RINO Paul Ryan Stands Against GOP Effort to Impeach Rod Rosenstein


The notoriously flawed House Speaker Paul Ryan has announced that he is going to oppose the efforts from Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Representative Mark Meadows (R-NC) to impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein from his role of corrupting the Department of Justice.

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What a shock


is person being impeached left cuck?

What type of citizen or public servant looks at a reasonable investigation and wants to impeech the investigator? You want party over country? Lol, you dont deserve anything throwing tantrums like a child thinking more like a tribal Amazonian than a member of the free world. If you want Hillary investigated, call for it. If you want a possible crime ignored because the guys drunk tweets align with your underdeveloped outlook of the world, you should move to Russia and enjoy the environment your aspire to live in.

Like I said in a different thread: this is just posturing and the signers understand there is 0% possibility for this to happen. Something like 9/12 are up for reelection this fall.

He's a jew, what do you expect?

every time kike

A white pseudo dictator helps a white guy beat a white woman and now a whote person is investigating the white guy who won and a group of white guys is trying to block justice and a white guy is saying he wont support it.

Please take your meds.

If the investigator did something corrupt like sign a warrant that they knew was obtained with false information.

This right here.

They need to finish the investigation. Anyone who committed treason needs to go down.

Losing an election is not a reason to order an investigation.

Go back to Russia.

treason should warrant the firing squad. and anyone who tried to run block for the traitor as well.

apparently running a server cloned with sensitive data and selling uranium to russia isnt either

Your time nears moshi ,soon all traitors to America and freedom will be held accountable regardless political alliance

yea fuck you, you don't get to choose. for that matter trump is RINO but really a fascist

Are you seriously comparing 'going against the grain' to killing people?

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Cry more.

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Except they're not white they are Jewish


should have removed ryan long ago.

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