Stormy Daniels’s Husband Files for Divorce Accusing Her of Adultery

The 13-page divorce petition of Crain says that the couple’s marriage “has become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities.” He filed the petition July 18 in state district court in Kaufman County, southeast of Dallas.

Crain also said in the divorce petition that Daniels, who is traveling the country for a series of strip club performances, had purchased a plane ticket for her daughter to join her on tour. The petition further states that: “This will involve the child being on her tour bus with other adult performers and producers. This will place my child in imminent threat of serious and immediate physical or emotional harm.”

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He married a porn star?

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Are you telling me Stormy Daniels is capable of adultery?

It takes the ultimate cuck to marry a pornstar

Dubs do not lie

It takes a strange decision to divorce her tho

This takes a special kind of stupid.

Trump curse once again

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She'll end up ODing in about a year. Trump curse is a slow burn

He looks like Ron White, only way younger and a hipster cuck.

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A little late there buddy, don't you think?

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He did the riht thing but it was way too late

In other news, a local man sued the ocean for being wet.

I get what y'all are saying, and I can't stand a snitch bitch whore who runs her mouth years and years after the fact and couldn't take her paychecks and keep het mouth shut, but just because you've been in porn doesnt mean you're an untrustworthy unfaithful whore by default. The only difference between porn stars and normal girls is that they are being filmed and paid, unless the regular slags who take dick just to take it and end up with Tyrones ape halfbreeds.

All the girls you know have likely taken as much dick as porn stars (not Stormy, millions of miles of dick) but do it very discreetly. So many girls out here get horny at night and invite someone over to fuck them just because they are horny instead of just fapping and getting urges out that you will regret. They aren't fucking Chads either, usually cousins or close beta male friends because of the guaranteed discreetness. They are all sexting whores as well

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At least he's trying to be a decent dad.


He wears eye liner?

The man wears an earring in his right ear. He's a literal faggot. He's only divorcing her so he can get alimony yes, men go get it too>>189522
link got botched by codemonkey's shitty software

If that was the case he wouldn't have filed for custody. Like its not a fact her mother is surrounded by "groomers"


By paying her money for sex

This tbh. I've noticed that's the only thing giving men their backbones back lately. I guess that's why the cucking and wife's son shit has to start early.

Judges give custody to the woman almost every time. If it's a feminist one then he'll have to pay some crazy amount in child support and maybe alimony too. He can like it or dislike it, but Stormy is going to teach her daughter how to be a bigger whore than herself.

This guy has to be king of the cucks to marry a pornstar. How was your day honey? It was great. I was getting hammered by other men all day but I was thinking of you the whole time. I'm going to do the same tomorrow, the next day, the next day after that, etc,. BTW no pussy for you cuz I'm sore. Which self respecting man would do something like this?>>189509

t. (((MGTOW)))

Adultery is in the job description


Exhibit A, your honor.

To her credit though, not a shred of racemixing content to be seen.

satan must love that

no comprende senor, why would Satan love that?