New Jersey - Taylor Swift Falls Onstage During “Reputation” World Tour

Taylor’s Sunday performance was part of her “Reputation” world tour. The little accident happened as the pop super star was palling around with one of her dancers while singer her new hit “Call It What You Want.”

A fan was able to record the incident on video. The clip shows the Grammy winner slipping and falling right on her bottom. Laughing, Taylor pops right back up and finished her song superbly.

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Why does the goldwater sound like the kikiest name ever

I want her phone number, bitch

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If she had an ass it would've broke her fall.

because while kikes were infiltrating german societies they adopted surnames (something they culturally do not have) and made joke names around money. like "goldberg" which means gold mountain.

t. nigger

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Diana, don't let Jim find out that you're doing a little 'freelance' work on the side..

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who's the mystery meat?

That's Diana Printz, the monkey-faced Filipino Prostitute Turned Pretend Reporter at The Turdwater

aka OP

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she's qt. any full body pics? also, why do you pay attention to internal politics of a tabloid?

While repugnant gynecomastia sufferer Jim Watkins pays the other 'pretend journalist' at The Turdwater their yearly bonuses in gasoline and bullets, he offered prostitute Diana Printz a flat weekly summary of $100 CASH to perform repeated sex acts, and she gets to use one of Jim's laptops while she plays 'make believe' reporter'.

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Here, Jim farts out his favorite discount prostitute's name

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you're easily fooled by makeup, huh?

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she has a nice body. why do you keep posting about these people? it really seems like you personally know them since the pictures are so low-tier and strange.

looks better than most women. she looks clean and has nice skin. i bet she's a good lay.

This is what counts as news now?

summerfag detected

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Diana actually LIKES Taylor Swift's shitty music

Diana's completely out of touch with the most mediocre taste you could imagine

Diana has no idea what good music is or what bad music is

She wouldn't be able to tell you the difference between elevator music and Frank zappa

if somebody put pickles on a turd, you'd call it a footlong sandwich

lol@thinking The Turdwater is a tabloid newspaper

nigger, you just started sperging about "turdwater" starting a month or 2 ago with that poorly made poo-dissolving-in-water image. and goldwater has only been in please report me for maybe within the last year.




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please report me

Johnny. Hang out here for a bit. I'm going to start posting screenshots from other threads from last night. You have got a mod seriously up your ass and spending loads of time stroking his hard on for you. I'll start with this, then move on to the more serious stuff. Let me know if ypu're still in here. Incoming..

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little did you realize that today is EGG ZACK LEE™ 2 months since I made the dissolving turd in water pictures.

good work

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Hahahahahaha !!!!!!

Nice Hitlerian trips. Lol at the mod being a phonefag too, while flipping Johnny shit for using a phone.

Yeah I'm here. Of course.

And LOL !!!! hahahahaha!!
I literally LOVE this shit
he doesn't seem to realize
that this is what makes me tick


OK. The next few will be related to this image that was definitely posted by a mod.

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and I literally have no idea what he's talking about with the 'takes you several minutes to find a new IP' assertion….



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OH… MY…. GAWD !!!!

Notice the time he posted this. It is a screenshot, so it is my time, as in PST.

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he actually thinks we're 'Andrew'


Now look at this. This is a copy of your screenshot of the ban in question from yesterday. This would be Georgia time.

why did you put andrew in quotes? why did you say "we"?

Yeah, and he hasn't figured out that your phone number is relayed through a town sorta far from where you live.
But wait, there's more..

Wouldn't you like to know!

Oops! Forgot pic!

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Thank you OP for this important news. My day was incomplete but now that I know Taylor Swift fell onstage it's all good.

P.S. Please kill yourself.

Now do the math. Pic related really sucks, as it is not accurate, but it'll give the general gist. It took him about 25 minutes after your post to ban you yesterday. Then last night he posted his MS Paint concoction, and I already showed you my PST time on that. Showed you your Georgia time on your ban. Now extrapolate. What is the time difference between Atlanta and Manila?
Hmm. Close, but hmm. Something is fishy here.


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your analysis?

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I'm actually kinda surprised he finally figured out the deal with where I eat after class

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He is DEFINITELY in Asia. Of course, he could be anywhere from Russia, Mongolia, East India, Thailand, Philippines, etc.. My best guess is still the Philippines, which has no Daylight Savings Time, but the math is off by two hours somehow, unless you were using a non-East Coast IP for your ban screenshot. I dunno. I'm going to assume Philippines. Ron has been known to dabble with MS Paint somewhat seriously.
Lel! He keeps count!
Anyway, this was just for fun, for us. I'm not going to waste my time on giving a shit about the mod and the hitch you've placed in his giddyup! Just carry on. Confuse and obfuscate every issue. The local populace probably already knows that 'Johnny Neptune' is a whole host of individuals working for alphabet agencies and is in league with Jim. That's why we attack him so much. He asked us to; to take the heat off him from his userbase for working so closely with the intelligence agencies to datamine 8ch and turn over all user data.

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Down Where?


Wow, you just love Jim, don't you? Why don't you ask for his number so you can put your balls on his chin?

Why am I just now finding this out?
This is important news.
Dancer wearing high heels slips on slippery smooth stage, falls on bum, then gets back up!
A well deserved bump for this very important news story, Printz. Now get back to your real job. Thanks for informing us.


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I might as well, since I've been resting my balls on his chan

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….is that what I think it is?

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Isn't it a pleasure to eat out?

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$43…. But this one looks nicer than Jim's

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Yeah "joke" names. We just don't want to face the fact that money is their only god.

look how fast he became a household word

Of course, I jest.
The only Tay I love is pic related.

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I forgot to post this gem from the donut bribery thread. I know you've already seen the thread and this exchange, but it is classic. The retardation levels can get quite high in here sometimes.

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I saw that when I woke up and almost woke Wendy up giggling

tsk tsk tsk

Wonder what kind of mental disability they suffer from

I miss Tay. What a great day that was!

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