California - Man Who Destroyed Trump’s Walk of Fame Star Surrenders

The man who destroyed President Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame early Wednesday has already turned himself in to the authorities.

The man walked up to Beverly Hills police headquarters an hour after he committed the offense, identified himself and expressed his intent to give himself up to the authorities.

LAPD officers took him into custody. He was identified as Austin Clay, 24 years old. Jail records show Clay was booked on suspicion of felony vandalism and is being held on $20,000 bail.

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(((I bet the guys a right winger)))

so he dislikes a man so much for winning an election that he performs an action that results in him getting charged with a felony this no longer being able to vote.
liberal logic is flawless.

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Has that ever stopped the Democrats?

It's funny, the impact is probably the opposite. You know how concerned mainstream conservatives are about "decorum"? Well, acting like this will get these bowtie-wears all pissy about it and vote for Trump as a fuck you to the "uncivil" Left.

kek all of this.

What a stupid faggot.

Isn't particularly relevant or influential act. However, he will be gushed over by the msm, making some money and fame, the fuel of the narcissistic left.

He is a closet capitalist. Just watch.

felons have the right to vote, dumbass

vandalised some pavement and got arrested.

Shouldn't you be buying fair trade cotton che guevara tshirts from a tranny or kicking over trash cans somewhere?

that's NOT why people dislike Trump. Being elected has nothing to do with how much everybody already hated him. He's made the world want to vomit since the 80's, you dumbass

just because you're a pompous shut-in doesn't mean that everyone else is….

I personally think it's funny as shit what the guy did.

I don't think he thought that he was going to 'change the world' with that pickaxe….

He was simply making a statement, exercising his constitutional right to destroy property and put a smile on hundreds of millions of faces across America.

In fact, it's fair to say that with this one little act of rebellion, he became endeared by more people than you ever could in 100 lifetimes.

(nobody gets a smile from your decision to spend your life in that smelly chair playing video games, especially not your parents, who made sacrificed so you would grow up to eventually become a man)

So many of you guys seem to think that people only started hating trump DURING THE ELECTION PROCESS…….

you couldn't be any more mistaken.

When does his book and speaking tour begin?

Not true. He can just vote like the niggers and illegal aliens vote. Illegally.

He vandalized a sidewalk. I doubt he could articulately express himself on why he dislikes Trump with any depth or substance. Most of these people dislike Trump but they cannot give you a reason WHY they dislike him. Specific policies, actions, etc besides MUHH RACISM.

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kill yourself nigger

but not being correct has never stopped you from pretending that you're an expert, right?

it WAS funny, actually
now that you mention it

but I never said it was
'funny', you fucking idiot

I said it made me smile

Sweetie, the record's right here.

Individuals convicted of a felony are ineligible to vote while incarcerated, on parole, or on probation. Voting rights are automatically restored two years after the completion of all supervised release (except if convicted of treason). Ex-offenders should re-register to vote.

Obama changed the law, you stupid fucking piece of shit, and whether you agree with Obama's policy or not, it doesn't change the fact that FELONS CAN VOTE….

it DID make me smile,
now that you mention it

but I never said it 'made
me smile', you fucking idiot

I said it was funny

Touched a nerve huh? You can pretend that your intense anger doesn't come from humiliation at being defeated by Donald Trump but we all know the truth.

Much to your chagrin, it doesn't take William Shakespeare to articulate the fact that Donald Trump is a fat disgusting repugnant idiot who is covered with silver plaque psoriasis from the neck down.

re: defeated

lol you seem to be suggesting that I voted, or that I supported any of those pathetic fucking candidates in any way shape or form…..

(hint: you don't need to have been 'rooting for a different candidate' to be repulsed and disgusted by that pathetic fat psoriasis idiot who's embarrassing our nation in front of the entire world)

Look, I know your kind considers explosive breeding to the point a planet can be strip-mined bare is a 'superior thing', but that's not how it works.

you couldn't have paid me to have voted for ANY of the candidates in this past election, OR in any of the elections since Ross Perot ran for office.

Look, I know your kind considers making yourself unappealing to women by being a videogame sissy, never having a girlfriend, and never getting laid, is a 'superior thing', but that's not how it works.

I didn't have to be in the Feces Restaurant or order off the Feces Menu to be disgusted by the sight of the customers eating on the patio

Sounds like someone assumes that all the world thinks and feels just like he does.

Sorry to break it to you but you're wrong and you're a conceited loser.

Trust Me…. If that worthless piece of shit Hillary had won, I'd be insulting her, too….

and you'd be accusing me of being a trump supporter

wrong… apparently you're unaware that Trump did NOT get more votes than Hillary. In fact, she won the 'popular vote', but lost through the electoral college process.

That means that more people disliked trump than liked him, and subsequently he has alienated a percentage of people who previously liked him, even further chiseling away at his poularity.

And that's just in America…..

If you consider how the rest of the world feels about him, it's safe to say that only a TEENY TINY FRACTION of humans like him.

So, in all actuality YES…
YES, everybody DOES indeed think and feel just like me

While I hate Hillary's fucking guts, and I would also be insulting her if she had won, it would be for entirely different reasons.

