Former FBI Director James Comey offered up his unsolicited political advice to Democrats on Sunday, urging members of the party to not “lose your minds and rush to the socialist left.”

“This president and his Republican Party are counting on you to do exactly that. America’s great middle wants sensible, balanced, ethical leadership.”

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Womp womp.

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Why is Comey giving political advice to Democrats and shilling against Trump and Republicans?
I guess he's just admitted that the FBI is just a political organization that organizes "hits" against enemies of the DNC, not a law enforcement agency.

They're afraid. The golem they created is now trying to gain control and they realize the lie won't work

What if centrist democrats and centrist republicans formed a new party that actually worked?

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is liberalism a mental disorder?

they and the right would lose to whoever put out the biggest media campaign, and that will always be the hard left pedophiles in hollywood.

Comey is butt hurt Trump fired him.

Why should he be "butt hurt." Trump can't get it up. He's a fat guy in his 70s. He probably hasn't seen his penis since the Clinton administration.

There is a growing amount of evidence for noticeably different neurological structure (and thus function) in people who hold strong left and right wing political positions. Not as in 'they're all retarded!' or anything like that, more like they hold irreducibly different values and thought processes from each other and people without strong political views or inclinations. It helps explain why most Progressive ideas seem completely divorced from reality to everyone who hasn't drunk the kool-aid yet.

Why are you discussing unicorns?

funny how the FBI only did moves that helped trump like saying hillary was under investigation still right before election. alt-right is a mental disease

Better than that, it's just dividing the Berniecrats from the mainstream democrats even further.

Sounds like Comey's losing his

God, you libshits can't even come up with insults on your own. Every insult, every meme you have is a blatant rip-off of ones used against you.

Yeah I'm sure that totally makes up for being disgraced and his career being destroyed.

My favorite one is rightsoy.
Literally every obnoxious leftist openly gorges on soy products, yet even the most cucked aut-right faggot doesn't rave about chugging soy milk.
It simply has no basis in reality whatsoever.

We already two parties made up of neocons and neoliberals.

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thats what this entire board is about.
welcome newfag.

liberalism is a disorder.
congrats on your revelation

ban and report this kike shill

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It's not quite as amusing, but if you're looking for peak cuckoldry online then …

I cringed hard

Radical Centrism is National Socialism though

worst thing is the shillary lovers agree with him

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you should just fully copy hitler while you're at it and take some 9mm aspirin

If it involves pirates, cats, and pirate cats, I'm in.

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What's cringier is that it's had some success KEK

comey worried occasional cortez will cyut isaraeli funding?


Stop it!!! Stop it now!!! DOn't let them have an end to the drama. I don't wanna go back to MTV and shit for my daily reality TV!

We agree on so much more than we disagree. This stupid divisive rhetoric is designed by those elites in literal smoke-filled back-rooms who we never see, never elect, and never know their names.
Keep the people obsessed about sports, make them fight about where some people can/cant go to the bathroom, make them argue about abortion…
And they cant start a revolution.
We need to unite.

Kind of like the idea that phytoestrogens in soy have more effect on mammallian hormone receptors than literal mammallian hormones in cows milk and dairy products?

100% this

I just realized that COMEY is very similar to COMEDY.

Maybe hes the worlds best comedian?

Hes afraid a further left gov would have him executed for not being radical enough.

We already have those.

What a load of bullshit.
Some of these make no sense and the others have people having huge disagreements on how they should be done and what what is considered the proper way to do it.
You are also leaving out all the parts that people disagree with, like border enforcement and how much gun rights people should have.

The corrupt republican establishment tried and failed to destroy the outsider, Trump, from receiving the republican nomination. Republican voters wanted him to win and soon got the best president possible. Not some pre-approved puppet that the republican establishment were rooting for.

The corrupt democrat establishment was Never going to let bernie win the democrat nomination in the first place. They had already declared clinton the victor long beforehand. The bernie supporters' votes being meaningless to the "supervotes" from a corrupt elitist clique of democrat leaders.

And yet still honestly believe that Comey wasn't in cahoots with the democratic party in order to help hillary win, if not directly, then indirectly through mutual goals and political opinions.

already in motion, you cant stop it now

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Then they wouldn't be able to blame all their pro business special interest policies and mismanagement on other peeple. They already are the same parties in all but name. If you think otherwise you are being led around like a bull by a matador. Literally the only difference at this point is what lies they tell to get elected. disclaimer there are still some differences when it comes to local governments because they don't get enough sweet sweet lobbying money

Thats a new one. I suppose he was also colluding with Hitler because he also wants to stop communism. WTF I love comey now