California - Wildfire Death Toll Rises As Police Battle Looters

While raging firestorms are ravaging California communities, police are split between evacuation efforts and investigating reports of looting in neighborhoods that were evacuated. Redding Police Chief Roger Moore confirmed reports of looters driving around evacuated neighborhoods and breaking into the homes that were left standing. So far Moore's department has made no arrests in the looting investigations.

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SJW's gonna SJW

threadly reminder (sponsored by the trump foundation) that fire is only real as an abstract concept and therefore warm is an hypothetical extension of it when applied to objects, this implies that global warming isn't real.

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TDS is real.

How pathetic must one person be to get 'triggered' by the truth. Most niggers steal whenever and wherever there is a chance to do it. It is a fact (crime statistics, you should look it up, it's better than just repeating stuff that you heard in your social-fag meetings without knowing if it's true).
Calling 'ciscum', whatever the fuck that made-up word even means does not make the truth go away, it doesn't stop niggers and homeless degenerates from looting in the middle of a raging fire, like fucking animals. Jeez

These sheep, they are just sad nowadays :/

Daily reminder that it's summer.

Oh it's the Emperar Trump fault, oh my bad. So when a democrat was in the office and there was wild fires those summers, it was Trump fault too?

Fuck me Jesus Christ they keep getting dumber and dumber LOL

California restricts and suppresses controlled burning for decades because posh motherfuckers don't like to smell smoke in their mansions.
Summer comes along.
Jackass sets a fire.

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Let the fires of Exterminatus cleanse that Tumblr-infested shithole.

by all means leftists, continue.

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I feel nothing but satisfaction watching that state burn.
Well, maybe a little bit of fear that even more cuckifornian parasites are going to flood other states and never leave as well.

Some of the looter are people just stealing TV's and people even come from out of town to loot when they know they can avoid consequences (aka niggers) but a lot of people are just taking essentially because otherwise they and their children will starve. This wouldn't be an issue if FEMA did it's job. People will eventually start sening supplies as donations, but that usually takes a moth or more to coordinate and in the mean time what are people supposed to do? I know you want them to just die because they are "niggers"

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Asking you to consider the world isn't just black and white means I'm jewish? You could easily argue that their desperation is their own fault and that they are hurting other because their own lack of preparation, but you didn't because you are a reactionary lizard brain brainlet. I mean I expected no less from Zig Forums, but it doesn't make you any less pathetic.

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Why can't these niggers afford the food?
Oh right, they bought a new pair of Jordans for $800.

They ABSOLUTELY CAN AFFORD food, unfortunately; they're just to retarded to figure out how.


Capitalists gonna capital.

This is god's divine justice against current day Sodom on earth, is it getting too hot for you?

Fuck, let it all burn. Commiefornia is a abolute disgrace to the USA. Riddle with crime, mob groups from Southern America, homeless people, pedophiles, satanists kikes, fucking socialists, niggers, fags and gay-agenda degenerates with their 65 genders and whatnot, street-shitters drug-addicts and fucking hollywood.
I feel bad for the honest hard-working people that has to live there, but Commiefornia should absolutely cease to exist. And that is my opinion from an outsider.

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