India - Woman Burned Alive For Marrying Outside Of Caste

A woman in India paid the ultimate price for her decision to marry a man outside her caste. The 19-year-old woman was allegedly burned to death by her father in a Madhya Pradesh village on Friday morning. Police are saying they suspect the case to be an honor killing. What kind of honor is there in killing a teenage girl?

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Is there some sort of sign that says marry outside your class, we'll burn your ass? Or is this all about dowry and keeping up with the neighbors? Either way, there is going to be some angry dumps on the street.

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We need to do this to coal burners.

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There are liberals who think turd world philosophy and way of living is superior to Western values.

I take a look at shit like this everyday and I wonder what the fuck are we supposed to learn from this. Why the fuck do we even want these animals in our country to begin with.

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She poo'd in the loo, so they gassed her ass.

Evidence? Oh right, there is none.
Just another feminist yarn out of India, a bit like the spree of "raped to death" stories of dubious provenance, which filled the liberal media a few years back.
In case you didn't realize, (((they))) are desperate to sow radical feminism in India and get its patriarchal systems destroyed ASAP.
As for this story, even if there was evidence it wouldn't make sense. The bride's family would have been required to pay a dowry; are we to believe they went through the whole process of meeting the family, arranging the dowry etc, and at no point realized the groom was of the wrong caste?
Bullshit. Bullshit which relies on Western ignorance of other cultures, along with a healthy does of gullibility, and a predisposition to believe any story about people being mean to women, in order to be believed.

Think about why these stories are so popular no, it isn't just because they're hilarious to toilet-owning westerners…
The jew uses such narratives - real or concocted, it doesn't matter - in order to make Westerners feel pity for the poor brown people, and make them feel morally righteous about interfering in the internal politics and social structure of the (((TARGET NATION))).
A bit like how every target of the neocon machine in the middle east, just so happened to be running a place called a "rape room", where, according the jew press, girls as young as 7 are dragged out of their mother's arms and then raped by the elite guard of Gadaffi/Saddam/Assad, as payment for the loyalty of the troops.

Precisely. It's called utilizing the enemy's propaganda for my own purposes.

So what? No value was lost…

Because their source for their knowledge of 'beautiful non-western cultures dood!' is either Disney movies (or a university course of the same level of academic rigour), or their fantasies about how much better anything else must be compared to the 'evil stinky western shitciety made by nasty white male poopoo-faces!'.

The best way to counter this is just expose them to RL. The history of Hindu Suttee (widow burning - street shitters just love burning chicks for some reason), Africas invention and continued use of slave labour (as well as being the supply side of the transatlantic slave trade), Islams provision for court mandated revenge rape by a professional court employed revenge rapist etc etc etc. You've got to ease them through the cognitive dissonance, but there really isn't an argument once they're exposed to the facts.
protip: don't be surprised if all this achieves is them calling you an evil racist and retreating further into their echo chamber, but you might help inoculate other people in the conversation

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India the land of the Beatles! Show some respect you fool.
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Let's be honest this is way superior to what us whites do

Such a vibrant culture. We should import them to the west by the millions, they're so compatible. What could go wrong? Ffs.

The Brahmins were are the descendants of the Aryan invaders who conquered India and are the highest caste.


This is an actual daily part of Indian culture, retard

They'll engage in mental gymnastics and say that they have to be tolerant of it

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Muslims stone women to death for infidelity and kill their daughters if they don't do as they are told. Hindus burning widows is good; it get rid of old useless roastie leeches. The main difference between them and the West is the West practice Cuckchianity of forgiveness where even the most grievous offenses are forgiven which is just plain stupidity—somethings shouldn't be forgivable because it set bad precedents that lead to the deterioration of a culture.

Yes. Her death will help keep the remaining sluts in line and following their culture unless they also want to get burned alive.

These people don't even know what MGTOW is, fag


loopooers are just as bad as necklacing niggers in Africa, maybe even worst ? At least the necklace are done to suspected criminals (without trials), sandnoids and pooers just kill people they don't like or who didn't do any real crime, how much more subhuman can it get ?

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Superpower by 2020, stay mad, cunts

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His daughter was light skinned and she wanted to marry a darkie. I know this is true, because if his daughter was dark skinned a light-skinned man wouldn't touch that shit with a ten-foot pole.

This is sort of the American equivalent. But it should be the nigger who is burnt. The daughter should just get a good beating for associating with a nigger.

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