Wikileaks' Julian Assange will be removed from the Ecuadorean Embassy 'imminently'

Julian Assange will be kicked out of the Ecuadorean Embassy in London — where he has lived in diplomatic isolation since 2012 — "imminently," a source has told The Times of London. CNN reports that Downing Street is in "ongoing" discussions with Ecuador and the United States over his fate.

Both Ecuador and Britain want to ensure Assange remains unharmed. But their suspicion is that US prosecutors have a sealed indictment against him and will extradite him to America, where he faces prison if convicted of charges related to the publication of US documents that were subject to national security secrecy protections. CNN said:

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Julian Assange is a writer, digital marketer, ethnobotanical herbalist and entrepreneur with 14 years publishing experience covering entertainment media, news reporting, investigative journalism and health, supplement and technology topics primarily. In addition to the "legitimate work" of his day job, he spends his time playing the acoustic guitar, doodling and spinning metafiction.

He did great in my opinion. He needs to have a powerful computer plugged into some extraordinarily fast fiber

Its weird how everyone, including his supporters, his detractors and the newsmedia think that the only person who runs wikileaks is Julian Assange.

CNN reports that Downing Street is in "ongoing" discussions with Ecuador and the United States over his fate.

Sacrifice X for Y -> profit.

Assenge was kill 4.6 months ago confirmed

Stuff like this makes me in awe of Trump.

Throughout the entire Obama administration the US was being ass fucked on trade. But they never did anything about it.
Trump comes in. He reciprocates the bad trade deals that the US have been getting for years and now everyone is falling over themselves to give somethging to the US, so that they can get their advantageous trade deals back.

I admire Your Desire.
I do.
But I refuse war, I Just want to bomb You.
I Juuuus t… want to bomb You… Is that what You wanted to Hear from an American?
Is that what You wanted to hear?

Truth and public perception were always on different sides of the coin.

its not what anybody WANTED to hear but sometimes , FOR SOME WEIRD REASON , people tend to get dellusional and just want MORE not thinking about, if it SHOULD or SHOULDNT be what they want (ethicly).

Its like a small backhand to get your thot in line.
Not a fancy look but sometimes necessary

to show you what's what and who is who, so to say
(Just to make completely sure you understand what i just wrote and i dont have to read some incomprehensible "MUH FEELINGZ" rant the next time i go to X-news website.)

This was what I want

you mean what you wantED?
what if you wantED some education fella…
Learn some temporal shit

I was Just thinking Of You.
hmm Continue

It really is weird to see the average American lose their shit over the matter; since Russia and China are all-but-openly playing the very same game doesn't it make sense to protect your country's interests?

Its just the contrast of going from a leadership that actively undermines the US, to one that fights for the US and its people like the leaders of other countries do.

yep Your right. Long story short I prifiled You before You could prifile me. Hey You got wiser and The secret will die with me.
No harm no foul.

I do not believe he is alive.
I think they killed him

What if he killed them?


are you that nigga?

Trump will pardon him low key.

Yep. They turn him with money like they always do. Too much bad publicity to punish him now.

what the did was nothing short of heroic.
For ANYONE in the world.

And that's why it would be inconvenient to openly punish him. But you can bet your ass that he will never leak anything again. If anything the use him to shut wikileaks down for good.

well you can only leak so much….
do you think ANYONE would still hire him?

He can't be punished, there was a movie that made him sympathetic and the info he has can wreck the obama era democrats.

It's not about him personally leaking anything. It's about him standing for free speech and being the mascot of wikileaks. He has pull…which will end in US hands.

They can destroy and discredit him in so many ways. In this day and age a single pic of a naked child on his PC can nullify anything he said before.

if he had pull he wouldnt be locked into a single building for the last … 8 years unable to be emailed by anyone to leak anything.
I get your point, i do, but no.

He wouldn't be able to hide there without a certain pull. The big problem for him is that before he gets a trail in the US he will be put in front of a closed tribunal with military, the alphabet agencies and the President for a little probing.

He'd just play video games and effortlessly spank the shit out of people actually trying. Happens all the time.

I have heartbreaking News. He… He is being spanked in high heaven.

The politicians are looking out for their country's best interest though. Oh, you meant America, no no no user, the politicians home country is Isreal, both democrat and republican.

so (((SOMEBODY))) found a doppelganger of assange?
-he activated his dead mans switch.
-same day he activated dead man switch official US navy account posted ONLY HIS NAME NOTHING ELSE.
-leaked cgi assange footage.

He is dead.Its a doppel ganger
furhtermore he said as soon as he stops posting with his pgp key signed he is going to be dead.
Of course he said something completely else after his "dead mans switch" got activated … but not in person only in letters and twitter… how weird i wonder what happened…


Im sorry, I am.
He is dead. I refuse.

Honestly, I think the guy needs help. If he'd just let himself get arrested he'd be through with everything and be back to doing whatever he imagines passes for journalism again. Instead he's been shoved into a Ecuadorian closet for years, only coming out to pronounce weird paranoid screeds. He needs therapy.

Fundamentally, they want to arrest an Australian for breaking American laws. Its easier to defend one idiot from a witch hunt than many: let them believe he is a monolithic boogeyman.