Facebook Censors Women Rights Group’s Site After “Transphobia” Complaints


Facebook’s vague, arbitrary, if not senseless or outright double-standards implementation of its supposed guidelines claimed yet another victim. The popular social media platform is being hit for censoring a feminist campaign group accused of “transphobia.”

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They censor feminists but not Holocaust denial.
wtf I like (((Facebook))) now

Then u should be afraid. Who the fuck cares what group it was. The fact u can’t say anything against trannies without being shutdown should worry u. What, are they the fucking chosen ones?

Genital mutilation of women is a federal crime, but genital mutilation of men is not. Women dont need a rights group this isn't the 60's now they are just tyrants.

It's official, trannies are higher up on the progressive stack than women.

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Well no shit Sherlock why do u think radfems are at war with them

Gays and trannies sperging out and going after feminists is one the greatest divides of recent times, I want to see roasties getting beaten to death with a giant rubber dildo by a gang of faggots

White women are some of the most vocal "allies" so this is a good development. Wake up, dumb bitches.

Because their seat of power was taken from their obese tyrannical asses and they are fucking furious!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Thundercunts BTFO

Let them fight, let them exhaust each other to the point of powerlessness, Then, we drop the hammer and meme them to death!! >:D

Women eternally BTFO. Men confirmed better than women at being women. Eat shit (((leftists)))

stupid fucking females set this shit up and now it bites them in their split tail.

I'm ok with this. Trannies make better women than women tbh

With a shitload of hormones and plastic surgery maybe if luck is on their side they can hope to resemble a female bahaha your just trying to rationalize your attraction to guys.

Retards!!! If u want women to stop being retarded then men should learn to keep them in place. Do your fucking part!!! Don’t keep expecting women to act the part when y’all can’t even hold up your end of the bargain. Trannies should disgust you. You know what’s worse than a feminist (feminist here btw) is a fake fuckin feminist with a dick who wants to share a private place with your daughter/sister/mother/wife/gf etc. And will fight u to death regarding whether they’re a real woman or not. That’s what’s worse. Choose wisely friend.

cute boys make better women then women too


If there's one thing I agree from which men should be excluded, it's feminism. That said, it always makes me laugh when the TERFs get fucked over by men in dresses.

Sadly this. The moment artificial wombs become a viable alternative and egg cells can be made from skin cells in an easier fashion, women become useless

A few decades after that point actual flesh and blood women would only be bred by fathers looking to earn a dowry when the girl reaches 16.

women will be crawling on their hands and knees over broken glass just for the privilege of being a man's property by then.

but men are nice, men are good, men have honor. we will allow a few women the chance for survival.

Pretty much this. Women will be forced to stop being the way the modern Western woman is because men won't have to put up with their shit. It's ironic how feminine men are not feminine these days than the modern "liberated" woman. They only reason why women are this way is because they are the gateway to reproduction. Strip that away and they are ruined. The male brain is superior to the female brain. Facial cosmetic surgery and hormones and by that time generic editing can turn a man into a better woman than a natural woman. Just look at Thailand where the ladyboys are more woman than that women.

I love it when SJW scum gets shit on in cases of friendly fire.

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Those are their true colors. They only pretend to accept each other but they're worse than the people they all hate

Kill White Nationalists for treason
They have ruined every single attempt by Whites to defend themselves in real life for the last 50 years