Mia Khalifa's Breast Popped After She Was Struck By A Hockey Puck

The former porn star Mia Khalifa will now have to have her left breast repaired after it was struck and ruptured by a hockey puck. The 25-year-old Lebanese porn star was watching a Capitals playoff game when the 6-ounce puck smashed directly into her left breast. Khalifa shared a post on Instagram and described her experience saying she has to go under the knife at the start of next year to repair the "deflated" breast.

more here: thegoldwater.com/news/32746-Mia-Khalifa-s-Breast-Popped-After-She-Was-Struck-By-A-Hockey-Puck

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Most guys hate fake tits.


She looks like my niece but, older.

A surgical assistant a while back told me that the worst thing she had ever smelled in the operating room was a popped silicone breast implant that had become necrotic.

My philosophy is if they exist they're real.



Fuck her.

if the fake tits look good (which they rarely do) and can achieve the "realistic" look, then i dont mind.

The smell in this case should be truly revolting

Turning your tits into silicone filled cysts was never a good idea.

They never feel as good as real tits though.


Did she really retire. I need links to all her latest work

It's sad the whore didn't die.

Her latest are Blacked.

ya blew it

Wanna see what a ruptured breast implant looks like?

Why is she even a porn star? She's ugly as shit.

fake tits look great in a dress or under a shirt. It's only when you can see the scars and shit that it looks ugly.

I've never seen hockey in any form. Is this a common occurrence, for spectators to get hit by the pucks? Seems like this is far too dangerous, what if the puck had hit a kid in the head? She ought to sue the hockey to pay for the damage to her titty.

It happens but its not as common as say a baseball hitting someone in the stands. Players running into the plexiglass is more common.

As far as Ms. Khalifa is concerned it seems that Allah was willing to smite her for sullying her religion

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How much do we think she could sell the puck for?

not as much as she could sell the ruptured titty implant for

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I assume this was a salene titty. If it was silicone, she'd be dying slowly.

An old boss of my got silicone sealant in a cut and damn near lost his hand.



She’s advertising her services on Zig Forums after the personals section got booted from craigslist
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Did he get cut while fondling his wife’s ruptured breast implant?

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Allah prefer flat chests

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Also this


No she's just plain ugly

fake tits, fake ass, fake eyebrows, fake nose, fake psychotic personality, makes you wonder what else she is lying her gold digging grave digging ass off for.


No user, that's real