Trump Is Pursuing A Totally Incoherent Iran Strategy, Experts Say

When President Donald Trump sent off an all-caps tweet threatening Iran around midnight on Sunday, it set off a familiar cycle of aggressive remarks from Iranian officials, Republican lawmakers and others in the Trump administration. Behind the president’s bluster and GOP leaders’ eagerness to dust off old talking points about war with the Islamic republic, however, there is little indication that the Trump administration has a concrete strategy when it comes to Iran.

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Let them have it. Make them the 99%
Lets wack Iran because they support the Muslim Brotherhood.
No Seriously, Make every single goat a Martyr.
They destroyed White Europe, do it back on them.

God you're a fucking retard. This is why I've lost faith in the West. The West can fuck itself with a giant black cock.

Fake news site..

Plus they answered their own question in the first line. Trumps strategy is to please the warhawks so they dont undermine his recent success on trade.

These the same 'experts' that had a plan for the Middle East to begin with?

trump is a retarded boomer faggot with no clue about the reality of the conflict in the middle east, he just thinks it about oil and instating democracy and shieeet
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How come every random person on the internet thinks they are expert on the middle east?

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It isn't as complex as it makes it out to be, almost all propaganda about regime change, dictator displacement, freedom, oil etc etc is a result of attempting to obscure and muddy the water, as well as doomed machinations of useful/delusional idiots and megalomaniacs involved who don't/didn't understand the big picture. When you get down to it, we are still fighting this 2000+ year old holy war, this is about the establishment of greater israel or the retaking of Jerusalem by the muslims. Christian Jerusalem is off the table at this point since they have become willing golems for the kikes and pursue it through proxy of them.

I agree that we should nuke the whole place.

I am a Retard?
this was a war before the people knew about it.
When America made the mistake of attacking Iraq.
This must be finished, Yes I am Russian. and we will stay out. Not because
Fucking Bomb Islam, as cold as it sounds, its cold and right.

This. The whole of the Middle East needs to be turned into a toxic uninhabitable wasteland, along with the fucking kikes and mudslimes inside it.


Undo the muslim brotherhood, all of it, or die. We remove it With You alive or not.

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No, they're (((experts)))

Shlomo fears something, Why?

trump doesn't think about installing democracy. he thinks about himself, democracy doesn't benefit him. stalinism does

Unlike Bush he knows you cant just impose democracy on savages. Especially not using violence.
As you correctly point out he acts in the interests of the USA first and foremost.
Its very refreshing.

"Experts" LOL.

Reminder that Israel orchestrated to flood the world with immigrants, to get Syria empty, to get the US involved, to stage a war with Iran, to get the Jewish banks into Iran, to get control over the middle east, to expand Israel.

that's a funny way to spell Israel

Now Trump is a Stalinist. Amazing. Shine on, you crazy fukken diamond.

Syria was as westernized as Lebanon until we (USA/Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) trained and funded some "moderate muslims."

Kind of like those "moderate muslims" who Raygun was bragging about. You know, the ones who "share our values." What were they called, oh right, the fucking Taliban.

tbh we should put all the non-whites there right before we do that. africa and india too. everywhere these "people" have lived for any extended period of time is already uninhabitable. might as well do the earth a favor.

Someone inform Zig Forums

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How About the Russians not giving a shit about stratagy.
Hell if the Americans think we put trump into the White house, we have nothing to lose in supporting him.

Bomb Iran, Please rent our SU-30's Hell rent them for free.


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When does it become a better option to kill the kikes, instead. Seems like we have a lot of problems the kikes do to us, the kikes get us into, and all caused by the kikes. The kike is our natural enemy.

The Muslims are waging a war, an Idiological war.
the Turks are threatening Europe with 3 million Migrants, Do You think a country of that size lacks stupid people like YOU?

By Making war, like we Whites have always done will finish what we Started, if we do not. Your Grandchilden will be praying to Alahh with my grad children.


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They leave Euorope dead or alive.


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