Yemeni American Commits Suicide After Trump Travel Ban Bars His Family

In the latest U.S. immigration tragedy a Yemeni American father killed himself after his family was barred from entering the country by the Trump administration’s travel ban.

U.S. citizen Mahmood Salem, father of five, fatally shot himself at his Louisiana home earlier this month after saying goodbye to his family on the phone, NBC News reported Saturday.

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This is awesome, and more should follow his example

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Good, I hope to see more of it.


Couldn't he have just gone back to Yemen and flew to another country like Canada or did they travel ban Yemeni people to?

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nothing of value was lost

Easier said than done, Yemen is basically a failed state now, good chance he'd get killed on sight.

But yeah this refugee thing has to end. It only perpetuates the problem, if people had no choice but to stand their ground and protect their families they would put their energy toward solve their countries' internal problems. Instead we have a bunch of defeatist faggots shopping around trying to get best asylum deal.

Yeah, good luck trying to defeat the saudi army that's busy 'shock and awe'ing them for defeating their asspuppet in the ballots.

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Nothing of value was lost.

Excellent now they can stay where they are just as he should have.


Nothing of value was lost.


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Far, far more people will be saved by the line being towed on immigration rules.

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