'He punched me with a razorblade between his fingers': What it's like to be British, Jewish and hate

Eli was chatting with some friends outside his college, dressed in his Jewish skullcap and prayer shawl as usual, when a young man came by on foot. “Nick their caps,” he shouted to his mate, before directing a derogatory comment about Jews to Eli’s group. Then came the attack.

“He punched me and had a razorblade between his fingers,” says the 18-year-old from Gateshead. “It was an inch from my eye and I was bleeding a lot from my face.” The wound was stitched up in hospital. The aggressor, who had also slashed one of Eli’s friends in the back, got away.


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Refugee welcome!
Britain needs to be more diverse and less white!
Part and parcle of living in a vibrant multiethnic mutlicultural society free of hate!

Another fake (((hate))) crime

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Hey those poor refuges are just making themselves at home, don't judge their culture.

I think its kind of weird that there is NO indication of skin color whatsoever
and nobody needs to be told to know who it was

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So, it turns out that the coward who had to use a razor blade was white……

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Max Bergmann, senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, explained exactly how Russia has benefited from interfering in the 2016 election.

“We now know the details of the Russian government’s support for Donald Trump in the 2016 election,” he explained. “A massive disinformation campaign targeting American voters, hacking Trump’s opponents and strategically releasing the information, working through American fronts to funnel money in support of Trump.”

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The funny thing is that you believe this story with no evidence, other than the say-so of jew media and jew witnesses.
Classic kike shark-jumping, they try to build a mental image which they believe will tap into the empathy of the goyimour primary weakness when it is exploited by outgroups but in the process inevitably overreaches and crosses the boundary into the sublime and absurd.
Think "electrified concentration camp floors", "geysers of blood", "smoke color-coded by nationality", "limbs of jews dancing in buckets after amputation", "shrunken heads", "bars of soap", "gas shower heads" &c.
Which begs the question: why do these stories pass right under the bullshit detectors of right-wing men?
The sad fact is that the kikes is harnessing malice or schadenfreude. There is an incentive to ignore obvious bullshit, a suspension of disbelief which always seems to come into play when the victim of the FAKE NEWS story is someone whom the right dislikes.
In this way, fake stories of misfortune befalling the following groups tends to be uncritically believed:
The same dynamic is harnessed by the jew, to utilize right-wingers as unwitting meme vectors and publicizing agents for made-up characters like:
What's even worse is that these fake characters have a built-in anti-debunking mechanism in that one wants them to be true so badly, that any suggestion to the contrary will cause the one raising the objection to be attacked for spoiling the fun of everyone else.
tl;dr stop believing jew news, it's all bullshit.

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Remember goys and goyles, the golem always ALWAYS turns on its creators in the end.

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what is it like to be hate?


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jews were quite used to bringing razor blades to oswald mosleys meetings back in the 30s/40s
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