Florida - Gunman Who Fatally Shot Man During Parking Dispute Will Not Be Charged (Video)

A parking lot shooting ended in the death of a man in Clearwater, Florida after a dispute at a restaurant. Pinellas County Sheriff said the man captured in surveillance video being shoved to the ground before shooting his attacker will not be charged under the state's "Stand Your Ground" law.

"I don't make the law. I enforce the law," Gualtieri said during a news conference Friday. "The law in the state of Florida today is that people have a right to stand their ground and have a right to defend themselves when they believe that they are in harm." While the sheriff's office has declined to charge the man the case will still be sent to the state attorney's office for review.

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Sheriff Gualtieri added, "This will go to the state attorney. Drejka will not be charged [and] will not be arrested by us. The state attorney will review it and either he’ll concur or not. And, if he concurs, then there’ll be no charge. Period. If he doesn’t concur, then he’ll make a determination as to what to do with it. And, if he feels like he can overcome that heavy burden at a Stand Your Ground hearing of proving by clear and convincing evidence that Drejka was not entitled to use force in this circumstance, then that’s the state attorney’s determination to make."

This is a good decision on the part of the sheriff because unlike in the UK where you are required by law to be a victim and not fight back when assaulted, Florida allows people to defend themselves when they believe they are in harm's way. If more people stood their ground there would be fewer assaults and violent crimes because criminals would know their victims will fight back if threatened.

Gualtieri said the incident took place around 3:28 p.m. Thursday and started when Britany Jacobs, 24, was sitting in her car in a handicapped parking space outside a Circle A food store. Jacob's boyfriend Markeis McGlockton, 28, and their son Markeis McGlockton Jr., 5, entered the store. While they were in the store, Jacobs was confronted by Michael Drejka, 47, who got into an argument with her over where she was parked.


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Good. I bet he felt so tough pushing someone he thought wouldn't fight back.

So this is American freedom?

There are some tests to see if Stand your ground/self defense apply:
1) Did you try to flee/escape the situation?
2)When fleeing failed and you had to use force, did you use equal force (if someone punched you and you shot them that's not equal force)?

If you don't like what someone said it doesn't suddenly give you the "freedom" to assault someone.

Fleeing is not required in a stand your ground state.

There is no duty to flee

It's been a while, I think I got it mixed with self defense.

You can tell laws like these were thought up by people who have never actually been through a real life experience

Anyone with a bit of decency would NEVER park in a handicapped spot. What if someone who needed the spot happen to pull in behind that selfish bitch.

Must not have been a black that got shot. They railroaded zimmerman for less.

absolutely. If a punch connects it can kill or incapacitate. If he walked up and started poling you in the chest with his finger then no. But again Stand your ground so it does not matter.

Okay okay just don't shoot me faggot.

Equal force… shit he has a knife I only brought a Pistol looks like I'm getting stabbed hahahaha. Severe bodily harm is more than enough reason to escalate your use of force . Violent criminals know they run the risk of an ass kicking or death by acute lead poisoning. Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

It's more akin to equivalent response. Word with word, fist with fist, weapon with weapon. You don't get to escalate the threat level, but you can happily kill anyone who tries to murder you.

Seems like the act of shoving someone is to get them away from you not to actually hurt them, the nigger taking out a gun sure as shit used excessive force for a boo-boo. The picture that the OP posted even shows how relatively far away from each other they are after he was shoved, the guy even looks as though he was turning away at the moment before being shot indicating that he shoved the guy to get him out of his face and turned back to his car.

If the guy really wanted to hurt him, he would have thrown a punch and he would have gone down anyway. This just reeks ill intent on part of the shooter.

Nigger doing nigger shit gets himself killed….and nothing of value was lost.

Anyone got the footage of the negroid getting shot ? I can't find any actual footage of it happening.

Anyways he asked for it, the guy was in the right to shoot him.

Ill only shoot you if you attack me bud.

I wouldve shot him too. Why give him the chance?

Equal force

So if somebody tries to fucking stab you, you have to play fair? Who made these rules? Is the nigger with the knife going to follow them too?

Uh no, he was advancing on him before he saw the gun being taken out.
Now he's pushing angels in heaven.

Sorry but it doesn't look like the guy was going to charge him, it looks more like he was turning to go back to his car, are you just pretending to be retarded?
Still don't get it do you? There are plenty of videos of fights where guys are an inch apart and one takes a swing even at the close a distance.
That's pretty innacurate as well, I know plenty of people around that age that are pretty strong guys and can hold their own. If the guy was 60 I would probably agree that he's old but that's not the case is it?
The only one acting like a nigger is the shooter, this sets a legal precedent now. Shoving a person away is now grounds for getting shot, let's posit that it's you that shoves someone away that gets too close for comfort and you get shot in states with the Stand your ground law, the defendants attorney could easily cite this instance and essentially have his client get away with it.

I'm all for the Stand Your Ground law but this particular instance is bullshit especially the ruling on it.

Post the video if you have it, I'm not about to click on pisswater links.

Tbh you know as much as I do about this, nothing

That's a funny way of saying "you're right," user.


How many people of the 7.4billion on this planet are so fucking stupid they don't understand that?

