British Pickup Artist Wows Hong Kong, Incences Internet By Teaching Seduction of Asian Women

The controversial British pickup artist who has gained fame and notoriety for posting videos of himself approaching various women in countries he visits throughout Asia is now in Hong Kong testing his unconventional and provocative dating techniques on locals.

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Some asian guy should tell him he has a small dick

Has he done any vids on Japanese women? Not that I need that sort of videoor anything just curious you know haha lol


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waito piggu go homu

SJW trash never been to China I see.

How to pickup Asian women: Just be white.

How to pick up white women: just be black.

ummm actually sweetie black males having the lowest interest rate from white females across all dating platforms :)

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no one likes niggers not even other niggers

Keep telling yourself that while all your women hop on their dicks and you supreme gentlemen are shooting up your schools and eating Tide Pods.

Says De'Shawn as he and his niggaz murder, rape and steal as "a part of their culture"
Black culture doesn't exist

Aww iz da wittle nigger upset?

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The absolute state of this board

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How to attract ANY Asian woman: rub fermented fish and rotting cabbage all over your body

Not entirely true but it applies to the younger women going through their "find myself" phase. As they get older they seek out stable provider type of men but at this point they're just roasties with nothing to offer a man and only cucks would take them.

Max Bergmann, senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, explained exactly how Russia has benefited from interfering in the 2016 election.

“We now know the details of the Russian government’s support for Donald Trump in the 2016 election,” he explained. “A massive disinformation campaign targeting American voters, hacking Trump’s opponents and strategically releasing the information, working through American fronts to funnel money in support of Trump.”

But the president also helped Putin get a lot in return, including a weakened NATO, an undermined EU, and a newly depleted American economy — among many other things.

“As a result of Trump’s rhetoric and actions, America’s closest allies are more suspicious and distrusting of the U.S. than ever,” Bergmann explained.

Trump has helped to end sanctions, working to roll back, impede, and blunt the impact of the ones previously imposed on Putin. He has also helped legitimize the Russian president, attempting to paint him in a more favorable light when talking about him in the media. Finally, Trump has helped weaken the U.S. from within — which Russia can benefit from.

“Trump has attacked U.S. institutions including law enforcement, while driving divisive politics on racial issues and eroding democratic norms,” said Bergmann. “Russia conducted an unprecedented attack on America. Normally the U.S. would be making them pay the price. Instead, Trump has rewarded Putin again and again, often at the cost of his own country’s priorities or the priorities of traditional U.S. allies.”

He's a communist

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Lol @ thinking your stupid little chart (which doesn't even say a source) means jack shit when compared to real life

That's the problem with 'experts' like you, whose only knowledge is gleaned while sitting in front of a computer…….

you need to get out there into the real world one of these days… You're in for a real shock, regarding just about every thing you thought you knew.

This whole concept of "pick-up artistry" is alien to a natural alpha.
If you're a good looking man, 6`1 and over, being muscular is a plus but simply not being overweight is adequate, not dressed scruffily, good manners, well spoken, then no "method" is required at all.
If the sort of men who are drawn to these "methods" and "courses" and "gurus" knew just how easy good looking men have it, they would probably commit suicide.
All the "game" and "holding frame" in the world will never make you wanted like tall good looking men. Think about that. The countless hours and great effort just to get the attention of a woman, when naturals spend more time rejecting the constant advances of beautiful women.
tl;dr the men telling you that naturals have some sort of secret method which you can learn, are just exploiting you, they just want your money.
I'm not saying that none of the methods work, but after the "spell" (or the alcohol) wears off, there's a good chance you will be looking at a rape charge once your victim realizes what has happened.
Maybe less of a risk in China, where even a short man can be sexy if he's White, but try this on attractive White women (especially if they are taller than you) and you will rightly reap disgust for being the manipulative piece of shit that you are.

I'm ugly, only 5'10", and I've got more pussy than any 30 men put together….

Just goes to show that it's much more about charisma and self confidence than physical appearance

Lol why is it so obvious? Look how much of a rise that statement got compared to what came first. Thats funny as fuck tbh

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revealing female sexuality for the base, stupid thing it is really angers people.

I laughed so hard I nearly choked. It's the number of ass blasted lol cows that really make this post special.

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