everyone over. The whole world had become the tower of babel, and the whole world became atlantis. A one world government. A globalist satanic empire that controlled the whole world. The resulting very similar looking abandoned ruins that are found all over the world are the remnants of the lost empire of atlantis, because the whole earth is literally atlantis. we can't find any one place that all on it's own matches atlantis because we are standing on it.

remember the globalists want to mix everyone because they want to kill the diversity that they claim to be supporting by making everyone look the same by interbreeding. supposedly they succeeded before and when the flood came God split up all their languages and races back into their original groups, (not specifically mentioned but hinted at in the bible)
neanderthal thread archive

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Making fun of everyone who's a flat earth theorist just because their ideas do not line up with your own is just plane ignorance if you catch my drift. It seems that whenever anyone even just mentions anything like flat earth, a bunch of angry trolls and shills just spew out of the woodwork like a fountain of diarrhea to scream "MUH FLAT EARTHERS" and just try their hardest to insult and discredit people just for having an idea that's different. You said it yourself.
If you anti-flat earthers care so little, then why do you care so much about the fact that we care about it? Very clearly, you all do care very much.
But WHY do we care? Why should anyone care? The reason is that if all of us human beings are willing to believe one BIG lie, then how easy is it for all of us to fall down a slippery slope and believe any other lies as well? Flat earth theory isn't about proving flat earth, but It does uncover the dirty hidden truth that NASA is completely unwilling and unable to disprove flat earth theory.
They show us composite images of earth. You're telling me they can send satellites out flying past jupiter (from more than 30 years ago easily) but they can't put a cheaper and smaller satellite in to non-geosynchronous orbit and show us unmodified pictures and real time video of the earth and the moon from all sides and angles? I'm not sorry and I call BULLSHIT. All this does is prove the fact that NASA is absolutely lying to us in one or more ways about the very existance of our reality and that's not okay.

Wow, I truly thought that flat-earth tards couldn't get any dumber, but you just went and outdid yourselves. Good job, nice.

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This is where your arguement fals apart, you brought the Bible into it.
According to genesis 1:7,18 the Heaven/firmament/outer space/where the sun/moon/stars are is below the firmament. The waters are above the firmament, not below it. So you would be able to get to Heaven/space without hitting the waters you stupid shillbot.


clearly there is at least some water below it too or the rocket would have just smashed into a fucking invisible wall. Did you even watch the video?

Wow I suck at typing, let me try that again.
This is where your arguement fals apart, you brought the Bible into it.

According to genesis 1:7,18 the Heaven/firmament/outer space/where the sun/moon/stars are is below the waters as it seperated the waters. The waters are above the firmament, not below it. So you would be able to get to Heaven/space without hitting the waters you stupid shillbot.

No I read the Bible you stupid faggot. In genesis 1:6-7
There are waters above and below the firmament. genesis 1:8-9
The Heaven had waters above and below it. The heaven/sky/fowl of heaven, see genesis 7:23, had the waters gathered into one place called seas. Genesis 1:16-17
The firmament, which is not the same as heaven as it is called Heaven, is where the sun, the moon, and the stars are. Commonly known as outer space/space. The waters above the firmament/Heaven are just that, above it. The waters below it are the ones called seas known as badmptish, the seas on the earth see genesis 1:10.

Wow yea you suck at typing.

clearly there is at least some water below it too or the rocket would have just smashed into a fucking invisible wall. Did you even watch the video?

Well apparently there is a little bit of sky water below the firmament because the rocket splashes into a liquid. unless the firmament isn't always the exact same thing 100% always.

Or that video is just a clever deepfake.

Hollow Earth
Check mate flatfag

question to flat earthers: what height does the sun shine from?
It is a variable height, if it were a fixed height the sun would look larger at noon. Basic trigonometry says the sun cannot be very distant.

come on grab your calculator and devise the magical trajectory that makes the sun appear of the same size from any pov

Guys the Russians couldn't call the US bluff if the US was taking advantage of a Russian like. Satellites like Sputnik.

The US played along and took it a step further knowing the Russians couldn't call them out for the fake moon landing because then they'd have to admit they faked sputnik

They also tell you not to look at the sun

Theres several videos on YouTube of rockets hitting an invisible dome

Every fucking time this thread comes up the Flat Earthers crawl out of the woodwork. It's no coincidence that this trivially debunked "theory" sprung up out of nowhere the second people started organizing and asking questions online. Same with the recently released "high quality moon landing photos" What incentive could NASA possibly have had for keeping these a secret until 2015? It's likely that the Mythbusters and Adam Ruins Everything episodes were a reaction to the growing number of people questioning the moon landing and comparing notes on the internet too. How many times have you seen useful idiots post that "u can shine a laser at the moon that reflects back checkmate"? Not only is this practically impossible for any layman to investigate for himself, but the Soviets put retroreflectors on the moon as well. Look it up. That's not proof of anything. The Soviets allegedly retrieved their own moonrocks too. What really triggers me is when those faggots claim it would be logistically impossible for several dozen men to keep a secret. These are men we're talking about, not fucking women. That's downright insulting the the men of NASA.

Flat Earth theory is disinformation intended to discredit anyone who questions NASA. Haha it's all very funny, but the fact remains that the entire planet was conned by the United States government. They have an incentive to keep the con going too. Just like with the JFK assassination, they can never release the real story because the second they did there would be pandemonium. Not only would the US populace want heads to roll, the entire rest of the world would cease their fearful reverence. Although maybe the shadow government is just waiting for the right time. Just waiting for us to become so desensitized to corruption that they can safely leak the truth. 20 years ago, people would have lost their shit about the Snowden Revelations. What were the actual repercussions when that came out in 2013? Snowden can't return to the US. No one got fired. No one even stop using facebook.

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Not very much. The Moon is actually quite dark colored. It's only about as reflective as asphalt.

It would be easy enough to test. Aim a laser beam at the reflector's location and then aim a different beam at some other location and compare the light curve of the return signal.

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