Portland - #OccupyICE Protest Leader Jailed On Pedophilia Charges

24-year-old Micah Rhodes was ordered to stay away from anyone under the age of 18 after his conviction of sexual abuse of a minor after having illicit sexual contact with a 17-year-old girl in Washington County and a 17-year-old boy in Multnomah County. The crimes were committed in 2014 and 2015 when Rhodes was 20-years-old. Both Washington County Circuit Judge Janelle Wipper and Multnomah County Circuit Judge Jerry Hodson decided not to sentence Rhodes to the mandatory minimum 2 to 2 1/2 years in prison as the state guidelines mandated.

more here: thegoldwater.com/news/32750-Portland-OccupyICE-Protest-Leader-Jailed-On-Pedophilia-Charges

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typical left-wing child molester

Not that I don't enjoy seeing a liberal shitskin getting the boot, but prosecuting a three year age difference between teens is fucking insane.

He dindu nuffin he a gud boi

Where I live, that would actually be legal.

What's more astounding to me is how he even got caught and convicted for that. Not only once, but twice.

Sadly, even if something just exactly skirts the lines of what's legal, as long as it's beyond the line of what's legal, it's illegal.

antifa molests children.

They cold sit in the same college class but aren't allowed to have sex…only in America.

Also imagine she snaps a pic of her crotch in class, sends it to him sitting on the other side, another students sees it and calls the cops…Boom… in cuffs before the bell.

One of these things are not like the other.

Yeah, but what are the chances of that?

If he was 17 and in the same class they could've banged each other brains out…even if she was 14.


Unironically this.

What are you even on about, nigger? No they fucking couldn't.


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These aren't human beings.




You're right. Sex doesn't brainwash people.

They can, they do, they have, and they will continue to do so, despite your impotent, willfully-ignorant moral outrage.

Any pedophile who genuinely believes that the faggot community is their "ally" needs a reality check and a fucking history lesson. Some of us remember the seventies.

TBQH it's the other way around.
LGBTQIAP+ or whatever is adopting pedophilia because 1: it's a natural progression and 2: to deflect attention away from faggots and how most people despise them despite (((polls))).

In some states 16 is legal. He isnt a pedophile

niggers are smart enough to commit the crime but are too dumb to get away from it. Usually it's because they can't shut up about committing a crime. Pic related

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Keep drinking the Jew Kool-aid while pretending you aren't dancing to their tune.

Like pottery

Thad did nothing wrong.

They consider it part of "DEY KULCHA"which is a major reason they do stupid shit like post it on Kosherbook

Whatever locks the 56%er up is fine with me.

this is further proof that the left are pro pedophilia. they've embraced the LGTBQP movement as well.

this was his protest chant
"let the children out! open up the cages! you can't keep them away from me forever!"

You know, the jewish stairs of degeneracy?f

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That's a very impressive image of things that terrify you. None of them alone are responsible for the death of liberty. You're focusing on the stairs and deliberately ignoring the person who painted those stairs in frightening colors.

The juden promote mass immigration and racial integration because they are racists who want a fresh influx of unenlightened, unthinking slaves. This can easily be countered by educating and enlightening those who would be slaves, but you're too good for that because "they're lesser people". Interracial marriage is not a threat, because the desire for liberty is not determined by genetics. There's an argument that it may correlate to gender, since men tend towards individualism and women towards collectivism, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Men and women are supposed to support one another and shore up the other's weaknesses. Gays only support those who maliciously have chosen to call themselves "liberals" precisely because authoritarian conservatives have a history of oppressing them for no reason other than "they make me feel icky". The Pink Pistols are probably the highest-profile organization of fags that prove the lie that gays are Jew shills. No Jew shill desires to protect the right to bear arms. Pedophilia was demonized by feminists, misled by leftist authoritarians. Your opposition to bestiality is your greatest weakness, exposing your innate hypocrisy that it's okay to murder and consume an animal for sustenance or just for pleasure, but it's not okay to have sex with an animal for pleasure or companionship. Even if you call it "rape", last I checked murder was worse than rape. Necrophilia is laughable. The dead no longer feel. They cannot be harmed, or offended, or violated, only the feelings of those they left behind. The arguments against necrophilia are the exact same ones used by those who outlawed gravedigging, and gravediggers are the ones responsible for the rise of the doctor who knows how to fix the ulcer you're going to receive once you finally swallow the true red pill.

To finish, you fear these things because you have been taught to fear these things, and you do so unquestioningly. Your conditioning is just as deep-set as the most rabid leftist, and supported by the same lack of critical thought and sense of self-righteousness they feel. You cite statistics that support your beliefs and ignore those that contradict you, just as they do.

You are controlled opposition, a puppet with a kike's hand up it's ass so they can have something to demonize.

There's an ostomy in that kid's future, sadly.

t. ICE agent after molesting a child

Well spoken.

do shitlibs even have real news to report?

Seems that the age wasn't really the issue here. The issue must have been that he forced himself on them, they must have said no, but he went forward anyway and boom unwanted sexual advances.

If it were something like a 20 year old and a 17 year old dating, it wouldn't be a big deal honestly unless the parents hated the 20 year old.

I bet that guy in prison for 8 years because of the mandatory minimum over placing bacon on the door of a Florida mud temple feels cheated.