>If more people stood their ground there would be fewer niggers and spics still alive assaults and violent crimes because criminals would know their victims will fight back if threatened.

Sure. Had he merely been pushed away with moderate force.
He was pushed to the ground. That is entirely different.
You don't hit a fly on a wall with a large amount of force with your fist, you swat it lightly.
Context matters and (((you're))) ignoring context.

Thinking is hard huh? You'd be surprised what a little imbalance can do to a person. But yes I can see what you're going for, next time someone causes me to get a scrapped elbow I'll make sure to put a bullet in them, it's fine right? :^)

When said person is an aggressive nigger who is statistically more likely to escalate to futher violent assault, then yes, you would probably be found justified in fearing for your life and ending the threat.

But you don't have guns anyway, and you'd just sit there and let him do what he wants before going home to cry in your shower, so it's a moot point, really.

Just stop already.

Someone trying to stab you is a lethal threat and you respond lethal. Which includes shooting him dead. Just don't drop a nuke on him.

Around 6.8 give or take.

C'mon user
Oh my statistics? In that case anyone assaulting me (including poking me in the chest or pushing me) would receive a bullet after all it's not statistically impossible that the person assaulting me wouldn't be part of the percentage of their race who's inherently violent and would kill me without hesitation, why leave it to chance? Doesn't matter what their race is, there's a chance that they are violent enough to cause me great physical harm.

Press conference with the sheriff here, assault and shooting begins at the 8:30 mark. youtube.com/watch?v=MyiMpmZGZEk
The shooter can be seen talking to the driver, apparently asking why she was parked in a handicapped spot if she was not handicapped. The drivers boyfriend emerges from the store, walks to the car, and immediately shoves the shooter with enough force to knock him to the ground. There appears to be no warning prior to the shove. The shooter draws his pistol, fires, and hits the deceased in the shoulder, perhaps trying for a non-lethal shot [irony]. By initiating force, the deceased takes responsibility for all subsequent responses. Don't start shit, wont be shit. A clean kill by Stand Your Ground standards. This needs to happen much more often. if it did, there would be far less black-on-white crime going on.

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Flee your vehicle when your girlfriend and child are inside?

Also if someone is much bigger than you, hell even slightly, there's not much you can do in a fist fight/grapple especially as a random untrained civilian. The gun keeps everything equal and if someone pushed me to the ground bigger than myself when I was just going shopping with my family, over a fucking parking spot, I'd shoot them to. Obviously the person arguing/assaulting is a psycho, not risking my own life.

Correct. Which is why you don't start shit with people in parking lots, because they usually are justified in shooting your stupid ass dead when you try to impress your bitch.

I had the story reversed actually, my bad.

If the guy who died was yelling at a woman and was shoved then it seems the boyfriend who died was protecting his family… This is a weird situation. No man should be yelling in the window of a car with a child and woman in it period. He should be guilty from that alone, the guy who died was the one actually standing his ground protecting his woman…. Fuck thats fucked

Maybe if you actually bothered to watch the video before commenting then your opinion would not be full of shit.


I am glad that dumbass got shot.

Better than pisswater but not by much. I can see how the big approached him threateningly but we also have to consider that the shooter seemed to have the woman cornered so some could argue that the nig reacted to that but that's debatable.

You can see the shooter draw it and the nig saw the gun and immediately backed off his approach. Which some would say is not grounds for lethal force, it's debatable at best since the nig had the clear opportunity of just following through with his push but he didn't and the shooter drew on him and clearly took his time to aim, enough for the nig to react and back off but shot anyway even after seeing this. I can see how the Stand Your Ground Law could make this an easy verdict.

Maybe if pisswater kikes would post the video in the thread we wouldn't be working on tidbits of info faggot.

Kill yourself faggot.

I worked with what was given, which was the OP picture, why don't you stop being a fucking kike and post all the info at once instead of trying to have other people click on your shitty links.

You think I'm a white knightingale lol, bitch I'm Hitler's kin.

This is simply applying logic to justice. If someone is in your wife's face yelling randomly at a store parking lot, you're not going to protect her?

I dont have a problem killing people who attack you first, but when you created the situation to begin with by being a fucking loser lowlife who argues over a handicap spot in public at a woman and 5 year old child, your right to self defense goes out the shitter.

He had no right to confront anyone, it was a police matter, not civilian. He should be charged with a lesser manslaughter charge for creating a situation where he would be attacked 100% by the husband. Almost premeditated like he was just itching to kill a nigger that day.

I also have a gut feeling this fellow never would have started shit without that gun in his person. People think they are Batman and have thesame rights as police officers because they want to be vigilantes. Gun should have been in his dash. I bet he loaded it knowing there was a good chance the dad was going to come out of the store and fuck him up if he went and argued with his woman about such a stupid thing. That to me is premeditated. Man should never have said anything, and at the most should have called the cops to report a non handicapped vehicle in a handicap spot, not take matters into his own hands.

Protect her from what? His bad breath? His walking stick? His colostomy bag? Walk out, point at the old geezer, laugh, drive away.
You say that like it's a bad thing. But seriously, keep your fucking hands to yourself or suffer the consequences.