She's corrupt as shit, insane, and evil…. But she's NOT stupid… Not at all……

Trump however IS STUPID AS SHIT

Wew, so this is the power of the revolution. Pedophilia is also illegal, I bet you also cheer for pedos

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There are more than just one subcategory of chronophilia that are illegal….

your 'imageboard culture' is so fucking predictable and boring, with all of your stupid Pepe the Frog images, and trendy catchphrases…….

Q: have you EVER said anything that's original?

You're not a stupid man. Not at all.

Unfortunately, you very rarely ever demonstrate your intelligence and originality, so it's really difficult to gauge the value of your original thoughts.

It would be very refreshing to see you make a departure from your continue predictability, and actually develop your own concepts and say things in your own words, instead of feeling compelled to mimic the same tired old repeated hackneyed predictable trendy catchphrase bullshit….

Damn, you are full of bullshit.
How do you know how the rest of the world thinks? Stop bullshit out of your ass.

the face when the LIBTARD that did this realizes that because of this felony and he no longer gets to vote for the rest of his life

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Everybody knows how the rest of the world thinks… The rest of the world doesn't keep it a secret, so it's really easy to know exactly what they're thinking…

The rest of the world hates Trump, not for any particular political reason because they don't 'have a dog in the fight', but just simply because he's disgusting and embarrassing.

No matter what country you're from, simply looking at a picture of Donald Trump makes you embarrassed to be a human being.

It's humiliating and dehumanizing to realize you're in the same species as Donald Trump….

That reminds me a lot more of your face, when you realize that I am a convicted felon, and I am a registered voter, even though I didn't bother actually voting this last time because there were no candidates worth voting for.

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I will be a convicted felon for the rest of my life, however I was able to get a voter registration card during the last election. Obama changed the wall regarding felons and voting rights, and now I have just as much right to vote as you do.

However, I'm not going to waste my time voting until they have a candidate worth voting for….

And everybody knows there was no viable candidate during the last election, so I stayed home.

I R O N I C :

your collective lack of experience and knowledge regarding voting rights for convicted felons is very much reminiscent of your inexperience and lack of expertise regarding everything in general, especially politics….

and human sexuality

wtf i love authoritarians now

I know how the rest of the world thinks because I claim to know how the rest of the world thinks

Fuck off back to Cuck Aviv Moishe

I can guarantee you one thing, little girl:

the majority of the world DOES NOT choose video games over getting laid, anime over having friends, or image boards over being heterosexual.

Whatever your beliefs are, I can absolutely guarantee you that only a very, very, very small fraction of the human race would ever want to be like you…

So there's a mathematical probability that I'm correct, and the majority of human beings agree with me.

If he has a problem with Trump why doesn't he go to Trump directly?
He's a big balled Chad after all.

Oh wait, he's not. He's a liberal pussy who takes their anger out in destroying things. Like how blacks destroy culture, civilizations, and society through jews.

Found the cuck.

Human isn't a race.
Human is a species.
And the Human species is white and fro Europe.

Keep on pushing this angle. I'm sure it will work eventually.

How so? How does destroying a small bit of pavement effect Trump? How does it effect the alt-right? How does it effect anyone besides the people that have to fix it?

Depends on the state and the circumstances of their incarcerationactually.

Not subtle enough, you only got three retards to ake you seriously.

This is Johnny Neptune you faggots, learn to spot his schizo post style (it's not hard) and ignore/report him because he will not stop spamming until a vol steps in.


Good. At least obongo did something correctly.

Q: Have YOU?

Should have redtexted
Q: Have YOU?

Diana, shut your monkey looking prostitute mouth

Johnny, please come >>>/v/

Johnny isn't high enough level to handle /v/. He couldn't even handle /tv/.

Why are leftards doing this? Why are they giving him free publicity?
The guy basically made a brand out of his name.
He doesn't even have to do anything at this point. These retard are pushing his name into news cycles almost daily now.
I mean one would think that they would stop doing this after 2 billions of free advertisement during the 2016 election cycle while only spending 300 mil.
But no, turn yourself into a walking commercial for your greatest enemy.

Why are you leftists so vocal about compassion and anti-hate while being one of the most vitriolic shit flingers on the planet?
Do you even know how you look to people outside of your trust fund bubbles?

if this guy is a chad to you, then i have bad news for you user…

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Trump btfo how he will recover

Whoa what a big deal.


Since you asked, I am a writer, digital marketer, ethnobotanical herbalist and entrepreneur with 14 years publishing experience covering entertainment media, news reporting, investigative journalism and health, supplement and technology topics primarily. In addition to the "legitimate work" of my day job, I spend my time playing the acoustic guitar, doodling and spinning metafiction.


Did you forget that you are not on Grindr right now?

Endchan did this

Take your meds, your rage is showing

3D is pig disgusting. Why should anyone risk veneral diseases and getting divorce-raped? Just so they can appeal to society's narrow ideals?

I don't get it either. Making fun of Barron, a child. Making fun of all the women in his life who either ran his campaign, serve under him, or otherwise. It is confusing how much they will bend backwards to defend a murdering niglet or literally any other woman yet suddenly the rules don't apply simply because they are close to Trump.

Actually most of the world didn't know or care about Trump, as he didn't affect them whatsoever, unless maybe you lost money in one of his casinos. Now the Bush/Clinton dynasties and Obama, those guys had a real, lasting negative impact on billions of people (and many, many deaths on their hands).