ISIS threaten to BEHEAD Mark Zuckerberg as jihadis claim to have HACKED Facebook

Cybersecurity firm Sixgill revealed the shocking threats as part of a wave of online terror operations by the so-called United Cyber Caliphate (UCC).

ISIS is circulating images featuring Zuckerberg in an orange jumpsuit and beheaded – including the message “Go to hell Mark”.

Jihadis are ramping up their hacking operations as part of a campaign the terrorists have dubbed “#OpTheWorld”.

Numerous websites have been targeted – and successfully attacked – experts from Sixgill revealed to Daily Star Online.

Included in a dossier of their findings is claims from ISIS that they have successfully hacked numerous accounts on Facebook as part of their "vendetta'.

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Fingers crossed, everybody.

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please do

Does this have something to do with facebook allowing holocaust-deniers, by any chance?

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But wouldn't Muslims like that? Or is it just another false flag operation?


wow it's fucking nothing
that said i hope they do behead that fucking robot

WTF I want to join ISIS now.

LOL - Zippy Pinhead Mother Zucker has NO friends.

How long till this gets edited for /v/?

So now anyone pointing out anything wrong with facebergs social engineering product is now Isis, anyone posting anything that faceberg does not like is Isis, if faceberg gets caught some time in the future being evil it wasn't faceberg it must have been isis hackers, got it.

Finally. something good out of ISIS. Even degenerates can do something of value, I guess.

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Maybe they should focus on hacking the drones that are smoking their asses every day?


Well he's another pro open borders Jew with a fucking wall around his estate.

I hope they fucking kill him.

they ban conservatives who oppose terrorism but do nothing about terrorist recruitment.

everything leftists do lead to their own demise.

Randomly July 2018

Mark Zuckerberg said he would grant equal debating privileges for the Holofart (holocaust)

ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) threatens to behead him.

Trump deep state is blackmailing and forcing established (((Businesses))) to pledge allegience or bare the consequences.

Kill White Nationalists for treason
They have ruined every single attempt by Whites to defend themselves in real life for the last 50 years