Infant-Stomper On Death Row Asks To Be Executed Immediately

Mullis is one of a growing number of "volunteers", inmates who are seeking to skip the formalities and go straight to the executioner. These so-called volunteers make up about 10% of the total death row inmates and to the taxpayer, this may seem like a great idea. Why pay for these rotten human beings to live any longer than it takes to execute them? Then there is the issue of victims' families who think the execution is an easy way out and want the person responsible for killing their loved ones to rot in jail for as long as possible.

A recent high-profile volunteer named Scott Dozier gained national media attention for requesting to be put to death immediately. Unfortunately, Nevada struggled to find the drugs to do so since many of the companies that produce them have stopped after backlash from anti-death penalty lobbyists.

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was it this guy?

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If they just put him in with general population then everybody would be happy.

Why not just beat them to death?
The family can live happily ever after, knowing the killer suffered immensely before he died. And the murderer got his 'skipped' execution. All are happy.

If he would stomp a baby to death his son would probably stomp a baby to death.

Blood is a bitch to clean up and disease ridden in practicality which is why most want to use drug overdose which is sterile and 99.9% effective. The intensity of the beating to ensure that effectiveness would be bloody.

Wasn't that China?

He'll cut his wrists to get in solitary and avoid a painful death. He wants the easy way out.

If he want to die then why didn’t he try to kill himself?

Holy shit gooks are cowards.

Diana, it's hilarious watching YOU comment on the American Criminal Justice System, sitting in the Philippines, where you aren't a citizen of the United States. Furthermore, you have the audacity to talk about American Taxpayers, while you work for Jim, who fled the United States to avoid federal prosecution on Tax Evasion Charges.

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When you met Jim, you were willing to do anything for money, just like any other Filipino woman. You didn't care that he was a wanted criminal, having ripped off the internal revenue service.

But since he put you on your $100 a week salary and let you use one of his laptops, suddenly you're a 'bigshot news reporter', an American 'patriot' who complains about injustices to the American taxpayers

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You should worry about problems created by your president, Rodrigo Duterte, for that shit Nation you live in, and stop worrying about America… We don't care about your opinions over here.

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That baby was going to grow up to be a fat, manipulative, tax evading fugative from the law, with weird as shit gynecomastia, and who actually wore a girdle when doing yoga with prostitutes.

It deserved to die.

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Why not just hang them by the neck until dead? Better yet, get them hooked on hardcore Auto-erotic Asphyxiation. They can die jacking off to hentai… which still could be messy I guess….

You know, I don't understand why we stopped hanging people. There was straight up a science to it, the number of knots in the noose relating directly to the body weight of the individual and so forth. I don't understand the need for drugs whose "humaneness" we can't really evaluate as their effects are terminal. I just don't really see the point in developing this shit when we have the tools to do it already. Just drop them, snap their necks, bam! Instant brain death and move on.

There's no value to be gained from these other routes.


Oy vey, because rope is so cheap and widely available. Even mobs of goyim can lynch criminals if they don't like the outcome of a trial! Don't you know why the ADL was created in da first place? I tell ya it was a miscarriage of justice! One of god's chosen had a little fun with a shiksa and suddenly all the gentiles wanted to string him up!

typically useless commies.
totally ignore the dying baby on the ground…

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Bring back death by crucifixion. It's cheap.

Def China.

It can't be China, because some of them eventually tried to stop it.

They only tried to stop it because they didn't want any blood on their store front.

It's worse than that. According to their own legal system were you to come to that infant's aid they argue you are responsible for it. That you only took the suffering of another human being unto yourself because you yourself are somehow involved in its suffering and are seeking reconciliation. It guises itself as some sort of "personal responsibility" writ but the reality communism actively legislates against the natural human urge to display empathy by making you responsible for crimes you don't commit.

It's hard to say how many truly want to help (probably a great many) but what's certain is more people are afraid to cross their government. What's worse is it is making its way here slowly - first-responders in the US being sued for administering first-aid or emergency medical care making people less inclined to help one another. That shit is how it started.

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Get out of here with your "logic" and "reason", we're too busy being xenophobic here.

Immediately is good. Is he dead yet?

Talk about stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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dude randomly starts punishing child
at the end of the video you can see them doing just the same shit to him
This is literally europe 10k years ago just with an IMMENSE amount of people