Trump's Hollywood star destroyed with man wielding a pickax

President Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was destroyed Wednesday morning by a man wielding a pickax.

Police said that witnesses described seeing a man carrying a pickax in a guitar case, using the tool to wreck the star, according to the local Los Angeles NBC affiliate.

Photos of the star post destruction were posted on Twitter by reporters.

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Build a wall; keep out the pickers



Betas, the lot of them.

Yes, that's typically what happens when you're civilized and possess rational thinking skills.

too bad that doesn't mean shit for your birth rates and society because you're getting outbred by a bunch of congo apes


Ok, Zig Forums, do we have to go through how subsidizing your own replacement works via the welfare state again?

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Has there ever been a chad of this caliber?

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It costs $40,000 dollars to even apply.


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Zig Forums thinks that explosive breeding to the point the planet cannot sustain the population is 'superior'. Well, they do depend on replaceable workers…

ISIS do the same thing to ancient Christian sites. I'm willing to make this comparison.

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no, pick one.

Are they going to pick their own organic strawberries?
Who will do actual man work in their overbrowned cities?
Who else is going to pleasure the woman they pine for at the coffee shops where they work?

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He turned himself in, like a chad. He broke the law to make a statement and accepts the consequences of it.

How does it feel to be exposed for the spineless nerds that you are? Better make way for the REAL master race.

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I'm a law-abiding veteran. I don't need to vandalize monuments because I have an actual argument.
Try harder, Zig Forums.

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This is a pretty sad attempt.
Is Zig Forums really this pathetic?

Ah no, I meant workers as in stay-at-home shills earning a few cents per hundred posts. Most of the niggers really can't work at all.

Huh, looks like it's a whole load of nothing in here

I'll get back to you when I see a nigger use anything larger than a smart phone.

Congratulations. You have basic observational skills. It's the usual shit; Zig Forums trying to leverage any current event to make breaking laws into a positive talking point for being a commie revolutionary LARPer and Zig Forums saying "stop being a dumb faggot."

I'm offended you don't believe poc can be civilized and think rationally. Worse than the white nationalists tbh fam


Ok, faggot. None of my political arguments would be furthered by pointless destruction unless you're suggesting I go to Unite the Right 2: electric boogaloo?

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This is why Trump will win 4 more years.
Anti-Trump people come off as unhinged.

I have my doubts that it's actually a member of /trannypol/. I think it's just some guy getting his kicks trolling the news boards. Based on my personal experience trying to debate those fags, they don't actually bother replying more than once. When logic destroys their feels and ugly guy with spectacles memes, they just pretend you don't exist while hammering that report button.

I hope so. I'd hate to think actual Zig Forums is this dumb.

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Also a good point. I got a permaB& for saying I'm Zig Forums. They REALLY don't wanna hear it.

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Yeah, mentioning you're Zig Forums or asking a question they can't answer is an automatic ban. Whenever I go in there, it's with the understanding that I've got maybe 5 minutes for them to see my post before it's erased for being "problematic."

Anyway, my advice is for everyone to ignore the summerfag. Attention is what he craves. Deprive him.

It's a badge of honor to know that one end of the spectrum can't humor opposing thought even as far as saying NOU without B&'ing.
I don't mind giving a lil attention. We're just all shitposting while on the toilet, anyways.

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Suit yourself, but it's the typed equivalent of giving him a handjob every time you reply.

This is the utmost fag posting, So what they got rid of a jewood star. IF he actually destroyed the trumptower lobby i would be more impressed.

another 10,000 trump voters turn away from the left.


Be as tryhard as you need to be, I never shot at anyone. The worst I did was beat off on the job.